Joseph Hasn’t Changed? JoJo’s DU Ep 13

Funny how my blog is completely dominated by JoJo’s…. That could tell you something about how addicting all the series are this season. Anyways, here comes Joseph in the full JoJo swing of things yet again. Let me just say: Even in his old age, Joseph is my favorite JoJo. 

This week I want to talk about a key topic in understanding motion (as know as the changing of time or space). This episode was essentially the pinnacle of the notion that in order to know anything, something about that object has to be unchanged even if time and space change. The unchanged object is the only part of the object that we can know, and is  what we call form, which is connected to matter, which is physical (atom are the most simplified). Example: you have a forest full of trees that are made of wood. If you chop down a tree and make it into a table, the fact that the object is still wood can be held in common with the forest, but the most basic (what I am calling simple) form is different (table vs forest). The same goes for aging; Something about that person (usually personality or intellect) is saved as the person ages, despite the physical form changing. Eventually, only the memory of a person is left.


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.46.20 PM.png

This episode served primarily to reintroduce Joseph. Last time Joseph was introduced to Jotaro, he was very cognitive and there was no doubt that much of the original Joseph was still there. This time, however, Josuke has major doubts about Joseph’s ability, as well as his sanity. 

As we saw from Joseph’s actions regarding the invisible child, there is actually quite a lot of him that has been saved since last time he appeared in the show. Although his masterful strategy, sparky comebacks, and iron whit have deteriorated, the inherit JoJo kindness runs as strongly as ever. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 8.49.09 PM.png

Although the great bulk of the episode came off as a comedy skit, we actually had a handful of good moments. The best being Josuke’s eventual acceptance of Joseph as his father, despite his reservations. Although Josuke had announced earlier in the episode that he would call Joseph Mr. Joestar, the act of heroism convinced Josuke otherwise. I was actually surprised at how little Jotaro appeared in this episode. Since Joseph entered the picture, little attention has been paid to Jotaro’s influence to the story. I am hoping that they actually make some sort of use of his character this season, as I felt he was poorly underused in Stardust Crusaders. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my short notes this week. I’ll make something happen with all the other ones. 

The All-Important Theme of Family! JoJo’s DU Ep 12

Here we are again with JoJo’s! I love how this show is so easy to talk about, unlike some choice others of the season. Either way, here we are with the resolution to the ever so annoying Chili Pepper!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 5.47.51 PM.png

Introducing Akira, the crazy guitar wielding stand user! How electrifying. Anyways, he is pretty much what you would expect given his stand: narcissistic, arrogant, and zero chill. I suppose that description was within the degrees of freedom I used last week. Regardless, Akira is pretty much a playbook JoJo villain. Unlike some of the duds of Stardust Crusaders, I actually hope to see Akira again. He adds a lot of energy to a cast that would be very bland (without Okuyasu). I find it interesting how this series is keeping the villains in town (hospital mostly) as they mentioned last episode. Given how many of them appear in the opening, I expect more appearances. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.03.07 PM.png

I also love the three JoJos reunited. Family pride has actually been a fairly prevalent theme throughout all the seasons, but draws little attention from critics, which is surprising considering the premise is based on following the Joestar family.  The family theme has a multitude of implications. First of all, the majority of issues faced in the series center around protecting, saving, or avenging a family member. Just to name a few: Jonathan pursued Dio in part because of his father’s death by Dio, Jonathan also sacrificed  himself for his son, Joseph fights the idols to protect his grandmother, and later Jotaro and Joseph fight to save Holly, and now Josuke fights to protect his mother. But this is not just true of the JoJo line. For example, Polnareff fights to avenge his sister, Ceasar fights for the honor of his late father, and Okuyasu fights to avenge his father.

Another thing I have noted about the family pride theme is that characters, especially male protagonists, feel an extraordinary responsibility towards protecting their family.  Also, if their family meets harm in any way, then the males feel responsible for what happened. You see this a lot in characters like Polnareff and Jotaro, who are both left enraged when the women in their life (sister and mother) are harmed. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.08.28 PM.png

Another common theme, with exception to Lisa Lisa (Joseph’s mother), is that the men most always protect women. Even with Lisa Lisa, Joseph had to come save her when Kars tried to kill her. As far as my understanding, there is only one female JoJo to date (Jotaro’s daughter) who is the main protagonist of the sixth story. Although this does come off as a bit sexist, given the gender equality realities in Japan, especially when the books were written, this doesn’t surprise me. 

The last thing I want to mention right now (on this theme) is that the “goodness” of any given character directly correlates with how much the character loves/tries to protect their family. At one end of the spectrum, the JoJo’s are big on family, and are the protagonists. Alternatively, Dio is the ultimate villain, and he always wished his family harm and only valued himself. Okuyasu and his brother are also great examples; Okuyasu loved his brother, but his brother always claimed him to be a menace and held little concern for Okuyasu’s safety. Consequently, Big brother bit the dust, while Okuyasu, who retained his love, is left standing and is now a protagonist. Similarly, Ceasar used to want to kill his father, and was going down a dark gang-filled path, that is until his father risked his life to save Ceasar, which made Ceasar regain respect and love for his father (boom, protagonist!). 

