The winter season has finally come to a close and here we are left with me and my opinions about the 23 animes (personal record) I watched this season. I have some basic information about each anime, as well as my score and thoughts on the series as a whole. At the very end of the blog you can find my very own ranking of the series! 

I hope enjoy this blog and please remember it is all my opinion!

I’ve actually picked up 2 animes since the halfway point: Concrete Reveloutio and Utawarerumono: The False faces

***contains some minor spoilers*** 

Fall Only

tosnd slash.jpg

The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst

[ecchi, action, supernatural, harem]

Score: 6/10

Episodes: 10eps, 23mins

Rewatch?: Probably no

Continuation?: Unknown

Final Thoughts: Many people discount this show on the account that it is super ecchi and it is incredibly similar to High School DxD. Despite the excessive fan service, I actually enjoy this show. The character and plot aspects are certainly not the worst, by far, that I have seen. In the end, the series did what most all good series do: develop relationships between protagonist (I reject to this method) and antagonist, have good moments of action and suspense, and tie up the series in a nice little knot. The one thing I really disliked about the series was how the fan service destroyed the otherwise great pace. The characters are also a little typical, but that can be overlooked. Overall I would recommend this series to fans of ecchi, but because it is so heavy on this type of fan service, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else. 

perfect insider think.jpg

Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider


Score: 6.5/10

Episodes: 11eps, 23mins

Rewatch?: Probably not

Continuation?: unlikely

Final Thoughts: Well I like the opening. I enjoyed some of the insightful aspects that this show had to offer. That being said, I also had a bit of a problem with most everything else. In the end I liked Saikawa and Magata, but Nishinosono went from being somewhat cool and likable, to a near useless and easily replaced character. I attribute this to the relative coolness of the other characters. The mystery itself isn’t the most thrilling one I have seen, as nothing is really in danger. After the original murder, it felt kind of like nothing happened, and all they were trying to do is figure it out. Ignoring that, the series did a great job of constructing relationships between characters. I would recommend the series to fans of character webs and true mystery, not action-mystery like psycho pass, as it is a bit slow.

beautiful bones.png

Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

[mystery, slice of life]

Score: 4/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: nopeee

Continuation?: unlikely

Final Thoughts: For whatever reason I really liked this series at first, but once somethings clicked I just hated it. Getting the easy stuff out of the way, the music is forgettable, but not bad, and the animation is nice nothing all that spectacular. The thing that really got me about this series is the bad characters. At first I kind of liked Sakurako and thought her to be a somewhat unique, but still sweet, character. This impression was crushed when later you realize that Sakurako is an insensitive, self-important/greedy, bitch. Shoutarou is purely useless, the teacher is just creepily attacked to his students, the other girl (Shoutarou’s friend) is kind of annoying. Seriously the only characters I liked where the policeman (even though he was useless), and Hector the dog. The dog has a better personality then Sakurako. It’s not just that her personality was bad, it was also horribly inconsistent.  The same goes for the plot. It was nothing really new or innovative, even though the premise was interesting.  The mysteries are simple and predictable, like literally a 5-year-old could solve them. Overall this anime was just yikes. 

noragami yato cry.png

Noragami Aragoto

[supernatural, action, adventure, comedy]

Score: 8.5/10

Episodes: 13eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Yep

Continuation?: maybe

Final Thoughts: Let me just say I am a pretty big fan of Noragami. The protagonists are cute and the “antagonists” grow on you at the speed of sound. Once again Noragami supplies us with a fantastic opening and really cute ending. The animation was pretty on point this season, and the action scenes were great. I really loved all the screen time that Bishamon and Kazuma, and their arc was lots of fun. Ebisu is also very lovable, and I enjoyed him even though he is a bit odd. Yukine got some really nice character development this season, and it was quite fun to watch. The story was pretty good for both of the major arcs. The main problem I have with this season is how it slows down a significant amount after the first arc. Animes are almost always more fun when they start exciting and just keep getting better an better. In that respect, Noragami doesn’t do the best job. Still, overall it was a very good season, and by no means not worth watching. I would highly recommend this series, especially to anime newcomers. 

