Insecurity leads to Envy? JoJo’s DU Ep 7

Hello and welcome to a now weekly installment of JoJo’s analysis! While I’m here, might as well do a blog update: From now on, JoJo’s, Kiznaiver, and (hopefully) Kabaneri will be put on a weekly schedule, as opposed to once every two weeks. After I do a ep 6-7 feature for Mayoiga, I plan to do a weekly on that. Unfortunately, Concrete Revolutio has escaped me a little bit. Though I plan to catch up, it might be around week 8 or 9 into the season. 

Anyways, JoJo’s delivered a less than impressive episode this week, or at least in comparison with the previous. Hopefully, next week picks up with the romantic sub-plot that appears to be brewing. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.14.37 AM.png

First I want to point out the exciting opening update! Although (let’s face it) we all expected Koichi to get a stand eventually, this is super exciting nonetheless! I have not read the books, but from what I have heard, in combination with some cosplays, Koichi’s stand is going to evolve soon. This makes sense, as currently, Koichi’s stand is the only one in the opening that does not mirror or copy the user’s movements. 

I also want to address something I read online regarding Kobayashi’s size. In the manga, Kobayashi actually first appeared as a large/normal sized character, and only shrank to his current size, or how he started in the anime, after Koichi put him in his place. Personally, I find this to be an odd adaptation, as the change in size is quite symbolic of multiple things. Thus, far I have not come up with an explanation other than laziness/convenience or trying to keep things simple for the audience. Thoughts? 

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.29.13 AM.png

The next stand user Josuke and Koichi run into is a man named Hazamada. His stand has the ability to copy someone to a T and control their movements by using a wooden doll. In other words, his stand is a puppet master. I’m going to throw my formula into the mix here (remember? the one that says stands are culminations/representations of the user’s personality): Normally, Hazamada is completely useless and anonymous, or rather, he has no power. Drawing from his appearance, he tries to pass as somewhat anonymous and does not like drawing attention. However, this has created a lack, or desire in Hazamada, which (in his case) concerns itself with wanting people to follow and/or listen to him. Hazamada simply wants people to follow him and treat him like a leader, but because he is small, quiet, and timid, people aren’t naturally drawn to him. Confused about how to gain this fellowship, he turns to manipulation in the form of physical force. In this way, Hazamada and Kobayashi are completely different. Kobayashi relies almost entirely on emotions, namely guilt, while Hazamada has no grip on how to control people using emotions, so he turns to physical force. This suggests that Hazamada was bullied in the past, and not felt accepted by the people in his life. He may turn out to be an interesting character. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.48.23 AM.png

You see? Hazamada can’t focus on his strengths because he focuses on the good parts of other people. Since his focus is away from his own good attributes, they suffer accordingly until there is nothing good left about him. Though you could debate between wrath as his main downfall, I would consider envy to be the primary device. When Hazamada attacked the bikers, I see this as more of his way of letting his rage go. Despite his actions, I still see him as not that bad of a guy. Unlike Kobayashi, who manipulates others for material wealth, Hazamada is simply trying to find a way to solve his insecurity. In other words, Hazamada is trying to find something that accepts and/or encourages his being so he can be happy with himself. On the other hand, Kobayashi is perfectly happy with himself, and just wants some spending money to treat himself. Considering selfishness, Hazamada is the clear winner. 

I could talk about the story points this week, but I don’t find many of them to be very interesting. This episode fell into the typical JoJo’s action episode formula, which was pioneered back in Phantom Blood. Regardless of the repetitive story, the characters are what make this series special, so focusing on them is justified.

I hope you enjoyed my (now) weekly ramblings on JoJo’s Diamond is Unbreakable! I look forward to next week and happy anime hunting! 

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