Well I hoped you enjoyed my JoJo family centric blog today! Here is a little touch of the ever so hilarious Okuyasu to tie things up:

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 6.06.10 PM.png

Okuyasu is the Butt of your Jokes?! JoJo’s DU Ep 11

Hey guys I’m back with the one and only JoJo’s Diamond is Unbreakable! This series continues to shine and capture my constant attention. 

This week we have part one of “Red Hot Chili Pepper,” or what crunchy roll is dubbing “Chili Pepper”. Either way, I am about to keel over from the Joseph hype. 


Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.28.44 PM.png

I suppose since Chili Pepper is finally getting some screen time, I should take a moment to apply my Stand formula. Chili Pepper is very prideful and arrogant despite his lack of courage. Chili Pepper will go down as one of the more dishonorable opponents in the JoJo series. Unlike opponents such as Wamu, Stroheim, and Bruford, Chili Pepper had no reservations when it comes to playing dirty. I find it quite safe to assume that the unknown user is similar. Since the stand is electricity based, the user most likely excells in computers, and may be socially awkward or impaired (like OCD or ADHD). The user could also possibly be a sociopath or psychopath. When he is finally revealed, maybe I can figure a backstory for them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.35.36 PM.png

As far as a JoJo’s villain goes, Chili Pepper is pretty much average. The difference that makes him powerful is quite dependent on the relative stand power in the area. As we know, Jotaro and Joseph have extremely overpowered stands. Last season, Jotaro struggles quite a lot with facing extremely powerful stands. This season, with the theme of suburban horror, the stands are far less overpowered and scary, in fact many of their powers would have left them easily dead last season. Chili Pepper is an exception, in that he would still be considered fairly powerful in among last season’s stands, however, he is easily the strongest enemy in this season because all the other stands are pretty lame. Either way, Chili Pepper does not seem to be a push over. 

I also like the framing used to indicate Chili Pepper’s presence when Jotaro was telling the boys that Joseph is coming to town. The low angle shots from the motorcycle’s perspective sent the message quite well. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.00.26 PM.png

The rest of this episode was devoted to developing Okuyasu a little bit. We know well by now that Okuyasu is the butt of almost every joke in this show. The dense ones always end up like this. Anyways, after the comedic reveal and back and fourth between Okuyasu and Chili Pepper, we are presented an interesting conflict within Okuyasu. Okuyasu is still obviously upset by his brother’s death, even though he saw it coming. Especially in action shows, the idiot character tends to be left alone in terms of development and backstory. often times they only exist for comedic relief from drama. JoJo’s is different, and I offer great praise, because it develops even the most ridiculous of characters. Polnareff ended up being a fantastic character, despite his goofy and dense personality. Joseph also had a number of silly personality quirks, and was still developed to the nines. Needless to say, Okuyasu learned from his encounter with Chili Pepper, and I would bet that the JoJos and Koichi will let Okuyasu land the final blow. 

I hope you enjoyed my writing this week and get pumped for next week because JOSEPH AKA THE BEST JOJO IS COMING!

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 4.02.54 PM.png

Slice of Life and Biba’s Morality? Kabaneri Ep 7&8

Hey all! Sorry I have not been keeping up like I promised to! Once I fall into my summer rhythm all will be well.  Anyways, I am catching up today with kabaneri episodes 7&8 (9 coming soon!)

Episode seven was a fairly successful slice of life episode, while episode eight ramped up the drama with the introduction of Mumei “brother”. 


Episode seven was a pretty well done change of pace as far as the series is concerned. I also appreciate how the end of the episode didn’t explode into a massive Kabane attack. I suppose there is a multitude of things that I could talk about this episode, but I have cut my list down to three main topics: how slice of life integrates, critiquing Ikoma’s character, and the power struggle portrayed in the anime. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 1.50.16 PM.png

First off, I have to commemorate this episode for achieving the better slice of life moments from this series. Between the light music and toned down visuals, we get a very calm vibe from the show. Watching it without sound even gives the viewer a slice of life feeling. The dialogue was also an improvement from previous slice of life scenes, as it felt very natural and character-interest based, rather than viewer-entertainment based. When the show takes a moment to contrast the calm atmosphere, it effectively makes you feel the underling plot and thematic issues, while still upholding a slice of life exterior. I will get to the scene with Ikoma and Mumei, but for now let’s just say that was one of the weaker moments of the episode. The transition to a more serious atmosphere was also very well done. Instead of the previous “let’s go for a mode switch and just throw in a kabane-related problem,” the show takes a sidestep to address some social themes such as power and family. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.20.39 PM.png

