Best of 2015 | Female Characters

Hey guys! Welcome to my top ten countdown for the entire year of 2015! Since it is the first full year of anime I have watched, it was only right to compile all of my favorites for the year into a collection of blogs! 

This blog consists of my favorite female characters out of all the anime I have watched this year. Keep in mind that these are all my opinion and the list does not include characters from animes that I have not seen. Enjoy!


10 | Nao Tomori

Anime: Charlotte

Role: Moody Girl / Love Interest

Why I like Her:  Initially, I really hated her character, and I didn’t really like the way she ended up either. I would have liked her strong and confident personality to have been more constant throughout the series. On the other hand, when Nao was not being useless, she was one of the more enjoyable and unique characters of the year. It was fun to watch a show where a girl did not fall into any of the Dere types for a change. 


9 | Urara Shiraishi

Anime: Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

Role: Love Interest / Cutie

Why I like Her: Shiraishi is the pinnacle of adorable and lovable. Her relationship with Yamada is one of my favorites. The scenes with them together are very fun, and personally, I think they are the pinnacle of the show. I also love how she developed and actually got to be more open with Yamada about her feelings. The only reason she isn’t higher up is because she doesn’t really shine without Yamada. Still love her though!


8 | Megumi Kato 

Anime: Saekano

Role: One Liner Queen / Galge Inspiration

Why I like Her: Although Utaha is also fantastic, Megumi takes the cake. She is a very unique character, and the type that I really enjoy. I have yet to come across a character as blunt and sharp as her. She low-key reminds me of Mamiya Sakura from Kyoukai no Rinne, except better. Megumi also had some time character development throughout the series. She is the main reason I’m super excited for season two!


7 | Flamie Speeddraw

Anime: Rokka no Yuusha

Role: Love Interest / Badass Gunman

Why I like Her: I ranked her as the top rated girl for Summer, but similar to hans, that novelty has worn off for me. Although she is really badass, her likability wanted throughout the show. Similar to Shiraishi, she only really shines when Adlet is around, which is both cute and a bit disappointing. It was still pretty cool watching her take down hordes of ugly CG things!


6 | Ikumi Mito 

Anime: Shokugeki no Soma

Role: Tsundere / Fanservice

Why I like Her: Ikumi, or Nikumi, as Soma likes to call her, has grown on me tremendously since she first appeared. Despite her somewhat “disgraceful” appearance, Nikumi is loads of fun to watch, whether that be cooking, with Soma, or developing her character. A lot of the time she is used for comedic relief, but she still gets a lot of scenes where she does develop, and in a good way. I have to thank the show for allowing her to grow and not be trapped in the comedy box. 


5 | Bishamon

Anime: Noragami Aragoto

Role: Godess Goals

Why I like Her: Out off all the gods from Noragami, Bishamon has to be my favorite. Even when she is weak, you still get to see her be really badass, which is just one thing that makes her great. Even since she first appeared in season one, I have been waiting for her to get the screen time she deserves. And whaalla! The Bishamon arch is my favorite of the entire series. I also love her relationship with Kazuma, and seeing that develop was a joy. If Noragami gets a third season I will be hoping for Bishamon to get tons of screen time. 


4 | Alex Benedetto

Anime: Gangsta.

Role: Adopted Handyman / Save Her

Why I like Her: Ahh yes Alex. I’m not as attracted to Alex herself, as I am her premise, but either way she is pretty interesting. Alex took a little while to grow on me, but once she shot her old boss I really liked her. Alex has a very cool personality, without being cold. Even though she is a little bit useless, I do like how she can hold her own among the Handymen. The main reason I like her character is because of her premise. Her delusions and drug relapses help add to the brutal, yet truthful, aspect of Gangsta. 


3 | Ange

Anime: Cross Ange

Role: Most Badass Female of the Year

Why I like Her: No matter what you think of the show, you can’t deny that Ange got some pretty great, and sensible character development. Starting out as a royal prick, she then became cold and sold that off as her strength, and finally she became more open with others and was able to accept her shortcomings and be strong in a total different way. A character has never quite grown on me in this fashion. This anime a brutal and far from the best, but Ange and her development keep the show on track and enjoyable. She is a total badass!


2 | Yona

Anime: Yona of the Dawn

Role: Harem Leader

Why I like Her: Often time, a harem anime can go terribly wrong if the harem leader is bad. Lucky for us that Yona is an excellent harem leader. She has just the right mix of denseness and understanding. Yona also has some great character development, which makes her even harder to dislike. Best of all, Yona is hilarious and adorable to watch with all her dragon babies. I would even go as far to compare her to Haruhi from Ouran. Yona is easily one of my top ten girls. 


1 | Celty Sturluson 

Anime: Durarara!!x2

Role: Supernatural Bae

Why I like Her: Undoubtedly my favorite girl ever! Celty is badass, but also girly and cute. Even though she is the most unusual character in Duarara, she remains the most sane character throughout the whole show. She is funny and adorable, and her ties to every character keep the show interesting. From the first episode of the show, she caught my attention, and it all just went uphill  from there when she got the screen time to show off how both cute and badass she is. 

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to check out the final results (points all added up) to see how each anime did 🙂 

Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

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