K shiro retures for real.png

K: Return of Kings

[action, supernatural, mystery]

Score: 8/10

Episodes: 13eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Yes

Continuation?: nope

Final Thoughts: I think that was the best possible way to end K project. After all the confusing plot twists, interesting character development, and lovely animation, we get to see everything tied up nicely. This season was just as stunning as the first. The main characters had consistently good character development, which also pushed the plot. I feel like this season was a bit stronger than the first, even though Mikoto wasn’t around. I think it felt more put together and was well established after the first season and movie. Also might I add that the movie was necessary to watch this season and understand what is going on. Overall I think the last couple of episodes tied up all the strings that were hanging around. Misaki and Saruhiko made up in their own way, the problem of controlling the slates was solved, Shiro’s body issue worked out fine. There are few problems I have with this anime. To mention one, the pacing is a little wonky at times, but not the worst I’ve seen. Overall I have greatly enjoyed the ride this anime has supplied me with for the last weeks. I would recommend to people 

black jack is kuro hazama

Young Black Jack

[historical, action, drama]

Score: 7/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Maybe

Continuation?: unlikely

Final Thoughts: It is hard for me to write a truly unbiased review of this series, since my view has been influenced greatly by outside events. First of all, around episode 6 I went back and started watching both the original OVAs from 1993 (which are amazing and I highly recumbent them!), and the secondary Black Jack series from 2004 (which is also good). I love how the liquid seduction voice of Black Jack (Akio Ootsuka) is incorporated into the series as the narrator, even if it’s not Hazama himself (Yuuichirou Umehara). I understand why people dislike the series when compared to the original, as Hazama is really completely different, and the character development is skewed towards Hazama more than the patients. I think this is fine since the series itself is meant to explain Hazama. I think it is fine to watch this series separate from the original, as I feel it can stand alone just fine. I would recommend this one to fans of action-dramas, and to people who have seen the original series.

dance with devils pastel.png

Dance with Devils

[supernatural, drama, romance]

Score: 6/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Nah

Continuation?: unlikely

Final Thoughts: A very bizarre series if I do say so myself. I think the name “Singing with Devils” would be a bit more accurate for this anime. Honestly it started very slow and I really hated it, but after some progress the anime grew on me. I like the way Ritsuka and Rem’s relationship developed, as well as the situation with Lindo. The storyline was something that combined various cliche elements and combined them to make something that isn’t all that bad. The music is fine, as is the animation. The characters are all traditional characters of the reverse harem, but their roles are switched up a bit, so it is easier to ignore that. My personal favorite character is Mage, even though I don’t think he is the best character. I actually really liked how the anime ended in that Ritsuka wasn’t some heart-eyed hoe who is going to follow some guy to the ends of the earth. Overall I though the series was entertaining and I enjoyed watching it, but it is certainly no masterpiece by any means. I don’t even know who I would recommend this to haha. 

asterisk war

The Asterisk War

[harem, action, fantasy, romance, ecchi, school]

Score: 6.5/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: nope

Continuation?: Yes (Spring 2016)

Final Thoughts: First off I have to compliment the beautiful ending and the good opening. I also love the pastel color pallet, it is very soft and makes a great contrast for the sharp battle colors. I lie thins series and I will definitely be watching the second season next spring. That being said, this is still the typical harem. I would say it is just above the level of a normal harem, given the great music and pretty good art. The characters are all extremely typical in both design and personality, but a few have some interesting backstories that make the show more worth it. I really liked how Julis wasn’t a full blown thunder, and that she actually wasn’t as dumb as a rock. The series only followed the lesser cliches and tried to make the series a bit more original, which is commendable in its own way. Overall I liked the series but it is far from the best I have seen from both the genre and in general. I would recommend to fans of magic schools and harems. 

seraph yuu demon

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

[action, supernatural, drama]

Score: 6/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Mmmm nah

Continuation?: probably

Final Thoughts: Well that ending cleared up absolutely nothing. I try to like this series so much, but at there end of the day it comes up short of what I was hoping for. For starters, I like both the opening and the ending, but they aren’t amazing. The animation can be a bit derby at times, but the action is good. The background art doesn’t really match the art style of the anime very well. The story line is fine, nothing fantastical and pretty cliche at times, but it does have some decent twists. The characters are a bit iffy. I like some and others are pretty awful. There was close to no character development this season., which was sad. I think most of the characters in this show suffer from multiple personality disorder or something because they are always changing personalities. That whole Guren double personality that a ton of people seemed to know about was totally out of the blue, like there was zero foreshadowing there. The finale was just bad. The action lasted like 2 mins and nothing was explained. Despite all the issues, I could see new fans to anime enjoying this. Overall, the season was just not very good. 

aot jh large titan

Attack on Titan Junior High

[comedy, school, parody]

