Hey guys! Sloaner here today with a recombination of one of my favorite series: Durarara!! Since the synopsis on MAL doesn’t do the series any justice I thought it would be helpful if I tried to explain the awesomeness that is Durarara! ūüôā

This post is spoiler free!

durarara cats

First of all, I will say that Durarara takes a little while to get into. ¬†It starts in a way that convinces you into thinking that you are watching some slow, but still enjoyable slice of life series with maybe a little bit of the supernatural thrown in.¬†DO NOT BE FOOLED- THAT SERIES IS A LIE.¬†I found that the series stepped up a significant amount in episode seven, and then in episode twelve it completely explodes into something that is exciting, engaging, and incredibly unique. The second season (we will get the third of three parts (Ketsu) of the second season next winter, so around January), continues where the original series lets off, but with slightly differing themes. Overall, the series captures the unique in such a casual (and unexpected) way, that you can’t help but become a little hooked.¬†

First I will mention that the animation is well done and the art style is unique and somewhat fantastical. The openings and endings are always fun and jazzy. I also like the OSTs and listen to them often. Here is a link to a playlist to the OSTs. Original Opening.  Original Ending. Original Second Opening. Original Second Ending. 


One of he most interesting aspects of the show is the flawless portrayal of connections between all the characters. Whether it be between gang interactions, school life, or work, the characters Durarara follows are interesting and their connections push the plot to have both constant development and depth.  Durarara is a story told by the characters it features, each episode is narrated by a different character (although there are some repeats), allowing the viewer to become closer with the character.  The cast features characters with a wide range of personalities and backstories. I actually find it hard to compare characters from Durarara with characters from other animes because of the uniqueness of Durarara characters.  Not only are the main characters awesome, the supporting cast is also quite unique and engaging. It is difficult to choose a true main character because the anime features each of the groups quite often.


The story is almost completely character driver, being that there is no predetermined or mutual goal, and the story flows based on the characters’ actions and decisions. ¬†Stories that rely almost completely on characters to push the story can be a hit or miss, but Durarara is one of those animes that hit the nail right on the head, so to speak. I will now and try to supply a synopsis of the series (trying to avoid spoilers of possible) in the most complete way I can manage.

kid trio.png

One day, a teen named Ryuugamine Mikado moved to the city of Ikebukuro from his slow old town, by invite from his (childhood and ) best friend Masaomi Kida.  From the very first episode you can tell Ikebukuro is very special: from color gangs to supernatural beings, the city is brimming with excitement.  Mikado is entranced with the city and vows to try and keep up with the happenings of Ikebukuro to keep his life interesting. Mikado and Kida soon become friends with a girl named Sonohara Anri. The trio is unaware of the deep dark secrets that they are hiding from each other, and how their futures are destined to intertwine. 

dollars logo

There are several color gangs in Durarara: among them are the the Dollars, Yellow Scarves, and Blue Square. The main gang, called the Dollars, is considered “colorless” as the gang¬†hosts an unknown number of people with no criteria, all of which chat on a BBS feed online. ¬†Another color gang in Ikebukuro is the Yellow Scarves. They are quite organized and have a large presence in the city. The series follows these gangs, although it focuses mostly on the Dollars.

celty x shinra

Another presence in the city is the Headless Rider, who we later learn is named Celty. Celty is a dullahan (from Irish myth) and she has lost track of her head. She only knows that her head is somewhere in Ikebukuro. Celty lives with a doctor named Shinra, who is heavily involved with the underground world of Ikebukuro. 


Shizuo is another character who tends to be an attraction in Ikebukuro.¬† He is a man the seemingly had limitless strength and is known throughout Ikebukuro for his incredibly short temper.¬†Shizuo’s fights with Izaya¬†are seen by many throughout the city, as they try to kill each other every time they cross paths. Shizuo and Izaya went to the same high school as Shinra, and their rivalry began after a conflict they had in school. ¬†


Izaya is an information broker who normally reside. Izaya is the character that pushed the plot most out of the cast.  His knack for causing chaos can be quite entertaining. Izaya causes all these characters to converge in a wildly interesting way, which is action filled, dramatic, and a slight bit comedic.

kadota crew.jpg

Kadota and his crew are old friends with Kida and well known for their contributions to a certain gang. They are involved in a multitude of gang fights and often help out other characters.


Simon is also very interesting, although not key to the story.  I deeply enjoy Simon, mostly because he is very straightforward and impossible to fool.

Wow. It is hard as hell to describe this simply wondrous series. Through twisting character relations and unexpected plot twists, Durarara is always suspenseful and simply addictive. 

Don’t forget that the new season is currently airing! You can watch Durarara legally on¬†Crunchyroll¬†and¬†Netflix.¬†

I hope you check out¬†this gem up! It is one of my favorites ūüôā

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