Next up is our justice loving protagonist Ikoma. I have previously praised his character for being the perfect platform to represent justice and the line between Kabane and Humans. When he is not being useful as a plot or thematic device, Ikoma is utterly annoying and useless. Seriously though, who ever constructed his dialogue need to be reassigned. I suppose this is a prime example of failing to “show not tell”. Also maybe it is just me, or has his character changed in a nonsensical way? To me, he seems much more dense than before and is even worse at judging how he should act around other people. Compared to Mumei, who (most of the time) is very aware of her surroundings and knows how to work people over, Ikoma looks like a bumbling fool. I would also say that his voice actor doesn’t help all his lack of seriousness all that much. Anyways, I still think Ikoma is a solid character in the context of the show, I just wish there would be more effort put forth by production to make his actions less textbook justice guy. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.32.11 PM.png

I want to talk about in particular the scene pictured above: Biba’s return and what that says about power. Okay so earlier in the episode some men talking in a dark room showed us that this Biba guy is someone that normal people do not want to get involved with. His group, the hunters, seem to be idolized by the general public, but it also seems clear from the mens’ conversation that the image above is a facade and there is some dark stuff happening underneath the surface. Of course, the general public seems to favor these vigilante type men over their own government. Here is the interesting thing about fear culture and government: when people are scared of something, they get out of hand, and the government is tasked with the job of calming, controlling, and providing for the general public.  It seems that in this world the government holds the value that we should save the most people as possible, but value women and children, as well as people who control the government (aka those who have power). In contrast, the hunters value strength over number or political influence. For example, if you are stronger than a government official then you will survive over the government guy. The ideology of the hunters appeals to the general public, who would be given a chance to “rank up” over other given that they are stronger. What the people fail to realize is that most of them would be helpless in the face of the kabane, and that the hunters an average skill level that is much higher that the public’s. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.50.43 PM.png

Episode 8 exists primarily to introduce Biba’s moral compass and how he functions in the Kabane filled world, as well as how he affects Mumei. Personally I though Biba’s character building was going quite well until the last minute or so (when he smiled). Other than that, Biba makes perfect sense as a character in this series. He is a man of great power, and feels an immense amount of pride in his ideology, so much so that he will play a little dirty to make it true. Biba’s moral compass is dictated by a handful of strong beliefs: you should protect and stand up for yourself, if you are unable to successfully do these things then you are weak, even if you are weak you still have the potential to become strong, and the strong will prevail as the powerful. All things considered, it is easy to see why Mumei struggles so much with her morals. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 2.59.04 PM.png

By now I’m sure the bulk of you have found out that Mumei is supposed to be 12 years old. Now, 12 year olds, and really young people in general, always seem tasked with figuring out their morals and values. Mumei has been present two different moral compasses that are incompatible/do not overlap. This has forced Mumei into a situation where she is forced to choose between the two. Biba’s morals are much harder to live by, but she has devoted her life to following his ideals. Alternatively, Ikoma and co.’s morals are much more inclusive if that makes sense. Ikoma’s morals appeal to Mumei because she struggles so much to meet Biba’s expectations of “strong” and because Ikoma’s are easier to live and love by. Although I have a strong hunch that she will chose to live by Ikoma in the end, her struggle with her morals will be something to look for as the conflict between Biba and Ikoma heats up. 

I hope you enjoyed my (catch up)writings on Kabaneri this time! I will be writing much more in the coming days and weeks. Happy anime hunting!

Winter 2016: Don’t Forget ‘Em!

Oh how time flies! One day after another and the Winter 2016 season feels like it ended ages ago! I’m starting a new series for this site under the name Don’t Forget ‘Em to commemorate all the great animes that we may or may not have already forgotten about. Even week 10 of the season I will recount great animes that ended in the last, so hopefully, we remember those worth remembering.  Since this is hard I’ll split it into three sections: Great animes, comedies, and honorable mentions!

Great animes huh…

aod zono's slide

I start this great list off with one om my personal favorites: Ace of the Diamond. Though critiqued for cliches and repetitive scenarios, AoD is under appreciated for all the positives it brings to the table, such as stellar character development, impressive visuals, and some catchy tunes. The original series began in Fall of 2013, and the second season picked up right after in Spring of 2015, until the series finally ended last Winter. I will save you the counting; that is a total of 126 episode, not included OVAs and specials. This series will be missed by sports anime fans, including myself. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.46.23 PM.png

Another debated anime that I loved from last season is Ajin. Though many complained about the awkward animation and unlikable characters, I found that those people also missed the point of the series. I saw Ajin as another study of what makes humans “human.” Similar to other animes, we see characters caught in situations that challenge their moral compass and find where they stand. What makes Ajin exceptional is that it allows characters to be displayed in a way where there is no clear side to justice. One moment you side with the police force, another moment you side with the Ajin. In both instances, the viewer’s moral scale has been bent to reconsider their ideas that might have been clearly enforced or contradicted. I also find Ajin to be interesting because it features a true psychopath as the protagonist, as opposed to a justice lover or emotionally scared person. Lucky for us, Ajin is getting a second season in the fall, so our drama shall continue! 