Score: 7/10

Episodes: 12eps, 17mins

Rewatch?: Maybe

Continuation?: Unknown

Final Thoughts: When judging a comedy/parody series like this, you have to take into account that the goal of the series is to be funny. Personally, I thought this series hit the nail on the head. AoTJH did a great job of incorporating both the fandom wishes, while also using real moments from the series. In every episode there is irony, as well as their own comedy. I liked how the series didn’t follow the original AoT story at every step. The timeline made sense, even though it is not the same as the original series. Personally I think this is one of the more succesful parodies I have watched. The art style is very cute and consistent, and the animation is pretty good. The soundtrack is also great, especially the openings. I would only really recommend the series to people who have seen the original, otherwise it isn’t nearly as funny. Overall I really enjoyed the series!

comet lucifer.jpg

Comet Lucifer

[mecha, fantasy, adventure]

Score: 4.5/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Please no

Continuation?: unlikely

Final Thoughts: Bleh can we just talk about what a train wreck this series is for one second? First off, the characters are really awful (except Don Mon, Roman, and Gus). Like seriously… Protagonists have the collective intelligence of a goldfish (excluding Don Mon and Roman), and have zero sense of danger. Antagonists are underdeveloped, plain weird, or have a sudden change of heart. Solo is the real turn in this punchbowl. He is ignorant, childish, and just plain stupid. Don Mon and Roman are the only protagonists that are somewhat competent and Sogo ignores/dismisses quickly whenever they save his ass. Felia and Moura have annoying as hell voices that make my ears bleed. Otto is just there and you never really find out anything about him. Actually you don’t really find out anything about any of the characters (except Don Mon and Gus). Instead of focusing on the characters, the series instead focuses on pushing the plot, which is riddled with an absurd amount of cliches, forward. The only redeemable things about this series are the animation (mecha looks pretty good), the music/sound, and Don Mon. I would not recommend this series to anyone, except maybe diehard SAO fans. If you are looking for a truly good series, then avoid this one at all costs. 

opm ok

One Punch Man

[action, supernatural, comedy, parody, sci-fi]

Score: 9/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Yeah!

Continuation?: maybe

Final Thoughts: Many think this series is very overrated, and I would agree, but at the same time I see this as a very special series. First of all the music/sound is great, and the animation is fantastic (thank you Madhouse!). The premise is the very opposite of the general hero cliche, which is quite refreshing. The plot isn’t all that complicated or new (face new enemies ect.). I feel where the series really shines is in its fantastic parody elements, and its fun cast. Many series have tried to parody fro the superhero angle, but none have done as great a job as One Punch Man. OPM is great at making you laugh, while also avoiding easy-out cliches. As far as parodies go, this is one of the better ones I have seen. Next, the characters are so much fun and really breath life into the show. Although none of them get developed very much (except maybe Genos), they all are great devices for making the show as entertaining as it is. Although the character types themselves aren’t the most unique I have ever seen, by rearranging their position in the anime, the series is able to highlight the uniqueness of the cast. For example, Mumen Rider would be the main protagonist, Genos would be the rival, Saitama would be the best friend, and Silver Fang would be the sensei. Overall, I would recommend this anime to everyone, especially fans of action and comedy/parody. 

concrete revolutio

Concrete Revolution

[action, supernatural]

Score: 8/10

Episodes: 13eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Totally!

Continuation?: Yes (Spring 2016)

Final Thoughts: I’ll start by saying that this is by no means an anime for newcomers. It is complex and fast paced. If you lack any basic patience or are terrible at paying attention to detail, then this is not the anime for you. With that out of the way I will say that I really enjoy this series. The pacing is pretty constant and good, the characters do get decent development from the flashbacks, the characters are pretty unique and many are fairly enjoyable. I think the main reason why people write this series off as bad is because they get sidetracked for a second and then get confused because the time frame shifts. The anime tells you when it time shifts so you would only not have a good idea of what’s going on if you don’t pay attention. The opening and ending are unique and the anime overall is quite colorful and fun. The quirkiness of the anime is something that I love to watch. I would recommend to people who are looking for something unique, and maybe fans of episodic type anime. 

starmyu team card


[music, comedy, school]

Score: 7/10

Episodes: 12eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Probably not

Continuation?: unlikely

 Final Thoughts: This is by no means an amazing anime, and I will acknowledge that in full. On the other hand, this is something I would like to call my guilty pleasure anime. I actually really love this series for a number of reasons. There is actually basis for their development, and nothing is really out of the blue at all. That being said, the series still lacks good animation, and the musical numbers come close to comical at time. Actually, when I really think about it, the series had pretty good character development, even if it was a bit cliche at time. The protagonists grow on you over time, as well as the antagonists. For a guilty please it is pretty dang good. I just wish that there was a little bit more female influence in the anime, the only memorable girls are Nayuki’s sisters. Yes they are great but the series could use another fun girl or two. The animation is unremarkable and the story is pretty cliche, but the series is still quite enjoyable. I would recommend to fans of all-male casts (like Free!) and some reverse harem fans. 


Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan

[slice of life, comedy]

Score: 4/10

Episodes: 13eps, 4mins

Rewatch?: Pass

Continuation?: Unknown

Final Thoughts: This series ins’t really meant to be anything shocking or outstanding. It is really just here to show us cute hot spring girls. I think, as a short, the series is pretty successful. The characters are pretty cute but that is all I could tell you about them. There are one or two events that happen in the anime but for the most part it is pretty much just cute girls doing cute things. There is pretty much no plot, but the episodes should still be watched in a linear format. The art is eh and the mini opening is kinda fun. I don’t have much to say about the series, but I don’t think it is textbook “bad”. 

Ameiro Cocoa.jpg

Ameiro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso!

[slice of life, comedy]

Score: 3/10

Episodes: 12eps, 2mins

Rewatch?: AH Never

Continuation?: Unknown

Final Thoughts: I am not kidding: the synopsis gives me more information on the characters than the entirety of the anime. I won’t try and make this anime sound better than it is. Amerio Cocoa is pretty awful. The characters are meh, the story close to nonexistent, the animation awful, and the music is meh. I think the series actually has a bit of potential, but the two minute episodes kills whatever the show had going for it. There are a tiny handful of good moments in this season, but not nearly enough for me to ever recommend it to anyone. At this point there isn’t a reason or good way to save this show. 

Ended in Fall

ushi x tora tsundere.png

Ushio and Tora

[action, supernatural, adventure, comedy]

Score: 8.5/10

Episodes: 26eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: yes

Continuation?: Yes (Spring 2016)

Final Thoughts: I’ll start by saying that I love old style anime like this. I feel like the plot is more original and the characters are quirky cool, compared to some protagonists these days (lazy, unmotivated, awful). Both Ushio and Tora are great characters in their own right, and they are a pretty fun pair to watch. The story is pretty original for it’s time, and although it is straightforward, the branches off the main storyline are quite enjoyable. The humor is great and it comes it at the right moments so it doesn’t interrupt the pacing. The side characters, especially Nagare Akiba, are really great and add more to the series. The opening is an acquired taste, but I have really come to enjoy it over the course of the series. The endings are also good, but not as notable. I would highly recommend his series because it is very watchable and entertaining. I am super excited for the second season coming in spring and I will for sure be watching. 

Started in Fall and Continuing

tantei team crew.png

Tantei Team KZ

[slice of life, mystery]

Score: 5/10

Episodes: ?eps, 9mins

Rewatch?: Nah

Thoughts: I liked this series at first, but after a while still nothing had happened and I lost interest. This anime had the potential to be decent, but was ruined by lack of anything interesting happening. The art is cute, but that is all the good I can say about it. I actually like the ending jingle. The storyline is boring and pretty repetitive. The cast is Tantei Team’s one redeeming quality. I like the guys and aya, even though they are super typical. On the other hand this anime has some very sweet moments that do redeem it. This is one anime I could forget about  in like 5 minutes, but it is also one that I wouldn’t encourage people not to watch. Overall I would only really recommend this anime to people who are looking for a cutesy short series, and to those who understand what a short anime entails. 

aod intense miyuki

Ace of the Diamond

[sports, comedy, action]

Score: 9.5/10

Episodes: ?eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Yes of course!

Thoughts: First things out of the way: the animation is beautiful as always (hail madhouse) and the opening and ending are great. I’ll admit, the series has kind of been at a plateau for a while now, but the last couple of episodes make me believe that the series is heating up. I’m super excited for them to face Raichi and Sanada next arch. I think they will win, but sometimes this series decided to twist things up a bit. I love all the character stuff they have going on right now: the coaches are watching to see who will take over, Eijun is getting to be pretty good with all his breaking balls, Furuya is kind of injured, and Miyuki is the becoming one badass captain. The characters in this anime are just so funny, yet also badass at the same time. Overall I think I overrate Ace of the Diamond, but it is still a pretty good series, even if I do overrate it. Highly recommend to fans of sports anime and large casts. 

haikyuu hinata x bokuto

Haikyuu!! Second Season

[sports, comedy, action]

