Character Analysis | Chris Yu Takigawa 

Hey guys! Today I have a character analysis for you! The character I choose to do is one of my favorites, Chris from Ace of the Diamond. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Chris (the real bae btw) 🙂

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Comparative Analysis | Attack on Titan vs. Seraph of the End

A lot of people have been talking about how similar Attack on Titan and Seraph of the End are as of late and I agree. I decided to write a blog comparing the most basic similarities of the two.

Warning: This a very long post!

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FALL 2015 | First Impressions

Hey guys! Today is the start of my Fall Season! I have for you today my first impressions of each series premiere that I am checking out/watching. I am organizing it by date I watched them and I will grade (out of 10) the series and then rank the series after I watch all the premiers.

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SUMMER 2015 | Favorite Characters

Hey guys! since I kinda already did two reviews for this season this time around me I’m going to list off my favorite characters! Since there are so many characters I’m just going to list my top ten of each gender 🙂

I hope you enjoy my blog and please remember this is all my opinion!

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SUMMER 2015 | Update

Hey Guys! Sloaner here today with a countdown to my favorite anime of the season (thus far). I hope you will see how the current rank varies from My Firs Impressions. Even though there are still many many weeks left before the season’s end, my opinions of the series have mostly settled into their ranks. I have also added in the animes that are continuing from the Spring Season. This is the last blog I will be making for a month (I’m going to be out of reception area for a while) so please do enjoy!  Also Please acknowledge this is all my opinion.

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SUMMER 2015 | First Impressions

Total premieres watched: 15

Hey guys! Since I got to watch the first episode of the summer season today, I am going to start my first impressions blog. I will be updating this regularly as I watch more and more premiers. Overall, I think this is going to be a pretty good season.

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SPRING 2015 | Season Review

Hey guys! I’m here today with a quick review of every anime I watched this season. I watched at least some of 22 animes this season!

I am going to count down to my favorite anime of the season in each category. The categories are: short animes that ended this season, animes that started and ended in the spring season, animes that started last season (or earlier) but ended in the spring season, and finally, animes that started in the spring season and are continuing to the next season (if not farther).  Please acknowledge these are just based on my opinion 🙂

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SPRING 2015 | First Impressions

Hey all! The spring season has officially begun! Here are some of my first impressions of the (full length) shows I am watching this season.  

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Hey guys! I thought it would be fun to indulge you on my updated anime list 🙂 If you want to see my score for all of these click HERE otherwise enjoy!
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