durarara calty's humanity.png

The third great series we saw laid to rest is the widely popular Durarara. Maybe it is just me, but the original season could not be beat by the three following cours. Perhaps I am a little bit overwhelmed with nostalgia, but this series has a pretty special place in my heart. The original series aired back in 2010, and the revamped cours took place in the Winter and Summer seasons of 2015, until the final cour aired last season. With a vibrant cast and twisting, complicated network of connections, Durarara can be a little difficult to follow at times. I think the inherit complication gives the series that charm that doesn’t come naturally. Durarara is on my list of series to re-watch in full! Needless to say, Durarara will be dearly missed. 

haikyuu hinata x bokuto.png

Back to the sports vibe, Haikyuu also proved, yet again, that it is an excellent watch. Seriously, this series has mastered the art of balancing drama and comedy. The entire cast is likable in some way or another, and the comedy is a reason in and of itself to watch the show.  Although the focuses on other teams can be a little bit tedious, the heart of the show, Karasuno, is more than enough to stay tuned. The character design, development and interactions are probably my favorite part. This is one of those shows where you just have to give it a couple of episodes to shatter your expectations. Haikyuu fans will join once more next fall to see what may be the final season of this enjoyable show. 

The following two series have made their way into my top ten anime, and I would highly recommend giving them a try. 

grimgar full squad

My second favorite anime from last season is Hai to Gensou no Grimgar. Many discounted this anime on the fact that the pace was slower than most, and the anime possessed a very relaxed and calm air. A cheap way to describe this anime would be a fresh, elegant take on the “stuck in a game” story. Between the beautiful animation, charming music, and genuine characters, Grimgar shows something of a perfection in the art of anime. Elegant pastel colors sweep the backgrounds and character designs, paired with calming piano and string based songs that make you want to cry they are so beautiful. Perhaps the undoubted best part about this anime are its genuine characters and their way too realistic interactions. Grimgar captures humanity. Awkwardness, fear, love, acceptance, sadness, joy: Grimgar catches all these emotions in the rambling interactions between cast members. It is truly a work of art in that manner. Although we have seen the premise many a time before, every other part of the anime outweighs this fact. It was a joy to watch, and we can only hope to be blessed by a second season. 

rakugo smile bonrakugo heartless flow of timerakugo kiku alone

My very favorite anime of the season was Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I cannot accurately describe the grace and beauty of this anime in words. Seriously, this production is in a league of its own. The music is authentic, but never annoying, and always perfectly timed to add emphasis to the storyline. The animation is not flashy or bold in presentation. Just like the anime, the animation is diverse, expansive, and captures the human soul and emotions. The dry premise about Rakugo artists growing old is nothing like you would imagine it to be. This series is full of life anf love, always throwing the audience a slight curveball. Something about their performance, Rakugo, leaves you hanging on every word, even when you don’t understand the language. The anime captures and perfectly conveys the emotions and characters in the rakugo stories themselves. The actual characters are worlds better than most all others. I feel like I went to school and grew up with these guys, even though they aren’t even real. This series allows you to understand the character and their emotions, to understand something about another’s portrayed humanity. If the point of making art is to learn about humans, and therefore learn about yourself, then this series has hit the nail on the head. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu will grace our screens yet again at an unknown date. 

Next up I have my favorite Comedies!

konosuba cute froggie

First on tap is Konosuba, another quirky remix of the “trapped in a game” story.  Konosuba focuses on all of those unfortunate realities and ridiculous situations that you are bound to face in a game. With his wonky crew of misfit girls, the character interactions are always for the humorous. Although this anime has its very fair share of downfalls, the dark, condescending comedy is certainly not one of them. Konosuba will pick up again for a second season at an unnamed date, most likely in 2017. 

osomatsu-san ichimatsu the doll of darkness

Osomatsu-san is, by far, one of the best comedy animes I have seen. With no other purpose other than to entertain the viewers, you get such a fun vibe from this show. After the 12A special, I think Osomatsu-san really took off. The voice actors really took this production by the reigns and threw in all their charm to make this series incredibly relatable and hilarious. The sextuplets are some of my favorite characters ever, and I love how the VAs customized each archetype character to be unique. I’m going to pray to the comedy gods that Osomatsu-san gets a second season, or something more. 

As far as honorable mentions go…


I just want to mention one: Erased. A lot of you will disagree, but this anime had so much potential, but was crushed with a handful of poor storyline choices. The characters were reasonable likable, the premise was well thought through, and the animation was great. Every couple of episodes would be a dud. Whether it be the disappointingly ungraceful (grown up) character interactions, or the immensely disappointing presentation of the big reveal, Erased just missed the mark in my book. With a little bit more organization and investment in subtlety, Erased could have shinned as one of the greats of the season. Instead, it will be remembered for what it did accomplish, which is still something pretty dang good. 