Score: 10/10

Episodes: 25eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: YESS

Thoughts: First things first: Bokuto is so cute! When I saw the character design I thought he would be completely different, but as it turns out he is a big baby. Okay I love this series more than words can describe. I am constantly on the edge of my seat watching it. Yes the season started out a little slow, but it has since then majorly picked up speed and has evolved back into the fantastic Haikyuu! I love the new additions to the cast, they are so much fun. The training camp arch was so funny and exciting I literally laughed out loud every five minutes. The tournament they are currently in is also great. I love how this series is super funny, but it also features tons of character development. I used to play volleyball and I can say that the plays and struggles are pretty accurate. The animation is as beautiful as ever and the soundtrack really gets you pumped up for the series. I would highly recommend this series to pretty much anyone. Although the plot is typical shounen, the series overrides the basic storyline by excelling by presenting a fantastic cast and great everything else. If you haven’t already watched the first season, then go do that like right now!

osomatsu-san santa die


[comedy, parody, slice of life]

Score: 8.5/10

Episodes: 24eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: Totally 

Thoughts: Man I am so excited that this got extended. I think Osomatsu-san is an incredibly unique and well crafted anime. Also, If you let the art style ruin the anime for you, then I don’t have anything to say to you. I guess we had a number of parody animes this season. I have really enjoyed the Osomatsu-san ride so far. The sextuplets are all very unique and fun to watch. I would rank them: Jushimatsu, Choromatsu, Ichimatsu, Osomatsu, Todomatsu, and last is Karamatsu (so painful). They side characters aren’t as fantastic, but they are still lots of fun to watch. The opening is fun and fits the quirkiness of the anime, as does the ending. The storyline is episodic, so you can pretty much watch the episodes in any order. Most of the episodes are broken up into sequences that last about half the episode. The art style is the thing that people seem to get hung up about the most. Personally, I think it was good to stay true to the original art style, and just enhance it with lots of vibrant colors. The animation itself isn’t remarkable, but it makes great use of exaggeration. I love this anime because although it is primarily a humorous anime, the episodes also contain very sweet and heartfelt moments. Overall I really love this anime and would recommend it to people who are looking for something unique and funny. 

heavy object cute havia x quenther.png

Heavy Object

[mecha, action, comedy, military]

Score: 7.5/10

Episodes: 24eps, 23mins

Rewatch?: It’s possible

Thoughts: So many people discount the series on account of its unusual mecha. When you think about it, the orb-like “objects” are much more realistic battle devices than the ones you may find in other series. That is not the only way Heavy Object is based in science and reality. The military aspects of this anime are fantastical, as they are both complicated, outreaching, and are well thought through. I really enjoy watching the series for the underlining military theme and plot devices used int he overarching context. Havia and Quenther are a fantastic pair, and Frolaytia is a total badass. The characters actually get a fair amount of character development, which is very nice. The CGI on the objects is pretty good in general, although that can’t be said for the other things in CGI. The art and animation is just average, not significantly good or bad. I really like the opening, but the ending is not as great.  

utawarerumono new touka x karla

Utawarerumono: The False Faces

[action, fantasy, drama]

Score: 5.5/10

Episodes: 25eps, 24mins

Rewatch?: ek nah

Thoughts: Man… After I watched the entire original series this is what I get? Honestly the main downfall of this series has can be pinned on two things: close to nothing happens every episode, and the characters are abused and undeveloped. Compared to the original series (which is awesome and I recommend it), which has slow moments contrasted by great action and drama, this season just has close to nothing happen every time. I like how Karla and Touka were brought back into this series (they rock!), but what the hell happened to Touka?! They changed her character to a completely different type, which is shameful because she was much better before. Haku is currently growing on me, but he is nowhere near as awesome as Hakuoro (original amnesia patient). That being said, I still believe that this series can pick up and get better. I like it, but I think remaking the original series would have been a much better idea. 

Overall Rank Countdown!

23 | Amerio Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso!

22 | Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

21 | Comet Lucifer

20 | Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan

19 | Tantei Team KZ

18 | Utawarerumono

17 | The Testament of Sister New Devil Burst

16 | Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

15 | Dance with Devils

14 | The Asterisk War

13 | The Perfect Insider

12 | Starmyu

11 | Young Black Jack

10 | Attack on Titan Junior High

9 | Heavy Object

8 | Concrete Revolutio

7 | K: Return of Kings

6 | Noragami Aragoto

5 | Osomatsu-san

4 | Ushio and Tora

3 | One Punch Man 

2 | Ace of the Diamond Second Season

1 |  Haikyuu!! Second Season

With that I hope you enjoyed my review of the season! Winter first impressions coming soon! 

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