SHINBOU | Character Creation

The process of writing for me works best when I develop the elements that I am going to be working with. Later in the process I plan to do research into lifespan and anti-aging science, as well as on specific ecology of terrains, human biology and genomes, culture of chosen locations, and disease, for now I plan to elaborate on character profiles, and let the story line come together based on how I think they would react.

The main cast hinges on three major characters, originally named Shinbou, Rika Murphy, and John Renzel. I have decided to change up these names to be more contemporary and flow better with their personalities. I am currently working on creating more accurate depictions for each character, but for now enjoy the cheap looking avatars I crafted online along with the sims I made for them! And yes, except for Shinbou/Everett, everyone somewhat resembles someone I know in person (including myself). 

SHINBOU/ Everett 

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.23.25 PM

I decided the name Shinbou would not be carried throughout the story. Instead he is “Project Shinbou”, but John gives him the name Everett to use and call himself. Everett is tall, naturally built man, with dark hair, medium skin, and hazel eyes containing flicks of gold. As said before, Everett blocked out human empathy for all but John after the stress of experiments were driving towards insanity.  As a result of the genetic altering, he is very quick to understand and incredibly sensitive and observant. These genetic altercations were based in anti-aging research, thus Everett is very robust and heals very quickly. His personality will slowly come out in time as a very thoughtful, quiet man. As he learns how to be human and withdraw his block on empathy, Everett becomes much more emotional and prone to expression, though with his past of abuse, this becomes violent at some times. To Everett, I give part of my personality, such as the tendency to block people/suffer alone, as well as react emotionally at times, however I also want him to have my quiet and observant parts of my personality which allow him to learn quickly, both material and people (just as I did in college). 

John Runzel

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 1.48.43 PM.png


John will be based off of one of the most thoughtful and kind of my dear friends. I am not fully incorporating his personality and quirks into John because I need John to hold a different role in the friend group. John will be a very sweet man, but inexperienced and a bit of a idiot. That being said, he is meticulous in both his morals and research, so while he may lack the creative intelligence to succeed in the lab where he works, his role in the greater Shinbou project is indispensable, due to his relationship with Everett. Like my dear friend, John with be incredibly kind of heart, offering care to those he deems good people, but also acting the utmost civil and as a mediator when solving disputes. Although his emotions may get the best of him at times, he stands to support the people he cares about and guides with morals in the front of his mind. 

Kayla Murphy

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.20.10 PMI knew from the beginning, this is the character I am going to struggle the most with, as she is in part an expression of myself. I plan to combine the quirks of my sisters as well, and bring in elements of mental instability and depression. She will be similar to Everett, but in a much more familiar way to my more recent self. Caring and observant, but with a nasty temper when angered (rarely), with a very particular soft spot to those who are injured at heart. I want Kayla to be a lot like my youngest sister too, who is very stubborn and naive, but with good intentions.  When she enters the Shinbou project, she immediately connects with Everett, and wakes John up from the complacency of his attitude towards the scientific abuses and opposite side of the moral spectrum. He and John appreciate each other for their strengths, which are fairly similar, as well as their differing weaknesses. Kayla helps them escape and connects them on a runaway mission where they stay with various friends of Kayla’s. 

Tyler Battle

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.28.37 PM

This man is perhaps one which I understand the most, as he has been very important to me in the past year. Tyler is an old friend of Kayla’s, and they have a complicated history. Tyler is stubborn, aggressive, and drinks a lot, leaving people with a bad taste in their mouth when they first meet him. When Drunk, Tyler spews profanities and has a difficult time staying peaceful. However, Tyler is extremely self-disciplined, and endlessly intelligent in the realm of engineering. With a secret soft side few see, Kayla receives a warm welcome, but John immediately dislikes him, and Everett is caught in the middle. This is their first stop after escaping, and Tyler takes them in, and vows to get Everett in shape, as he has been emaciated for years. They stay with Tyler for 6 months until Everett gains his strength. Tyler grows close with the entire gang, but just like before, Kayla and Tyler become too close, resulting in a painful realization that they must leave to their next stop: Elen. 

Elen Stark

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.47.53 PM

If you knew her in real life, you better believe that you will never meet another soul that even comes close to being similar to my friend. Elen’s character is a master of sorts at reason, both in people and studies (mathematics major). She comes off as batshit insane at times, and though technically unstable, is one of the most reasonable, but still caring, people you will meet, who can figure people out very quickly. She is married to a massive mountain man named Igor (not shown) with similarly keen eye for reading the room (but just doesn’t care and says whatever), and adopted a slim tall Asian boy she found running away from home. He has the same cryptic humor and passive aggressive style as Elen. Elen acts as a very different type of influence for Everett, as she more of less teaches him during their stay about how to express your emotions in a rational way, and how to both respect other peoples boundaries without losing your own. 

Marija (Mari) Juric

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.35.17 PM

Mari is a very unique and misunderstood girl in real life, and I want to capture her mysterious demeanor. Mari is a security guard for the Shinbou Project compound, called ChromoTech, and works under the command of project supervisor Mallory. I want to take some the traits of my friend to create a character who is a sweetheart, but savage with quick instincts. Despite this Mari can be a bit of an idiot at times when it comes to technology and book smart related at times. She was the original security detail before Berto was hired to work alongside her. Mari can be very cold to most people but bonds with Kayla and John because of there open and caring hearts, however, she never fully warms up to Everett. Mari’s bad side is murderous and apathetic, and she is generally untrusting of men. She is a second degree black belt (in real life too). 

