Hey guys! Sloaner here today with a recombination of one of my favorite series: Durarara!! Since the synopsis on MAL doesn’t do the series any justice I thought it would be helpful if I tried to explain the awesomeness that is Durarara! 🙂

This post is spoiler free!

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REVIEW | The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Hey guy! Sloaner here with a quick little review of one of my first animes: The Legend of Legendary Heroes (TLLH for now). Enjoy! 

*graded out of 10*

All parts will be graded and then added up to make up a final score out of ten. I will grade out of sound, animation, story, characters, and personal enjoyment. I’m sorry if all this seems vague, but I have not watched this anime for about two years.

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REVIEW | Sword Art Online

When I first watched Sword Art Online I loved it! But once I thought more about the plot and development of characters, I felt SAO really fell short of what it could have been. Despite its issues, I still think SAO an enjoyable anime to watch. I am going to be reviewing both the first and second season separately. Please knowledge that all of this is my opinion 🙂

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