Well, I am not sure is this blog is well justified or made, but I hope you enjoyed it and remembered some goodies from last season! Leave my a comment, because I’m sure people are bound to disagree with what I have said, especially with Ajin and Erased. 

See you all next time and Happy anime hunting! 

Let’s Evolve and Eat Healthy! JoJo’s DU Ep 9&10

Quite Surprisingly, I am back on time. I did say Sunday or Monday! Anyways, Let’s just jump right back into anime, since I have a lit to make up from the past couple of weeks. I will probably just dismiss the Concrete revolutio Analysis, since it is so far behind, and opt for building a timeline when I re-watch the series.

Anyways, I have a bit of JoJo to make up so let’s dive right into the new episodes: Yukako part 2 and Italian food. Might I just say this really quick: Koichi a a stellar character and this series is quickly elevating to be ma favorite JoJo part/storyline;. Battle Tendency step aside! 

Episode nine consisted of an epic showdown in which Koichi evolved and fended for himself. Now aren’t we proud of little Koichi! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.59.01 PM.pngWe all know Koichi is a pretty timid, yet quietly courageous and kind guy, right? I suppose this episode presented a nice development in which Koichi is losing more and more of his timid nature as he gains a confidence in his stand ability. Though most of this episode focused on action and entertainment, we also got a little bit on Yukako and Koichi. I want to point out that Yukako is, for the most part, a mix of previous characters. A lot of people have compared her to Kars from Battle Tendency. Certainly the appearance is a match, but the conceded and unrelenting personality is also a commonality. Yukako is very entitled and prideful, which although can be related to the “good guy”characters like Polnereff, Iggy, and Josuke, the presentation of these attributes more closely resembles villains like Dio and the D’Arby brothers.

On the other hand, Koichi is far more original a character for the series. Previously timid characters, like Speedwagon and Smokey, are simply wingmen who contribute little and are always in need of saving. I can appreciate the twist to grant Koichi more power. I think the only other instance of this (in full) would be the original Jonathan Joestar. Additionally, Koichi’s honorable nature is rarely seen paired with a timid personality in this series. Take Avdol and Ceasar for example: both are respectable and hardworking, but neither are timid; they are both quite stubborn and influential. Maybe it is just me, but Koichi follows the JoJo spirit closer than Josuke does!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.18.51 PM.png

I also want to point out that Koichi has been throwing a couple of punches in the humor department. Though I’m not quite sure he has challenged the fourth wall, Koichi is standing right beside it, offering a couple of hilarious one liners. In addition, I want to tip my hat to the new haircut, even though I prefer the other, more wild hair, one a bit more. As far as this episode goes, it proves to me that Koichi might just be the true protagonist of this series, as (at least to me) he has the most interesting personality mix and is the most believable and respectable of the bunch. 


On to episode 10, where we meet the all famed/hyped character: Tonio!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.57.35 PM.png

Alright, so this episode proved to be one of the funnier ones of this season. All throughout the episode, Josuke is left out of an ongoing joke that is fully based on Okuyasu. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a close friend that resembles Okuyasu, and this series of events is all but accurate, or at least as accurate as health food gets. Despite all the ominous scenes of Okuyasu being physically mutilated, and Tonio giving off serial killer vibes, this was an extremely upbeat episode. 

I could go into detail about what parts are funny and why, but I think it would be more productive to talk about Tonio. The immediate impression of Tonio is pretty similar to Polnareff, except much more respectful and aware. After hearing his backstory, I can’t help but compare him to Avdol a bit. It again reinforces the idea/theme that you can obtain a stand if you train for it. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.05.57 PM.png

I would also apply my little stand formula, but not much is known about how exactly his stand works. From what I saw, it seems that his stand takes apart living things, and then reorganizes them in a more productive way. I find this to be fundamentally similar to Josuke’s stand, which has the ability to heal people. The one different factor is that Tonio’s stand seems specially keyed towards healing and goodness, while Josuke’s can be easily used for bad activities. As far as Tonio’s personality goes (in terms of determining his stand powers), he seems to be quite nurturing and protective, however these traits can be compromised when his perfection-centric personality is compromised. In tother words, Tonio is able to devote himself to the care of others as long as he is in charge of what is going on. This trait is seen as Tonio freaks out when he sees Josuke in the kitchen, as well as the fact that his kitchen area is extremely organized, and that he is the only person working at his restaurant. I find Tonio to be a pretty redeemable guy, and he makes for a humorous character.


Well that is all I have this time around, so I hope you enjoyed reading! Also, DID YOU SEE THAT MY BAE JOSEPH IS COMING NEXT WEEK- HELL YES! Anyways, I will be back soon and Happy Anime Hunting 🙂

Life Updates Galore + Storytime + I Challenge YOU!

Hello and welcome to my ever so busy life.

As (I assume) a few of you have noticed, I have been missing my weekly anime updates for about a week or two now. I assure anyone concerned that I am perfectly fine, unlike my previous life update. 