Berto Garcia

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.31.27 PM

Berto is a sleazy guy, who joins the security detail as more of a technical help, however he is also a second degree black belt. Berto is very aggressive in his pursuit of women and has a bad reputation, especially because men see him as threatening. This is mostly because Berto is also an idiot, but moreso in his distractibility and laziness, but he can pull through when people look to him for help. Berto also has many soft sides, so there are ways to win him over other than pure earning of respect. Berto is also somewhat mysterious, but acts the fool to divert attention from himself. Berto and Mari end up bonding as Mari uncovers the sweet and intelligent man who hides under the sheath of childish idiot. He originally does not get along with any of the main three characters, but Kayla and Shinbou eventually win him over. 

Mallory Moreno

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.38.36 PM

I do not believe that any good story has a truly bad side to it. This is true of the girl who I used to be friends with, but parted with due to the fact that it was a toxic relationship. Keep in mind I have used only her personality traits to create her life, and the backstory is not accurate to her own. Mallory’s story is basically this: she started the project with John’s uncle before he passed away, as the anti-aging research was for her mother, who was slowly slipping away from dementia/alzheimer’s. John had come to work with his uncle on many occasions and was the only person who could bond with Everett, she she was forced to keep him on board, even after John’s uncle passed away. She is incredibly manipulative, but hides it under a screen of sweetness, only to beat you over the head if you are not grateful to the degree she desires. She is very emotionally invested in her work and uses her vast knowledge of biology and chemistry to develop tests for the proposed drugs. 

The following are the characters for the series in SIMs form.

I was not quite able to specify them to the exact look I wanted to but imagine their heights as listed. I am actually not very happy with the details and forgot to add some of the minor ones: ie, tweaking skin color and eye color, not accurate hairstyles, poor clothing options, and stuff like that. 

I AM BACK, ish

Hello dearest readers who still tune into WordPress articles today! After a well over two year long “hiatus” from blogging about anime I have returned, but perhaps not in the same way. 

I am sorry to say that it has been at least a year since I laid eyes on anime. Although it saddens me that I do not think I will return to watching, there was a part of me that could not escape the artful storytelling that anime possesses. I see my life as a movie, but it has not been until recently that I realized it translates the best in drawn form. I do not have the skill to draw it, but after two years of college, I think I am nearing the point where I can describe how I see the world in writing, so that people may understand even a fraction of what I am trying to communicate. 

I am writing a book. This one is just a warm up to tell you a story about myself. On February 25th, 2016 I wrote a post about writing your own book, and the ideas I had circulating in my head about possible story ideas. While the files of those proposed books have been lost to a flash drive I am unable to find, in a creative drought, I dug up this blog and have decided to pursue writing once again. To be precise, I am going to write on Shinbou. 

To jog the memory: 

“A story about a man named Shinbou, who has been engineered to be genetically “perfect”. Because the researchers fear his great intellect, incredible strength, and absolute superiority, they lock him away underground to research him to profit from their fame. Smart enough to realize this, Shinbou protects himself by abandoning his humanity (empathy) and rejecting almost all human contact. The only person that Shinbou will tolerate is a male researcher named John Runzel, who is somewhat of a childhood friend. One day, a young girl from America named Rika Murphy, one of the only females to be involved in the program, joins the research team to teach Shinbou english. It comes to a surprise to the researchers when Shinbou accepts Rika. Rika, Shinbou, and John become close and are soon caught up in a storm of events in a story that tests their friendship and challenges their will to survive.  How will they rebel against and survive in a politically and socially corrupt world?”

mad scientist.jpg

Shinbou is the most recent of my story ideas, as well as the one that I might decide to pursue. As of now, I have no idea how I am going to end it. The scenes I have written about include: the moment Shinbou was conceived, how John and Shinbou became friends, Rika’s introduction, and four months after they escape. Shinbou is very sharp and intelligent, but very sensitive, while John is also sensitive, but a little rough around the edges. Rika on the other hand is naive, but a kind person with a rigid moral compass. The novel will deal with societal issues around genetic engineering, as well as moral confliction surrounding murder, drugs, and other difficult topics. I also want to work in some general romantic undertones. I am really excited about this and I want to finish it, so let’s hope I get my shit together! I started this January 2016.

Shinbou (8 pages)

Since writing this except, among the others on my old post, I have grown 1000x overs, as both a writer, and a person. It would be a waste of time to try and cover the enormity of gifts that college has given to me and my personal development. The people I have met have changed who I am, and I have realized that no matter how many books, movies, or anime you consume, there is nothing quite like watching the real thing. Thus, I am recreating the characters in the new Shinbou with the traits (both good and bad) of my closest friends. There is no one in the new book who will be born purely out of my imagination, rather they will all contain a piece of someone I know. 

The reborn purpose of this blog is to connect with lovers of storytelling, specifically those of an anime background, because perhaps the understanding of character development and analysis is more of a underlying standard in the community. Either way, I welcome the input of any and all that wish to contribute to the ideas I will be publishing. (I will probably be posting character profiles soon, and the edited premise).

Thank you for your support, in whatever form (if) you chose to give it. Love, Sloaner