Dear Reader, My Apologies [HIATUS]

Now, I have been culprit to many large promises that I have not been able to deliver on in the past. Perhaps, this post is a resolution to and realization of my time constraints and work efforts. 

This blog is not my goodbye, but rather a call for a little break until I can properly adjust to my new school. 

On Monday and Tuesday, I had my orientation at Santa Clara University, which changed my plans. There are so many amazing, intelligent, driven, people in college, and they also happen to be loads of good fun.  Even the small handful of people I met at orientation were all people I could see myself being good friends with long into the future. 

In about two months, I will begin studying at SCU. It has come to the forefront my attention that the quarter system will be a brutal adjustment (10 week classes instead of 15). As I greatly value my education, I had already planned to cut back on anime to leave large blocks of time to study. 

Between classes, meals, socialization, exercise, studying, and (of course) parties, anime has lost its place in my list of priorities. Experiences are irreplaceable, and at this point in my life, there are tons of (now realistically accomplishable) things I can do other than anime. In this light, I will probably not be watching anime with any consistency or devotion. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 12.10.52 PM

A short history moment: I have been watching anime on and off since I was in seventh grade, but the last two years have been a crazy ride packed full of hundreds of anime. I started this blog about a year ago, when I was searching for anime and found Wrong Every Time, which inspired me to write about anime. 

I have never watched so much anime for so long. I’m burned out. Though I can hand it to these Japanese Cartoons for sharpening my sense of storytelling, production, and finding inspiration, it is time to put it all down for a while and digest, as well as adapt to my new lifestyle. 

I know I could probably keep blogging, but the quality drop would be disgraceful, and it would feel more like a job than a fun hobby (which is why I write in the first place). 

With that, I leave you all with a gesture of gratitude for your attention and support of my writing, and a sentiment that this blog is not get dead. Maybe look towards winter or spring for my eventual return to anime.

Happy anime hunting! 

Life Updates Galore + Storytime + I Challenge YOU!

Hello and welcome to my ever so busy life.

As (I assume) a few of you have noticed, I have been missing my weekly anime updates for about a week or two now. I assure anyone concerned that I am perfectly fine, unlike my previous life update. 

For those of you who do not know, I am a senior in high school, or at least until Friday I am. This week contains my final finals of my high school career. Of course I will have plenty to look forward to in college, this is still a bit of an achievement. Being as studious and pressured as I am, studying for these finals (even though I have confirmed acceptance to college) is a must.  

Sadly, that means that my blogs, which I have taken an increasing amount of pride in, are being put on hold. After my finals, I have a series of nighttime events, (senior dinner, grad night, etc.) and some daytime events (senior cry day aka remembering out seniors, graduation, yay!). This summer I will also be working as a lifeguard and a timer at swim meets (there is a huge swim culture in my area).  

All in all, blogs should start up again on Sunday or Monday.

I also want to take a moment while I am here to talk about something a little more personal (and not anime related). 

All my life I have been pretty good at science and have been told to pursue engineering. Up until about 2 months ago, I followed along with this notion, and even intended to major in environmental science and/or bio engineering. I had always treated my fascination with photography and storytelling as a pastime or hobby. That is, until I started visiting college campuses to make my decision. I was immediately drawn to the equipment, scenes, stories, and even the people who were in the film departments. Though it came pretty late, I had finally figured out what I truly wanted to do in life: tell stories and make movies. 

haikyuu kageyama disguise.png
future me making movies in “hollywood”

And so I figured “Why not start now?” hence, my summer project. This summer I am making at least one, probably two, and possible three films. We aren’t talking feature length here, maybe 15 to 20 minutes max. 

My first (confirmed project) is a “spirit video” for the swim club I lifeguard for. The video is meant to pump up the members of the swim team before the final swim meet of the season. My family has sat through years of failed movies that are essentially poorly made slideshows set to terrible music. My sister and I plan to revamp the team’s spirit. 

The second idea is tied to the first, in that it is about swimming. Where I live, there is a massive pressure on young kids to do swimming, and almost every kid has swam for at least one season. From the age of 4, kids are thrown into the water and taught to swim laps. Most of the kids (or at least the ones I have talked to) think it is pretty weird when someone has no clue how to swim. This would be documentary-style and aim to analyze the culture along with it’s pros and cons. 

The third project would be much shorted, and inspired by something that I am currently writing. In a previous post, I talked about writing your own book, and the book idea of SHINBOU appealed. The third project would be a little excerpt of a scene or two. The problem here would be with finding actors, as I really don’t know anyone who looks like my intended characters and would be willing to do this for free. I’ve just set up a gofundme page if anyone would be so kind as to donate to my cause. 

low-key this is my female lead

One last thing, I challenge you to reveal me.  Something about the mystery about the writer is kind of fun, but at the same time you can understand someone better if you can watch them. I figured it would be kind of fun to introduce myself (formally that is) over film.

Here is the challenge (which I suppose is more on myself than the readers): if this blog gets 100 followers before the end of summer (late August) , I will show my face, accent, favorite things, etc. Keep in mind, the whole point to to have some fun, and the more the merrier! 


Well, that is all I have to say, and I hope you have a fabulous week! Happy anime hunting! 

A Much Needed Life Update

Well hello there. I feel as though I have some explaining to do to the few of you that follow my blog, as my inactivity is quite apparent. I would would like to hear what explanations I have, then feel free to stay tuned, as this will be kept short.


I took a break from weekly blogging (the roundups) for two major reasons: I was overwhelmed with school and did not have time to watch the episodes, and because I felt reader engagement was weak.  

Currently, I am on spring break, but the weeks leading up to this were hell. I spent the weekends doing social things or school work, so anime fell to the wayside.

FIRST OFF, I see anime as a leisure activity that I have categorized as productive through writing. When I write about anime and people respond, it justifies my taking pleasure in anime, otherwise I would just use anime as a coping device, as I have in the past. If I don’t have a purpose for it, then my justification wanes. 

Since I didn’t have time (and didn’t really want) to watch all 28 episodes in a week, I couldn’t publish the incomplete post, and writing about the episodes in the first place felt useless. Here we are now, weeks after and I am still behind by 4 episodes for some series. If I don’t have time, then anime feels forced, which defeats the point. 

SECONDLY, I felt that people just didn’t care about the writing. My stats were waning and I didn’t have the time to promote my posts. As I mentioned earlier, when I feel like what I’m doing is for nothing, then I change direction. 

Perhaps some of you read my last post about writing your own book. Maybe some lot of you remember a certain project that I had placed a lot of hope in, Shinbou. I have written 20+ pages since making that post. Perhaps it is a flaw in my personality that I only stick to things that I feel a connection with, or really like. 

While my weekly anime posts don’t contribute anything much to the community, I feel as though this book could reach people. 

Don’t take my abandonment the wrong way. While I feel the weekly roundups aren’t very good, I don’t think they are a complete failure. Looking back at my (ratchet) days on anime amino, I think the depth of my writing has evolved tremendously, and I hope to keep the good going. So while the anime posts are dying for now, they will be back in some trial form for next season. 

I am also going to focus more in projects not centered around seasons. Currently I am writing an essay about Utawarerumono’s second season failure, and have more ideas circulating. I have also taken on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures as a review project. 


I will cut myself off there, as I have more or less explained my circumstances. I could elaborate on other stresses, such as choosing a college to attend, debating whether or not to take a gap year, or other things along those lines, but I will leave that to be a mystery. 

I would like to thank the readers who read the entirety of my excuse, and apologize to the possible person who looked forward to my weekly roundups.