For those of you who do not know, I am a senior in high school, or at least until Friday I am. This week contains my final finals of my high school career. Of course I will have plenty to look forward to in college, this is still a bit of an achievement. Being as studious and pressured as I am, studying for these finals (even though I have confirmed acceptance to college) is a must.  

Sadly, that means that my blogs, which I have taken an increasing amount of pride in, are being put on hold. After my finals, I have a series of nighttime events, (senior dinner, grad night, etc.) and some daytime events (senior cry day aka remembering out seniors, graduation, yay!). This summer I will also be working as a lifeguard and a timer at swim meets (there is a huge swim culture in my area).  

All in all, blogs should start up again on Sunday or Monday.

I also want to take a moment while I am here to talk about something a little more personal (and not anime related). 

All my life I have been pretty good at science and have been told to pursue engineering. Up until about 2 months ago, I followed along with this notion, and even intended to major in environmental science and/or bio engineering. I had always treated my fascination with photography and storytelling as a pastime or hobby. That is, until I started visiting college campuses to make my decision. I was immediately drawn to the equipment, scenes, stories, and even the people who were in the film departments. Though it came pretty late, I had finally figured out what I truly wanted to do in life: tell stories and make movies. 

haikyuu kageyama disguise.png
future me making movies in “hollywood”

And so I figured “Why not start now?” hence, my summer project. This summer I am making at least one, probably two, and possible three films. We aren’t talking feature length here, maybe 15 to 20 minutes max. 

My first (confirmed project) is a “spirit video” for the swim club I lifeguard for. The video is meant to pump up the members of the swim team before the final swim meet of the season. My family has sat through years of failed movies that are essentially poorly made slideshows set to terrible music. My sister and I plan to revamp the team’s spirit. 

The second idea is tied to the first, in that it is about swimming. Where I live, there is a massive pressure on young kids to do swimming, and almost every kid has swam for at least one season. From the age of 4, kids are thrown into the water and taught to swim laps. Most of the kids (or at least the ones I have talked to) think it is pretty weird when someone has no clue how to swim. This would be documentary-style and aim to analyze the culture along with it’s pros and cons. 

The third project would be much shorted, and inspired by something that I am currently writing. In a previous post, I talked about writing your own book, and the book idea of SHINBOU appealed. The third project would be a little excerpt of a scene or two. The problem here would be with finding actors, as I really don’t know anyone who looks like my intended characters and would be willing to do this for free. I’ve just set up a gofundme page if anyone would be so kind as to donate to my cause. 

low-key this is my female lead

One last thing, I challenge you to reveal me.  Something about the mystery about the writer is kind of fun, but at the same time you can understand someone better if you can watch them. I figured it would be kind of fun to introduce myself (formally that is) over film.

Here is the challenge (which I suppose is more on myself than the readers): if this blog gets 100 followers before the end of summer (late August) , I will show my face, accent, favorite things, etc. Keep in mind, the whole point to to have some fun, and the more the merrier! 


Well, that is all I have to say, and I hope you have a fabulous week! Happy anime hunting! 

Koichi’s Love Story from Hell?! JoJo’s DU Ep 8

Yet another week of JoJo’s to be talked about! This time around we get to meet one of the only women in the series: love interest Yukako. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.24.21 PM.png

The episode begins with some plot building, essentially telling us that Josuke and company are bound to run into a multitude of other stand users, as they are drawn to each other. After a deadful opening song remix, this then slides down a humorous sequence, in which Yukako confesses her feelings for Koichi. Just a couple of thoughts: for once a JoJo is not the center of attention! *Actually, Ceasar got some booty in Battle Tendency. This used the absolute best comedic tactics to build what I find to be one of the most hilarious scenes this season!

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.28.01 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.30.35 PM

First of all, we have excellent use of contrast between Yukako’s normal genuine nice girl mode and her Yandere crazy girlfriend mode. In combination with her bipolar attitude, we have top notch Speedwagon-style narration from Josuke and Okuyasu, who are hiding in the buses. We also get an awesome feeling of parody from the overly cheerful music going on in the background. On top of that, the execution of Koichi’s kind personality in the face of an awkward situation is spot on to his character. Really, what sets this scene apart from other humorous ones is that the characters did not have to change personality at all in order to make the scene come off as comedic. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.57.42 PM.png

The rest of this episode really is just a slur of genius comedy. Seriously, I though Battle Tendency is hilarious, but this is just something else. Now I could talk about how funny this episode is, or I could try to analyze Yukako…

Yukako is, in essence, the crazy mom that you may or may not have. She is very prideful and believes that her way is best and there is nothing that could be better than her train of thought. Even though she claims to love Koichi, she doesn’t bother to take note of his opinion.  I would try to attribute Yukako’s personality to some disorder or issues that she has, but given the presentation, I believe I am not supposed to. Since there are a couple of flaws in reasoning, the closest assessment I would make would be bipolar disorder and general desire for power. The bipolar comes from her obvious swings in personality, but since most all of them have a cause and effect, her condition could also be the result of having a very low tolerance. Her desire for power could have been fostered in the notion that she is very beautiful, and was given a lot of things. With many people who have a lot, they begin conjuring lacks instead of being happy with what they have. As for her confession to Koichi, makes perfect sense! Koichi is probably my favorite character this season because he is an adorkable sweetheart. 

