WINTER 2016 | First Impressions 2

Premiers Watched: 9

Hey Guys!-Sloaner here! Today I bring you my first impressions for the 2016 winter season. I will be writing my thoughts about the premier episode, and will be updating based on when the new episodes come out. I’m going to try to write about elements of character, plot, art, and sound. At the end of this blog you will find my compiled rankings so stay tuned!

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January 10th 

gate s2 2

Gate Season 2

[military, fantasy, action, seinen, adventure]

Score: 8.5

Thoughts: I am so glad that Gate wasted no time to get right back into the swing of things. With exception to the first couple of minutes, I really enjoyed this episode. This anime is great in that it brings in serious military and diplomatic issues into a fantasy setting and makes it all work. Judging from the political complex introduced in this episode, I think the story is going to pick up a ton this season, another plus!  The characters are also great in that this series doesn’t feature some genius teenage boy with an iron clad sense of justice, instead it features an older, trained man with lots of kindness in his heart. The side characters are also great and I can’t wait to see more on them this season. The animation and imagery is great as every, and I really like the new opening and ending. The only real reason I didn’t give this series a full score is because the episode mostly functioned to just recap the past events and introduce a little of what is to happen next. Overall I have really high hopes for what this series will bring and I can’t wait to see more. I would highly recommend you watch this if you haven’t already!

schwarzesmarken 2

Schwarzes Marken

[action, drama, met, military, sci-fi]

Score: 4/10

Thoughts: I don’t know what to think of this anime, but at the same time I have a lot to say. First of all, the art is totally hit or miss. The mecha is fantastical and really awesome to watch, on the other hand, the ugly ass CG creatures (BETAs I think?) make me want to gouge my eyes out. The sound is nothing I noticed in all honestly, so I guess I would put it at average. The story is pretty unique. I hear this series is a spin off to some show called Muv-Luv from 2012. I have never heard of it so I can’t imagine it being that great. The thing that really gets me about this anime is the characters. Linda, uh I mean Theodor, is awful in my opinion, because even after he got some development he was still very unlikable.  Actually, everyone is pretty unlikable, either because they are ditzy and annoying, or because they are an asshole (and not the good kind).  All the scenes are incredibly over-dramatazied, so much so that my eyes kind of roll to the back of my head. Overall I would not call this anime good, simply because the things I value most in an anime (good characters and enjoyment) are not to my standard/are not done well. 


Hai to Gensou no Grimgar

[action, adventure, fantasy]

Score: 7.5/10

Thoughts: Wow this art is so beautiful, I really can’t take my eyes off of it. It is all draw, so there is no crappy CG things running around. The music is also lovely. This anime really just has a nice lovely appeal, which was not what I was expecting. This anime was hyped to be something similar to SAO or Danmachi, but I would argue that it is much better than those, and closer to Log Horizon. This anime is so calming, even during the action scene I was very relaxed. I also love all the characters so far, they aren’t exponentially unique, but are executed very well. I especially am drawn to Haruhiro and Ranta. The first episode introduced everything and everyone really well, so the premise is quite clear, but from the preview for next week, I think the story will get a twist. This anime started very slow, which I don’t mind, but there are still some things missing. This anime lack a really wow moment so far, which I think will come in later. I see this anime having a really great amount of potential and I think it will be one of the better ones of the season once it picks up a bit. Overall, I would definitely mark this series to watch, it is something that has the potential to be really great. 

nijiiro days 2

Nijiro Days

[slice of life, comedy, romance]

Score: 6.5/10

Thoughts: Oh my god this is too funny. Poor Hashiba and his savage friends. On the contrary this is nothing like what I expected it to be. It is super lighthearted and there is close to zero gay notes, which is kind of sad but I like it better this way. The music and animation are both fine and really not worth talking about. The story is not amazing, but the humorous twist keeps the hooks coming. I actually quite like the characters. The main guy Hashiba is adorable and hopeless, which makes him fun to watch. His friends are savage as hell and they are also funny as hell. The main girl is cute and annoying, but otherwise bland. The characters are all pretty typical types that provide all pretty much typical humor. This anime has some good moments, but overall is nothing very amazing or breathtaking. I think it is a pretty good watch for comedy fans. (Also I saw some spoilers and I have a feeling it is going to get really cute!)

ooya san

Ooya-san wa Shishunki!

