Stands Explained? JoJo’s: Diamond is Unbreakable Ep 2-4

JOJO! Atlas, we return to this gem among anime! Since, I have already fallen behind, this week will contain all of the previous weeks, because why not. I just finished Stardust Crusaders yesterday, so I can finally watch this series without having to worry about missing something. Also, please acknowledge that these are all my theories and I am not stating them as fact, only as interpretation. Without further ado, let’s jump into the suburban horror that is Diamond is Unbreakable!

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We start off the second episode with a display of Angelo’s cunning, as he successfully disguises himself as a milk man. He then puts on a violent display by killing the neighbor and their dog. Meanwhile, Jotaro narrates Angelo’s vicious past. Needless to say, it was a very direct and JoJo-esk storytelling fashion. I have to mention a commonality among the villains in this show; some sort of sexual fetish. Angelo doesn’t just kill the young boys, he rapes them too. Excuse me sounding like an advertisement slogan, but that fact is undeniable. Using what I have learned from Criminal mind, I would go so far as to guess that Angelo has excessive sexual desire, which is expressed through violence. In other words, his frustrations stem from sexual desire overload. His stand seems to mirror this concept. It invades people through liquids and tears them apart. I have not read ahead any JoJo, but perhaps this means that the stand is dependent on the personality of the user, or vice versa. I guess time will tell. 

The opening is a nice throwback to the original JoJo styling. Unlike Stardust Crusaders, this series seems to have departed from the hyper masculine, muscle-man image. The color scheme is similar to that of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, with loud bursts of color and a pop art feel. Such changes invigorate the anime with new life and draw. Generally, the aesthetics this season are an improvement from Startdust Crusaders. This season has a more cartoon-ish feel, which fits JoJo’s story and character stylings. 

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It didn’t take long for me to get sucked in; this anime is just too exciting! I want to talk about the father-son dynamic for a moment. Not only did it act as a plot building moment, with Angelo’s personal vendeta revealed, but now also I completely understand where Josuke’s personality is stemming from. He gets a good sense of humor and fun from old man Higashikata, and an iron will from his mother. Though I would still argue that part of your personality is due to genetics, but as a JoJo, Josuke fits right in. I have a theory to offer too; Jotaro is going to become something like a father figure to Josuke, Similar to how Joseph was fatherly to Jotaro during their Stardust Crusader days. Family values are always very key themes in the storyline. A lot of the time, actions that the JoJo’s commit to are for the sake of their family, as opposed to their pride or desire for power. Either way, Angelo left Josuke an opportunity to follow this (successful) formula and act to protect his mother. 

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When it started raining, Diamond is Unbreakable started showing off it’s strengths. For one, the angles are phenomenal. We get shots like the bending house (below) from a worm’s eye view, then later see Josuke choking on Angelo’s stand from a bird’s eye view. The variety in shots solidifies the chaotic, yet simultaneously meticulous construction. So far, this is my second favorite series under Battle Tendency, which is my number one simply because Joseph is my favorite JoJo. Either way, this series is shaping up to be one of the best this season. The pacing is right, that characters are enjoyable, and the animation is fantastic. 

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I also want to take a moment to talk about the sound effects and music. Both the opening and ending give off the feeling that JoJo’s is all about. The exciting opening with jazz influences paired with the reworked 80’s rock soundtrack ending suites the series very well. If you haven’t noticed, many of the characters in this series are based off of popular bands and artists from the ate 70’s and 80’s (Whamu/Wham!, Esidisi/AC DC, Kars/The Cars, Pet Shop/Pet Shop Boys, etc.). Setting the music up to resemble these bands, suits the anime much more than hanky-pank songs from the modern era. 