Bummer he only attracts the crazy people.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 9.31.17 PM

Well I hope you enjoyed my short assessment of JoJo’s Diamond is Unbreakable this week! Although this time around lacked much as far as my interests are concerned, JoJo’s DU is still a formidable anime! 

Honoka’s Agony Explained? Kiznaiver Ep 6

Hello and welcome back to my weekly analysis of Kiznaiver! This week provided a new (and very heartbreaking) view of Honoka. 

This episode does an excellent job in capturing Honoka’s pain, while also developing the cast around her. Maki is not only used as plot device, but is also used as a character development device. First off, I want to talk about how Maki’s presence effects the other members on the cast

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.11.38 PM.png

As seen above, she allows Tenga to show off his skill of analyzing other people. Tenga is one of my favorite types of characters: sensitive to others, but also protective of himself as well as others. We see Tenga save himself the possible conflict and discomfort when he starts to talk about his own feelings, but then stops when he realized it would be a sidestep from the topic of Maki. In doing so, Tenga redirects the conversation to Maki as opposed to himself, which is an act of self-preservation. Tenga is, perhaps, able to understand others more than the average person, but he struggles when it comes to people understanding him.

Nico’s character follows a similar pattern, but she acts a bit differently than Tenga. Nico is fairly similar to Honoka, in that both possess and air of loneliness in their being. Nico, however, is much more different than Honoka in that she tries to help herself not by coving up, but by reaching out. We see this as Nico tends to connect to people who are more of an open book with their emotions or intentions, like Hisomu and Tenga, as opposed to Katsu. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.18.36 PM.png

Finally, Honoka shares a pretty large connection to Yuta, as he is the most aggressive when pursuing her company. I talked a bit about the relationship between the two previously, but there is always more to add. Yuta shows this time around that he in fact does care quite a bit for Honoka. Of course the most significant moment of his feelings are shown above, when he is obviously hurt by Honoka’s brash statement. Yuta also shows his feelings for her when he ditches his friends to chase her down, and does the research about Charles Macking-san (or whatever the name is). Most of all, Yuta feels the need to connect with her more so than other people. Perhaps there is an element of physical attraction in this, but not entirely. For example, you never see Yuta hanging out alone with Nico, Chidori, or Katsu, only with Honoka. This makes it seem like Yuta is most comfortable around Honoka. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 8.23.33 PM.png

Moving on to the next topic: Honoka’s agony. The beginning of the episode precursors the disaster of her friend’s death as something that she did not want to happen. We also recall that in episode two Honoka claims to have killed someone. The obvious connection to be made here is that Honoka feels that she killed her best friend. There are couple of possibilities for this feeling, as follows. The first case scenario surrounds an emotional accident that Honoka was responsible for. Example: Honoka accidentally claims that she is tired of the movie, and her friend was hurt by that statement and decided to kill herself.

The next scenario is far more realistic, given what we know about her friend’s personality. Her friend threatens to kill herself early on this episode, asking Honoka if she “wants to be free [of her]?” This implies that her friend is a coward, as she is making excuses to kill herself based on a conceived notion that she is impairing Honoka in some way. Why coward? Well I would suspect that Honoka’s friend wants to kill herself already, but has no legitimate reason to do so (she simply is unable to love/hates herself). This leads her to use helping out Honoka as a disguise for her own desire to die. Honoka does not realize this, and so she blames herself for the incident. All in all, Honoka hates herself/is insecure because she believes that her actions have killed her friend, even though the haven’t. 

All in all, this proved to be a pretty good episode, with exception to the super emotional panning scenes. I look forward to next time and happy anime hunting!

Weakness brings us Courage and Strength? Kabaneri Ep 6

And then I posted about Kabaneri twice in a row! Well, I have this episode all ready, so I might as well post it. I have been having a hard time writing about Concrete Revolutio. If you look at the show superficially, there isn’t much, but if you go too deep then you could write a 10 page write up on every episode. 12pt Times New Roman double-spaced – my inbox tomorrow kids! 

Anyways, this week Kabaneri brought its very best. Seriously, this episode is probably the best to date, and rivals the greatness of the second episode. I feel like this really does capture the essence of the show. 

