A Much Needed Life Update

Well hello there. I feel as though I have some explaining to do to the few of you that follow my blog, as my inactivity is quite apparent. I would would like to hear what explanations I have, then feel free to stay tuned, as this will be kept short.


I took a break from weekly blogging (the roundups) for two major reasons: I was overwhelmed with school and did not have time to watch the episodes, and because I felt reader engagement was weak.  

Currently, I am on spring break, but the weeks leading up to this were hell. I spent the weekends doing social things or school work, so anime fell to the wayside.

FIRST OFF, I see anime as a leisure activity that I have categorized as productive through writing. When I write about anime and people respond, it justifies my taking pleasure in anime, otherwise I would just use anime as a coping device, as I have in the past. If I don’t have a purpose for it, then my justification wanes. 

Since I didn’t have time (and didn’t really want) to watch all 28 episodes in a week, I couldn’t publish the incomplete post, and writing about the episodes in the first place felt useless. Here we are now, weeks after and I am still behind by 4 episodes for some series. If I don’t have time, then anime feels forced, which defeats the point. 

SECONDLY, I felt that people just didn’t care about the writing. My stats were waning and I didn’t have the time to promote my posts. As I mentioned earlier, when I feel like what I’m doing is for nothing, then I change direction. 

Perhaps some of you read my last post about writing your own book. Maybe some lot of you remember a certain project that I had placed a lot of hope in, Shinbou. I have written 20+ pages since making that post. Perhaps it is a flaw in my personality that I only stick to things that I feel a connection with, or really like. 

While my weekly anime posts don’t contribute anything much to the community, I feel as though this book could reach people. 

Don’t take my abandonment the wrong way. While I feel the weekly roundups aren’t very good, I don’t think they are a complete failure. Looking back at my (ratchet) days on anime amino, I think the depth of my writing has evolved tremendously, and I hope to keep the good going. So while the anime posts are dying for now, they will be back in some trial form for next season. 

I am also going to focus more in projects not centered around seasons. Currently I am writing an essay about Utawarerumono’s second season failure, and have more ideas circulating. I have also taken on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures as a review project. 


I will cut myself off there, as I have more or less explained my circumstances. I could elaborate on other stresses, such as choosing a college to attend, debating whether or not to take a gap year, or other things along those lines, but I will leave that to be a mystery. 

I would like to thank the readers who read the entirety of my excuse, and apologize to the possible person who looked forward to my weekly roundups.

Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

6 thoughts on “A Much Needed Life Update”

  1. It’s okay. We are all tied for time, we want to do things in differing priorities, so your decision is pretty understandable. Take your time, and you can always come back once you are more free to write about anime and promote your posts to boost viewership 🙂


  2. Thanks for the update, I’ve been wondering where you were at. I get tangled up with school all the time and take out weeks from blogging, so it makes sense if you need to take out time to relax. I’m glad to hear you’re investing yourself in posts you think are better written. That’s the sign of a great blogger IMO! We’ll wait for you whenever you are ready, no biggie 😀


  3. I know what you mean. I can, and have, gone months without anime when my degree gets hectic, and like you this is more of a secondary, or even tertiary, activity. It can be pretty discouraging when readership isn’t consistent, so I sometimes advertise to people or use reviews/lists to spark discussions. Tough times don’t last forever, no matter how hard they may feel.


  4. This is really late, but I think it was very considerate of you to give us a status update. I hope things have been less hectic lately. Summer break has started for you, I hope?

    Your episode analysis is impressively thorough from what I’ve seen. Of course it also seems to take up a lot of your time. Real life comes first, so take care of that first. People who aren’t fairweather friends will understand.

    I would love to read that essay about Utawarerumono’s second season’s failure whenever you’re finished with it, by the way. I didn’t watch the first season, but I played the first game and I loved it. The second season left a lot to be desired, though…


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