Let’s Evolve and Eat Healthy! JoJo’s DU Ep 9&10

Quite Surprisingly, I am back on time. I did say Sunday or Monday! Anyways, Let’s just jump right back into anime, since I have a lit to make up from the past couple of weeks. I will probably just dismiss the Concrete revolutio Analysis, since it is so far behind, and opt for building a timeline when I re-watch the series.

Anyways, I have a bit of JoJo to make up so let’s dive right into the new episodes: Yukako part 2 and Italian food. Might I just say this really quick: Koichi a a stellar character and this series is quickly elevating to be ma favorite JoJo part/storyline;. Battle Tendency step aside! 

Episode nine consisted of an epic showdown in which Koichi evolved and fended for himself. Now aren’t we proud of little Koichi! 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 3.59.01 PM.pngWe all know Koichi is a pretty timid, yet quietly courageous and kind guy, right? I suppose this episode presented a nice development in which Koichi is losing more and more of his timid nature as he gains a confidence in his stand ability. Though most of this episode focused on action and entertainment, we also got a little bit on Yukako and Koichi. I want to point out that Yukako is, for the most part, a mix of previous characters. A lot of people have compared her to Kars from Battle Tendency. Certainly the appearance is a match, but the conceded and unrelenting personality is also a commonality. Yukako is very entitled and prideful, which although can be related to the “good guy”characters like Polnereff, Iggy, and Josuke, the presentation of these attributes more closely resembles villains like Dio and the D’Arby brothers.

On the other hand, Koichi is far more original a character for the series. Previously timid characters, like Speedwagon and Smokey, are simply wingmen who contribute little and are always in need of saving. I can appreciate the twist to grant Koichi more power. I think the only other instance of this (in full) would be the original Jonathan Joestar. Additionally, Koichi’s honorable nature is rarely seen paired with a timid personality in this series. Take Avdol and Ceasar for example: both are respectable and hardworking, but neither are timid; they are both quite stubborn and influential. Maybe it is just me, but Koichi follows the JoJo spirit closer than Josuke does!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.18.51 PM.png

I also want to point out that Koichi has been throwing a couple of punches in the humor department. Though I’m not quite sure he has challenged the fourth wall, Koichi is standing right beside it, offering a couple of hilarious one liners. In addition, I want to tip my hat to the new haircut, even though I prefer the other, more wild hair, one a bit more. As far as this episode goes, it proves to me that Koichi might just be the true protagonist of this series, as (at least to me) he has the most interesting personality mix and is the most believable and respectable of the bunch. 


On to episode 10, where we meet the all famed/hyped character: Tonio!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 4.57.35 PM.png

Alright, so this episode proved to be one of the funnier ones of this season. All throughout the episode, Josuke is left out of an ongoing joke that is fully based on Okuyasu. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a close friend that resembles Okuyasu, and this series of events is all but accurate, or at least as accurate as health food gets. Despite all the ominous scenes of Okuyasu being physically mutilated, and Tonio giving off serial killer vibes, this was an extremely upbeat episode. 

I could go into detail about what parts are funny and why, but I think it would be more productive to talk about Tonio. The immediate impression of Tonio is pretty similar to Polnareff, except much more respectful and aware. After hearing his backstory, I can’t help but compare him to Avdol a bit. It again reinforces the idea/theme that you can obtain a stand if you train for it. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.05.57 PM.png

I would also apply my little stand formula, but not much is known about how exactly his stand works. From what I saw, it seems that his stand takes apart living things, and then reorganizes them in a more productive way. I find this to be fundamentally similar to Josuke’s stand, which has the ability to heal people. The one different factor is that Tonio’s stand seems specially keyed towards healing and goodness, while Josuke’s can be easily used for bad activities. As far as Tonio’s personality goes (in terms of determining his stand powers), he seems to be quite nurturing and protective, however these traits can be compromised when his perfection-centric personality is compromised. In tother words, Tonio is able to devote himself to the care of others as long as he is in charge of what is going on. This trait is seen as Tonio freaks out when he sees Josuke in the kitchen, as well as the fact that his kitchen area is extremely organized, and that he is the only person working at his restaurant. I find Tonio to be a pretty redeemable guy, and he makes for a humorous character.


Well that is all I have this time around, so I hope you enjoyed reading! Also, DID YOU SEE THAT MY BAE JOSEPH IS COMING NEXT WEEK- HELL YES! Anyways, I will be back soon and Happy Anime Hunting 🙂

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