Since this is so hard to access in chronological order (since there is a lot of skipping around), I am going by themes and sub-stories. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.37.12 PM.png

The first half of the episode consisted of a series of short scenes uncovering Mumei’s mysterious past. Mumei can essentially be defined by two events in her past in which we learn two things: where she developed her fear of Kabane, and where she developed her fear of humans. I find that you can argue the events themselves (losing her mother and her friend’s death) either way. Personally, I think that the instance of losing her mother enforces the point her her fear of Kabane much stronger than it does for fear of humans. Though it wasn’t a Kabane that took out her mother, the was fear of Kabane, manifested within a human, was more than enough to scar her. Without the Kabane there, this man would probably have never acted out of line. From this experience the sees what fear, specifically of Kabane, does to otherwise sane and normal human beings. Her other experience (her friends death), gives way to both fears. 

First of all: fear of Kabane. Her friends death shows her that once you have been bitten, you are gone, and there is no going back. Second of all: fear of humans (which is linked/somewhat dependent on fear of Kabane). We see a couple of things happen when her friend is bitten by the Kabane. Her comrade swoops in and kills the infected girl with ease, without a single sign of remorse. We can guess that his line of logic falls somewhere along the lines with Kusuru’s “Once you are a Kabane, you are just like every other Kabane”. There is no sign of acknowledgement for this poor girl’s efforts, and the officers instead blame her for being weak. Mumei, who is shocked at her friend’s death, is also blamed for being weak. All her life, at least as far as Kabane are concerned, Mumei has been taught that both humans and Kabane should be avoided and there is plenty of reason to fear them, but showing your fear will make you become weak. With a past like that, it is no wonder that Mumei is a little insecure and twisted.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.44.27 PM.png

With her current thoughts of Kabane and humans being fear based, she is unable to accept her weakness, as she fears that it will lead her to death. Above all, Mumei fears becoming a Kabane, since it would mean losing the one thing that allows her to connect with others: her humanity. Instead of accepting her weakness and moving on, as Ikoma has, Mumei obsesses over the notion that she is already strong, and can do everything on her own. I mentioned on last week’s episode that Mumei is having a hard time accepting/knowing herself since she is caught between valuing her own interests vs valuing her duty. Again, Ikoma compliments her in that he possessed what she lacks: confidence in his own(and really their collective) weakness. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.43.07 PM.png

Despite Ikoma’s obvious lack of realism (I am referring to the possibility of finding someone like him in real life), there is something about his character that captures a very human struggle, or rather a perfected form of it. Ikoma has had his own fair share of strife in his life, although it didn’t point him anywhere other than his own weakness. With all these signs, and even people pointing towards his weakness, it is no wonder that he was forced to come to terms with his condition. Despite is circumstances, Ikoma hangs on the a sliver of a doubt that he will be able to overcome his weakness one day, and fights for humanity, despite not being fully one with humans. I find this to be the human condition. There is always something about our being that keeps us from being “perfect”. In Ikoma’s case, his body has denied him the ability to be fully human, even if his mind is on track towards perfection of his will (perfection of the human spirit). Mumei is an excellent counterpart to Ikoma because she serves as a constant reminder of what he both strives for and tries to escape from. Ikoma is the kind of person who becomes infuriated over the conditions of other people, regardless of who they are. Ikoma strives towards Mumei’s apparent strength, but also feels the need to protect her weaknesses so she can stand tall when the time comes around. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.45.58 PM

Mumei has constantly been told that weakness is the end game to her humanity, and that she would come to an end if she were weak. Ikoma convinces her though human compassion that weakness and/or acknowledgement of weakness is the start of growth, not the end. Mumei has never been shown that rebellion works, since she is confined to what is most likely a very orderly and precise training. She has no idea that the battle insider her is not the end of the world if she realized that she is weak.  With the help of Ikoma’s simple human nature, Mumei is able to realize that she can rebel. Ikoma benefits from Mumei because he gains more of an understanding to what it means to walk the line between Kabane and Humans. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.55.19 PM.png

For the rest of this I want to talk about character developments, especially regarding the supporting cast. For starters, Kusuru (along with much of the ship) seems to have found an happy medium concerning the Kabaneri on board, especially Ikoma. For the most part, the cast can be broken down into three sections: people who have hard/set views on Kabane, people who are willing to accept peaceful beings, and the reminder who are indifferent. Perviously, both Ikoma and Kusuru both belonged to the group that held Kabane as an ultimate evil, which in no way can resemble humans. For reasons regarding cognitive and appetitive ability, Kabaneri have been more closely linked to humans. 

Additionally, Ayame has really taken charge as the leader of the “Iron Fortress”. She tends to voice her opinions in a much more proud and powerful manner. Ayame even feels powerful enough to sometimes agree with her opposition, which speaks to her confidence in keeping her position and her ability to continue taking multiple opinions into account. 

Now I don’t usually freak out about romance/love-y stuff, but can we talk about THIS:

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.30.43 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 11.31.01 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-19 at 10.50.27 PM.png

EXCUSE ME WHILE I SCREAM IN THE CORNER. WHY IS THIS SO CUTE? Oh right, because Mumei and Ikoma play off each other perfectly, are building a genuine relationship, and share something that no one else has. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my write up of this week’s episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress! Tune in next time for more anime analysis, and happy anime hunting!