WINTER 2016 | Week 2 Roundup

Hey guys! I’m here today with some of my thoughts on the Winter 2016 season! I have rounded up all the episodes from this week (organized by day they aired). This week’s list does not contain Ajin or Konosuba because they aired this week. You can find my initial thoughts on those series in my Winter 2016 First Impressions 3.

Top 5 Most Improved from Last Week 

w16 best r2

5 | Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut 

4 | Erased

3 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

2 | Durarara!!x2 Ketsu 

1 | Active Raid

Top 5 Biggest Fails of the Week

w16 bad r2

5 | Musaigen no Phantom World 

4 | Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu

3 | Divine Gate

2 | Norn9

1 | HaruChika

Top 5 Male Characters of the week 

w16 boys r2

5 | Sekuroku Yuurakutei | Rakugo

4 | Youichi Kuramochi | Ace of the Diamond

3 | Obi | Shiraiyuki-hime 

2 | Satoru Fujinuma | Erased

1 | Izaya Orihara | Durarara

Top 5 Female Characters of the week

w16 girls r2

5 | Hana Misaki | Haikyuu

4 | Shino Kuribayashi | GATE

3 | Kayo Hinazuki | Erased 

2 | Mira Yurizaki | Dimension W

1 | Celty Sturluston | Durarara

Top 5 Anime Recommendations of the week 

w16 rec r2.JPG

5 | Dimension W

4 | Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

3 | Durarara!!x2 Ketsu 

2 | Erased

1 | Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Below, you will find my notes on each of the series this week. My notes are just little things about the series that I keep track of. Any good notes, or problems will be noted below. The information will be marked [G] for good/improved, [N] for neutral/no change, or [B] for bad/got worse. If they are mixed like [B/N] or [G/N], that means they are a mix, or I am unsure. 


Prince of Stride ep 2 –  [G] We got more on the protagonists and some relationship development. The characters keep getting more and more likable. This series still isn’t blowing me away.


HaruChika (ep 2) [B] Um more like Haruta the kid detective. All that just makes Chika look worse and worse, and since I think she is more likable, that insult hurts the show. Haruta is getting on my nerves like crazy. 

Musaigen no Phantom World (ep 2)[B/N] The animation is still great. I really like the team dynamic here, but there are weird moments when I think this series is better if dropped. Show suffers when it goes for too much fan service. Also, lol he summoned a puppy. 

Tantei Team KZ (ep 14)[N] Well that heated up as much as a middle school conflict could. I feel really bad for Aya, but at the same time she was a bit savage to her KZ team, denying them any valentines love. 


Erased (ep 2)[G] Another excellent episode! Great opening comes into the picture. Satoru had a great analysis on Hinazuki, and I think he is mature enough to carry the show. 

Norn9 (ep 2)[B] “it’s the first time someone has told me that I was interesting” Yes sweetie, first and last. Also I kinda fell for that hook at the end: Immortals? Time travel? What?

Active Raid (ep 2)[G] Much better as an episode, and as a series. I’m still not all in for this series, but I kinda like where it is going. Probably better because the scar guy hardly showed up. 

Assassination Classroom 2nd Season (ep 2)[N] Eros is the real theme here. I like how nothing in this show comes out of nowhere, there is always something that preludes the action, and thus gives it purpose. 

Shoujo-tachi wa Kouya wo Mezasu (ep 2)[N/B] This is a fine anime, but this episode felt really rushed and slapped together. It kinda smashed the previous pacing. Also wtaf Kai is the sadist guy from the opening?!

Dagashi Kashi (ep 2)[N]  Really like the op and ed. This anime is pretty much complete nonsense. It was pretty funny though. Decent watch for humor, but not much else. 


GATE 2nd Season (ep 2)[N/G] Nice contrast between morals of both societies. Interesting development for Piña’s brother (the prince), and he is growing on me a tiny bit. I have a creeping feeling that the bunny girl (Tyuule) is important. Also Kuribayashi was so freaking badass. 

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (ep 2)[G] Another great episode. We got some background on Yakumo and Sekuroku. It appears that next week will be the same deal + a woman. Also love the music. 

