Dear Reader, My Apologies [HIATUS]

Now, I have been culprit to many large promises that I have not been able to deliver on in the past. Perhaps, this post is a resolution to and realization of my time constraints and work efforts. 

This blog is not my goodbye, but rather a call for a little break until I can properly adjust to my new school. 

On Monday and Tuesday, I had my orientation at Santa Clara University, which changed my plans. There are so many amazing, intelligent, driven, people in college, and they also happen to be loads of good fun.  Even the small handful of people I met at orientation were all people I could see myself being good friends with long into the future. 

In about two months, I will begin studying at SCU. It has come to the forefront my attention that the quarter system will be a brutal adjustment (10 week classes instead of 15). As I greatly value my education, I had already planned to cut back on anime to leave large blocks of time to study. 

Between classes, meals, socialization, exercise, studying, and (of course) parties, anime has lost its place in my list of priorities. Experiences are irreplaceable, and at this point in my life, there are tons of (now realistically accomplishable) things I can do other than anime. In this light, I will probably not be watching anime with any consistency or devotion. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.10.52 PM

A short history moment: I have been watching anime on and off since I was in seventh grade, but the last two years have been a crazy ride packed full of hundreds of anime. I started this blog about a year ago, when I was searching for anime and found Wrong Every Time, which inspired me to write about anime. 

I have never watched so much anime for so long. I’m burned out. Though I can hand it to these Japanese Cartoons for sharpening my sense of storytelling, production, and finding inspiration, it is time to put it all down for a while and digest, as well as adapt to my new lifestyle. 

I know I could probably keep blogging, but the quality drop would be disgraceful, and it would feel more like a job than a fun hobby (which is why I write in the first place). 

With that, I leave you all with a gesture of gratitude for your attention and support of my writing, and a sentiment that this blog is not get dead. Maybe look towards winter or spring for my eventual return to anime.

Happy anime hunting! 

Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a recent graduate from Santa Clara University.

2 thoughts on “Dear Reader, My Apologies [HIATUS]”

  1. I know how you feel. Though I maintain a consistent two week upload schedule, most of my stuff is written up months before I release it. When I started out at university, I was only just getting into anime, having read Fullmetal alchemist. Heck, Fall 2014 was the first time I ever watched something seasonal (UBW, by the way. I looked forward to Sunday for half a year thanks to it). I didn’t watch anything seasonal in Winter or Summer of last year (in the case of the latter, I actually planned to follow four things, but dropped every single one of them). My advice: Don’t feel like you have any obligation to watch everything. If it becomes a chore, or increases your net workload, then just cut it for a while. As fun as weekly conversations are, put life first. It’s not like anime will die in your absence. And good luck with your future endeavours.

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