WINTER 2016 | Week 4 Roundup

Hey guys! Sloaner here with some of my thoughts on the Winter 2016 season! I have rounded up all the episodes from this week (organized by day they aired).  Since I am having trouble keeping up with the series and that I catch up on all of it over the weekend, I have decided to postpone the Monday episodes and present them next week. 

Top 5 Most Improved from Last Week 

5 | Assassination Classroom 2nd Season

4 | Musiagen no Phantom World

3 | Prince of Stride

2 | Haikyuu! Second Season

1 | Utawarerumono

Top 5 Biggest Fails of the week 

None of the episodes got worse this week, so I have nothing to really report on.

Top 5 Male Characters of the week 

5 | Shizuo Heiwajima | Durarara!!

4 | Qwenther Barbotage | Heavy Object 

3 | Manato | Grimgar

2 | Itona Horibe | Assassination Classroom 

1 | Chikara Ennoshita | Haikyuu!

Top 5 Female Characters of the week 

5 | Erika Karisawa | Durarara!!

4 | Aqua Konosuba

3 | Uguisu YuukiShoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

2 | Reina Izumi | Phantom World

1 | Chloe Maxwell | Luck & Logic

Top 5 Anime Recommendations of the week 

5 | GATE

4 | Shouwa Gensou Rakugo Shijuu

3 | Assassination Classroom

2 | Ajin

1 | Haikyuu!!

Below, you will find my notes on each of the series this week. My notes are just little things about the series that I keep track of. Any good notes, or problems will be noted below. The information will be marked [G] for good/improved, [N] for neutral/no change, or [B] for bad/got worse. If they are mixed like [B/N] or [G/N], that means they are a mix, or I am unsure. 


Prince of Stride (ep 4)[G] Best episode so far. This series is still quite disappointing to me, but there are things that I am growing to like. Shogi guy had a good episode and I really like how Armin2.0 turned right around at the end of the race to go back for him. Overall it was a strong episode will an interesting hook at the end. 


HaruChika (ep 4)[N/G] Nice. HaruChika had been nosediving with Haruta being a bloody detective the entire time. In someways this episodes an improvement, but I still don’t really care for the series overall. They are doing a decent job of incorporating old characters. 

Musaigen no Phantom World (ep 4)[G] Ah man I like Reina. This show does a pretty good job of showing, not telling, which is really nice. We got a lot of development on Reina and her family situation. And of course the animation continues to blow me away, with the crisp, fluid animation, but also with the its dynamic nature. 

Tantei Team KZ (ep 16)[N] I guess that was a nice way to end it. This show is clearly aimed at a completely different demographic than mine. On the other hand, I wouldn’t consider this anime a bad watch. Have I stated before that I love the ending song? 

Konosuba (ep 3)[G/N] Man this how is so weird. The art is pretty terrible and the story cliche, but this series is making a name for itself with the hyper-unique cast. The new crusader girl is hilarious and she reminds me a little bit of Sacchan from Gintama. Kazuma is also doing a fantastic job as the main guy, and Aqua continues to be great. 


Erased (ep 4)[G/N] I have yet to see Steins;Gate, but many people are saying that this is quite similar. Erased is easily one of my favorites of the season, and it does a really good job at framing time and atmosphere. The ending was a little bit expected, after all it is only episode 4. 

Active Raid (ep 4)[N/G] This show grown on me every episode. I just consistently gets better week to week, which is admirable. Yes, this show is clad with an expanse of nonsense, but there is actually a fair amount of character development. I actually really like the villain guy here too. He is weird, but kinda in a good way. 

Assassination Classroom 2nd Season (ep 4)[G/N] I actually really like the new op and ed. Nice spotlight on Itona (who is a new bae) and the ridiculousness with the perry tank. Great segway into the second half concerning names and their importance. What is koro-sensei’s real name? 

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu (ep 4) – [N/G] It didn’t feel like a lot happened, but I still thought it was a nice episode. The opening is almost painful to me now. Yuki (the art girl) is growing on me a ton, simply because she is super determined and I relate to only sleeping for like 2 hours lol. 

Dagashi Kashi (ep 4) [N] This anime is so hard to judge because it drowns itself in ridiculousness. As a comedy show it is quite disappointing. As a slice of life show, it is humorous. Overall I am not a huge fan of this anime, but it is not really bad enough to drop. 