Heavy Object (ep 14)[N] Good episode. I like how the fan service is conservative. Also, geez these guys like never actually get hurt. I want more character development in the future. 

Divine Gate (ep 2)[B] This show named everyone after a color. Everyone but Armin, eh I mean Aota, is annoying as hell. The villains also make zero sense. Also, they should have just done the whole show CG, because it is actually solid.

Galko-chan (ep 2)[N] I like this anime. It is weird and a little bit vulgar, but I adore the concept of Galko smashing the stereotypes to bits. It is a fun watch, but maybe not for everyone. 

Sekkou Boys (ep 2)[N] I knew I heard Sugita. He and Fukuyama hold up this show and make it that much more hilarious. I also like Daisuki Ono in this, but not as much.  


Durarara!!x2 Ketsu (ep 2) [G] Things started to really heat up! Izaya and Anri get into a tiff, then the second Saika and the random girl I don’t remember collaborate. In the end we have Celty’s head on display in a park, and a Mikado/Kida buildup happening. Hype! 

Haikyuu!! 2nd Season (ep 15)[G] Haikyuu has this amazing ability to just keep getting better and better week to week. The new ending is stunning! I also really love Johzenji and their manager (Misaki) is a boss ass bitch. At the same time I want the training camp teams to return. 

Luck & Logic (ep 2)[N/G] Better than the weird thing happening last week. There is still something about this show that bugs me, but I can’t put my finger on it. The Olga this was funny, but also troll-like. 

Utawarerumono (ep 15)[G] Well that was one speedy war. Only lasted about 2 or so episodes. Better than the bloody bathhouse scenes every 4 mins. I have so much hype from old cast in the intro.


Dimension W (ep 2)[N/G] Mabuchi is fantastic. He reminds me a bit of Gintoki background-wise. I just wish he was a bit more vocal. We met Loser and got introduced to the idea of a dimensional break, scary red coils, and numbered coils.

Schwarzesmaksen (ep 2)[N] Let’s get something straight: I really don’t like this show, but at the same time I can’t deny it’s trying to get better. I feel like it is just way too dramatic and the characters are fake. 

Hai to Gensou no Grimgar (ep 2)[G] Beautiful episode. This series is so elegant and has an excellent eye for detail. Had a great moment of development for the whole crew, especially Ranta. Also had some relationships between the group forming, which is nice to watch. 

Nijiiro Days (ep 2)[G] I can’t help but smile when watching this. This show is so harmless, but also needlessly adorable. I thought it would be all about gay vibes, but this is great. Also it got extended to 26 episodes so yay!

Ooya-san (ep 2) [N/B] They teach the creepy tenant how to cook because he is incompetent. This anime is cute and funny, but because it is so short there is almost no time between gags to chuckle or something. 


Ace of the Diamond 2nd Season (ep 41)[G/N] Love AoD. Kuramochi calling Miyuki out sent shivers down my spine, and Shirasu’s badass catch makes him bae of the month. Nori steps up and Furuya is benched. 

Osomatsu-san (ep 15)[N] Love how the VAs are getting more and more into their characters and making them more personalized/unique. Nice touching moment featuring Chibita. Love how painful Karamatsu is!

Shiraiyuki-hime 2nd Season (ep 2) [N] Obi is adorable and I’m glad he won out to take Shiraiyuki. We also learned Prince Raji is a tsundere, and I learned that Raji is voiced by one of my favs: Jun Fukuyama (Shinra from Durarara, Koro-sensei, Lelouche).

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut (ep 2)[G] Lux is the black dragon: SHOCKER. Okay seriously, this show takes itself a bit too seriously and has super typical troupes. At the same time, I think this show has potential when it avoids super pervy moments. 

Aokana (ep 2)[N] I don’t care for this anime that much because it is boring and typical. The main girl, actually everyone but Kagami gets on my nerves. I wish they were a bit more likable. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my blog! I will link my First Impressions: ONE, TWO, and THREE,  and [next week] down here!

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