Best of 2015 | Openings

Hey guys! Welcome to my top ten countdown for the entire year of 2015! Since it is the first full year of anime I have watched, it was only right to compile all of my favorites for the year into a collection of blogs!  

This blog consists of my favorite openings out of all the anime I have watched this year. Keep in mind that these are all my opinion and the list does not include anime that I have not seen. Enjoy!

The other “Best of 2015” blogs are: Best of 2015 Endings and Best of 2015 Male Characters.

10 | Ace of the Diamond Second Season

Song: “HEROS” by Glay

Season: Spring – 

Thoughts: I love this anime, and between both seasons, all the openings are pretty good. This one is one of my favorites because it really gets you pumped up for the episode to come, and never feels boring. “Sora ga Aozora de aru Tame ni” is another opening that is also fantastic, but this one takes the cake. I’m excited to see what new opening Ace of the Diamond will have after Winter 2016 ends! 

9 | Haikyuu!! Second Season

Song:I’m A Believer” by SPYAIR

Season: Fall

Thoughts: Sorry I couldn’t find the opening animation, but that doesn’t mean the song isn’t great. Haikyuu always has this type of sounding ending. Honestly I don’t usually like them as much as I do this one. It really gets you pumped up to watch the next episode, even though it is a bit cheesy. “SPYAIR pulls though with another great Haikyuu opening” would be the best way to describe this song. 

8 | Shokugeki no Soma

Song: “Rising Rainbow” Misokkasu

Season: Spring – Summer

Thoughts: I do like the first opening, but this one takes home the win. I love how this opening continues the same growly musical style. Similar to Haikyuu’s opening, it isn’t some soft vocals that can be pushed around. I think the opening quality matches that of the anime: great fun, but not a masterpiece. If this is the kind of opening I can expect in the future, I greatly look forward to the season two openings! 

7 | Seven Deadly Sins

Song:Netsujou no Spectrum” by  Ikimono-gakari

Season: Fall (2014 yikes) – Winter

Thoughts: I really like this opening so I thought I would bend the rules a little (since the opening technically aired in Fall of 2014). This opening has one of those great true kingdom feeling vibes to it. I love how this opening is super easy to sing along to, even though you don’t really have a clue what you are saying. Either way, the opening successfully gets you super excited to watch the fabulous creation that is Seven Deadly Sins. 

6 | Ranpo Kitan

Song: “Speed to Masatsu” by amazarashi

Season: Summer

Thoughts: I wish I could say better things about the anime, but nope. In complete contrast, this opening is something very special and fun. Yes, it took a little while to grow on me, but I think this opening is very nice. Although I’m not a big fan of the odd vocal style, I think it works great in this case. Unlike, Death Parade and Perfect Insider, the opening matches the themes of the series, which works well. 

5 | Gangsta.


Season: Summer

Thoughts: Although the anime was a tad bit disappointing, the opening is bomb. It is dubstep-like, but doesn’t fall into the category of “mechanical breakdown” tunes. Although I am mostly deciding this list based on the song itself, the rich colors of this opening enhance the effectively exciting tunes. The intro and the chorus are my favorite parts of the sing, simply because they are more exciting, but it is all pretty fun. 

4 | Noragami Aragoto

Song:Kyouran Hey Kids!!” by THE ORAL CIGARETTES

Season: Fall

Thoughts: I thought that this opening would let me down compared to the first one, but Kyouran Hey Kids has greatly grown on me since first listening to it. It has the same original charm and pump up value as the first opening. I still like the first opening better, but this one is certainly one to remember for being pretty great. Noragami has its shit together when it comes to openings! 

3 | Durarara!!x2

Song: “Headhunt” by OKAMATO’S

Season: Winter

Thoughts: Although I also really like “Day you Laugh”, I enjoy Headhunt just that much more. The song is reminiscent of the original opening, “Treacherous Sunset”, which I still consider to be one of the best openings ever. Durarara is a great anime and the openings only add to the greatness. Headhunt also does well at introducing the characters in sublime Durarara fashion. 

2 | The Perfect Insider

Song: “Talking” by KANA-BOON

Season: Fall

Thoughts: As much as I want to say I really liked this anime, I can’t. On the other hand, the opening was really fantastic. The tunes are very lively and it attracted me right away. Similar to death Parade’s opening, the song  contrasts the anime itself, which is very delightful. Unfortunately I could not find the short opening, so the full version of the song is attached. 

1 | Death Parade

Song: “Flyers” by BRADIO

Season: Winter

Thoughts: Undeniably one of the best anime openings to date, and one of the better animes I have seen for that matter. Flyers is upbeat, jazzy, and unique. It makes you want to get up and dance. I especially love this opening because it completely congrats the anime itself. The heavy darkness of Death Parade is balanced perfectly by the happy party song that is Flyers. I have downloaded this song and have been listening to it all the time along with all the other anime songs that I greatly enjoy.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! Be sure to check out the final results (points all added up) to see how each anime did 🙂 

Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

4 thoughts on “Best of 2015 | Openings”

  1. Looks like we might have fairly similar tastes in music. 🙂 Death Parade definitely got my number one vote too, despite some pretty stiff competition. Incidentally, thanks to Perfect Insider’s OP I ended up listening to the studio album Kana-Boon released this year, and the whole thing is really good!

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