GATE 2nd Season (ep 4)[G/N] This show does a good job at setting up scenarios. This episode was especially heavy in setting up for some serious shit that is going down in the next couple episodes. I actually like Zorzal; he is just a hopeless idiot who is a bit arrogant, but means the best. 

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (ep 4)[N] Whoa Whoa WHoa. What does Bon think he is doing? I really like that Bon is like an innocent little flower kiddie and it kind of pisses me off that he accepted that random geisha girl so easily. Next week looks like it is going to get better: Bon is dressed in geisha-wear?

Heavy Object (ep 16)[G/N] Nice episode featuring Qwenther. I actually really like him, although I wish Havia would get more screen time. You got some respect for the physical strength/surgery and training that elite have to have, as seen bye Qwenther getting smashed. 

Divine Gate (ep 4) – [N] Jesus a young child must have made this. “Blue Stay Cat” “killed 666 people” My soul cringes when I hear things like that. The “meant to be deep” narration falls very flat like all the time. This was another pretty bad episode, but it was better than the last three.

Galko-chan (ep 4) [N] The tall baseball guy really is a fav here. I liked the episode focus on the third friend that tends to stay on the background. Funny thing is I can totally see these kinds of things happening in real life. I actually like watching this show, even if it isn’t amazing. 

Sekkou Boys (ep 4)[N] Hearing Sugita always makes me laugh. He is doing a great job with St. George! This show is super weird and it really does crack me up. The horrible dad jokes were kinda great this episode. Overall this anime is great for lols, but it is no masterpiece. 

Ajin (ep 3)[G] Satou’s voice is perfect, but I imagines Tanaka having a deeper, rougher voice. Great episode in terms or character development.  We can really see how Kei is coming along and accepting himself as an Ajin, We find out more about the relationship between Satou and Tanaka, as well as the personalities of Tosaki and Izumi. Really great hook at the end too! 


Durarara!!x2 Ketsu (ep 4)[N/G] Sweet fight between Chikage and Kida. Also, interesting continued conversation between the three Saikas. I had to look up who Izumi is (Aoba’s older brother), but after that the scenario between him and Kida made a lot more sense. Also so much hype because Shizuo is out of jail! Love Erika btw. 

Haikyuu!! 2nd Season (ep 17)[G] Awesome episode! I’m glad we finally shifted focus over to Karasuno instead of zooming in on the other team. Ennoshita is also the Haikyuu Bae of the week. He is a fav for sure. It was nice to see that his comedic comments in the past actually served as character development for now. 

Luck & Logic (ep 4)[G/N] This would be my favorite episode to date. We got a lotto information about Chloe, as well as insights into her past (and present) relationship with Yurine. I was laughing comparing Olga to Karamatsu (Osomatsu-san) and when I looked up Olga’s voice actor, I was pleased with the related roles. 

Utawarerumono (ep 17)[G] Finally something actually happened! We get a lot of development on Haku’s identity and even some direction as to where the show is going from here (an actual plot what?!). What surprises me the most is that Haku is actually becoming likable. Also saw Oboro, which made my day!


Dimension W (ep 4)[G/N] Glad this show is picking up. It does action and suspense much better than it does slice of life type things. I really like Mira, but I don’t like her being treated as fan service. 

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (ep 4)[N/G] MANATO!!!!! Oh my god I actually cried when Haruhiro confronted the priest guy. This show oh my god. Looking back, the Grimgar was actually building up this moment. I am going to miss the conversations between Manato and Haruhiro so much! 

Nijiiro Days (ep 4)[N] Nice. This show is a cute watch, especially when Natsuki and Anna are on the screen. I also really like Tomoya. The other two are growing on me, but not as surely as Natsuki and Tomoya. If this show keeps doing what it is currently doing, then I am happy. 

Ooya-san (ep 4)[N] I don’t have much to say. The little girl is going to get raper or something. Yeah, that is all I have to contribute.

Well I hope you enjoyed my blog! I will link my [last week] and [next week] down here!

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  1. What a throng of shows. No wonder you’re hardly keep up with the shows. I used to follow 10+ series a season, but it became after a while more like a job than fun, so I cut back to keep watching anime in the fun zone.


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