SUMMER 2016 Taste Testing Part 3

And the Summer season continues! So far we have had two fantastic looking animes appear (Orange, Amaama to Inazuka), along with a whole group of good and okay animes, with just a handful of total duds.  This particular round was pretty solid, and I’m excited for the coming season!

For these blogs, I will write as much is as necessary to get my opinion across to you, the reader. I’m doing the good, the okay, and the ugly (maybe even the best if something qualifies) to break this blog up a bit.

Time to start it up! 


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.41.09 PM91 Days | July 8

Now if I am being honest, 91 days is not for everyone. It is quite particular, but I find it very good. There is a calm and unforced realness the this anime contains (similar to Amaama to Inazuka and Orange), which forces the viewer to continue watching. Perhaps the drama of all three is what probes the viewer to continue. 91 Days is already working with some heavy themes like revenge, and building complex relationships to play off of the characters and events. Though perhaps one of the least heartfelt show of the season, it does present immense positive potential. At this point, I’m thinking the main enemy of this show will be falling into a cliché one too many times. Though it has avoided that so far, no promises. If it all works out, 91 Days looks like it is going to be a memorable thrill ride!


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 7.31.40 PM.pngAmanchu! | July 8 

Don’t get me wrong, this series is really good. The slowness of it just really gets to me. I suppose that is a major pitfall when it comes to slice of life; it is so easy to be swept away in roundabout thought and contemplation that you lose the viewers attention. I do believe, however, that when the cast expands, this series will become worlds better. Right now, it’s just a little too slow and focused on “Teko”. That being said, the character development, premise, music, and visual are wonderfully and substantial. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.03.49 PM.pngAlderamin on the Sky | July 8

You see, Madhouse has this magical way of creating good anime. At the very least, Alderamin is visually pleasing and well executed. Personally, I think there is a ton of potential to either get really good, or be a mediocre shitter. The characters are pretty unique and avoid troups, which is a nice change. The storyline isn’t clear yet, but the anime works decently without a totally clear direction. What we need now is some good character and thematic development to bring this anime to the next level. 


Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.04.13 PM.pngKonobi | July 7

Aka The Art Club has a Problem! The cast seems pretty good on this one, but other than that this series is looking to be your average school romantic comedy. Not much else to say with that.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 6.18.40 PM.pngHanda-kun | July 7

Just let me clarify: I have not seen Barakamon prior to this, but I have heard that it is very good. Now, Handa-kun does not seem like a very good anime at all right now. The first half was awful, consisting of a subpar comedy skit with characters no one cares about. The second half was pretty humorous, but the overall was not impressive. I’m looking for this series to become a solid comedy, as I can’t imagine it being very good as anything other than comedy. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.07.58 PM.pngCHEDC LOVE 2 | July 7

Could it be, but yes it is: SUGITA! Okay, on another note this series is just as silly and stupid as ever. The animation has taken an upgrade, and it looks like we have some new characters, but other than that this show is a hilarious, satirical, train wreck. 

Thank you for reading! There is one more blog coming with my final thoughts for summer 2016.  I hope you enjoyed my blog and happy anime hunting!