MY OPINION | The Perfect Ending for The Perfect Insider

Okay so many of you know about a mystery show called Everything Becomes F: The Perfect Insider (perfect insider for short). After watching episode 10, I though that I would share some of my opinions about what would be the ideal ending to this rollercoaster of a series. 

Please only read this blog if you are caught up with the seres, as there is going to be a ton of spoilers in here. 


Although I wasn’t initially very found of the series at all, it has grown on me in the last couple of weeks. I would give this small victory to the fact that Saikawa has become much more likable. Actually I like the cast other than Nishinosono. The most interesting relationship to me is the one between Saikawa and Magata. Both are considered genius and aim to get away from society. Their relationship is one that I want to be the end of the series. 

I’ll start with episode seven, when Saikawa meets with Magata’s sister, who is actually Magata is disguise. The two speak in english for whatever reason (that I don’t remember). Saikawa asks Magata in disguise all sorts of questions about herself, not actually aware that he is actually asking Magata things about herself. The two seem to really hit it off. 

Next we will skip to when Saikawa realized that Magata was pregnant when she entered the cell. Although this still doesn’t explain how her daughter was able to escape the compound, you get the feeling that something has been tinkered with.

Episode ten is when everything really starts to fall into place. Saikawa and Nishinosono enter into a virtual reality with Magata. The three of them (well mostly just Saikawa and Magata) have a conversation and Magata helps them to put all the pieces together. Saikawa realizes that he talked to Magata while she was in disguise as her sister. The death of the director was also explained. The only real question left: Where is Magata?


This brings me to the point of writing this blog: What is the perfect ending?

In my opinion, the strongest way to end the series would be having Saikawa and Magata meet. 

I think the two of them have have been destined for each other since the beginning. Episode 10 really confirmed this for me. I really don’t like Nishinosono. She is inferior and annoying as hell. When Magata and Saikawa walked along the beach in virtual reality, I knew that they were meant to be. The best way to end it would be Magata picking up or taking away Saikawa to a faraway place. I’m sure Saikawa would end up dead in this scenario, but I think that is fine given his single-minded devotion to Magata. At the same time, I feel like killing Saikawa on the spot if they do meet would be a total cop-out and weaken the series quite a bit. 

The most awful cliché way to end the series would be having Nishinosono “save” Saikawa from the temptress Magata. I could see a bullet like that coming from episode one.  


I think the ending will be most determined by how unconventionally the story plays out. If Perfect Insider stays true to it’s twist-full story line, then I think the ending will be satisfying, even if Saikawa and Magata don’t meet. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my opinions about how The Perfect Insider should end! 

magata and saikawa.jpg
Till next time ~

Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

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