[comedy, seinen, slice of life]

Score: 5/10

Thoughts: In all reality this should probably be like a 3/10 because nothing really happened other than introductions, but I like it so far. Everything, from the art, to the opening song, to the characters, it’s all really cute. If “cute girls doing cute things” was an official genre, this would be it. Not to mention this is actually pretty funny! The guy is weird, but Chie and the other neighbor are cute and I really like them. This will never be an amazing or show stoping anime, for it is only 2 mins long, but it is going to be a cute funny ride. 

dimension w 2

Dimension W

[action, drama, sci-fi, seinen]

Score: 7/10

Thoughts: I like this anime, but it hasn’t quite met my expectations. The animation and art style are both pretty good, and I like how they are throwing in little unique color block things. The opening and ending are both to my tastes, but not for everyone. The premise is interesting enough, and the story from here has the potential to be pretty good. So far the characters seem to be the better part of this anime. I really like the main guy Mabuchi and the girl Mira is cute and funny. The supporting cast is also pretty unique, but we haven’t seen much from them yet. The complex with Mabuchi and the coils interests me and I want to see his full reasoning as to why he hates the coils. I also have to add that the action scenes are pretty great. Overall, I liked this anime, but I think it has a ways to go before it can get really good. 

January 9th

duararar ketsu

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu

[action, mystery, supernatural]

Score: 8.5/10

Thoughts: Celebrate because Durarara has finally returned! This episode was somewhat of a recap episode to lay the foundation of what is going on right now. At the moment, Izaya is free again, Shizuo is in police custody, Shinra and Celty have created an information guild with Kadota’s group, Shinra’s family, and Seiji’s group, Mikado and Aoba meets with another clan leader, and every is getting reading for the upcoming battle. The only people we do not yet know the whereabouts of are Anri and Kida. What a great cast to keep up with! The story this time around will extend to even more characters. The opening is not great, but I have a feeling it will grow on me, and the ending is quite good. The Durarara sound track is one of my favorites and it is back and better than other. The animation is the same. I am super excited to see the final conclusion to this great show. It started slow, but I have a feeling it is going to pick up really fast. I will have to rewatch the entire series after this finishes airing!

galko chan

Oshiete! Galko-chan

[comedy, school, slice of life]

Score: 5.5/10

Thoughts: Ah man this is pretty funny. Originally I avoided this series because I thought it would be giant boob ecchi trash, but as it turns out this series has an odd charm that I quite enjoy. Galko and Otako are very fun to watch. I really like how this show breaks down your expectations and makes them something else. I don’t care of the music/there isn’t any noteworthy music. The art style is kind of interesting, but the animation itself is meh. Overall I think this is a pretty fun watch, but by no means a masterpiece. I’m glad I went back and picked up this short!

luck n logic

Luck & Logic

[action, fantasy]

Score: 5/10

Thoughts: I’m interested, but at the same time I feel urk from the super cliche moments. This is not the worst anime of the season, but it is by no means the beat. I like the opening quite a bit and I didn’t hear the ending. I think the animation is a little meh, but it did have some pretty good moments. I do like the main character, even though he is very cliche. Actually pretty much all of the characters are pretty cliche. The premise is interesting and unique on it’s own, although the premise of magic-like powers and “chosen ones” is nothing new. So far the execution is setting it apart from other pretty typical/cliche animes. I think the way this anime could go terribly wrong is if the superpower girl group becomes this guy’s harem. Overall I think it is pretty decent watch. 


Well I hope you all enjoyed my first Impressions! 

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