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Let’s move on to the third episode. The episode goes off with a bang, recounting the final chat between the JoJos and Angelo. We get his with a lot of plot building right off the bat, and some past events beg explanation. Here is what we know: There is a man dressed in a high school uniform who grants stands to other people using a bow and arrow. Jotaro suspects that Dio was in contact with this man during the Stardust Crusaders events. Thus far, stands have essentially been a mystery, but have differentiated themselves from Hanon Energy. Stands are not the product of Hanon energy, so what are they? During Angelo’s flashback, the man with the bow tells him that the stand talent was”pulled from your mind,”and “you’ve got the aptitude,” meaning that the bow brought forth the stand in Angelo. This is probably the largest influx on stands that we have received! If what the man with the bow says is true, then there are numerous possible stand users who simply have not discovered their talent. Recall what Avdol said about his land last season. He talked about how people train in order to obtain a stand of sorts. Perhaps this bow and arrow is a shortcut to the training that Avdol mentioned. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.10.36 AM.png

The scene where Jotaro goes to meet Josuke’s mother is a little off for me. I’m not the biggest fan of how women are portrayed in this series; evil and ugly or pretty and stupid. Granted Joseph and Jotaro look alike, I find that a little bit hard to mess up so bad. I’m glad the message got through at the end of the scene because otherwise it would have disrupted the episode too much. 

Next thing we encounter is Okuyasu, who is very dumb, but very powerful. His older bother possessed the bow and arrow used to “create” stand users. Okuyasu seems to be easily controlled by his older brother, and struggles to think for himself. It seems Okuyasu has a very similar power to Vanilla Ice; it takes up objects into an abyss what cannot be reached. I’m still not sure how the potted plants made their way over to Okuyasu after like 5 or 6 attempts, but whatever. Again, I have to applaud the fantastical animation in this scene. Watching Josuke fly around was show stopping, despite the fact that it was just him getting beat up. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.38.19 AM.png


Episode 4 starts with Nijimura-onisan mercilessly taking out little Okuyasu. The older brother has a philosophy similar to Dio, which entails a very Darwin-like concept. Many of the (relatively) more successful opposition to the Joestars have been villains that support a notion that the strong will prevail over the weak. Alternatively, the Joestars and their allies have all harbored a minimal level of compassion for weakness. Diamond is Unbreakable appears to be no exception to these themes. The older Nijimura is heartless, and more successful than Okuyasu, and Josuke values Koichi enough to try and save him, but also heals the injured Okuyasu. 

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Okuyasu holds true to his personality and acts on his desire, which just happens to be helping Josuke. Okuyasu is like a Polnaref or Kakyoin figure to Josuke, as they join and help of their own volition. Meanwhile, Koichi is more similar to Smokey, who was helped out by the Joestar, but does not have any power to offer. 

I am beginning to add to my theory that stands are dependent upon their user’s personality. For starters, Josuke and Shining Diamond him perfectly. When angered, Josuke becomes violent, so Shining Diamond possessed destructive power. Shining Diamond also has a sort of healing power, which mirror Josuke’s kindness for others, however, he is not able to heal himself, which symbolizes that Josuke holds the well being of others above his own. Star Platinum also fits Jotaro’s personality. Jotaro is very precise and perceptive, even when engaged in violent scenarios.  Accordingly so, Start Platinum is able to see for miles away, catch a tiny fly in midair, and block fast moving attacks from any direction. Another edit I want to clarify is that the stands are the ones who are dependent on the users, not the other way around. If not all people have the capacity to harbor stands, then it means that some people are not dependent on the stand (as they cannot harbor/control it). 

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 11.22.42 AM.png

Apparently Koichi has joined the stand user family! I guess that is why they left a lot of space for him in the opening. Like anyone would be, I am very interested in Joichi’s egg stand. I’m hoping for a dragon at this point. Anyways, the final battle was a culmination of Joestar wit and explosions. Maybe it’s just me, but the number of similarities between Josuke and Joseph is immense. I would like to think of Josuke as 2/3 Joseph and 1/3 Jotaro. The Joestar blood runs strong. 

Here is the full ending 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my short analysis of JoJo’s Diamond is Unbreakable. I am super excited for this series! Happy anime hunting!

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