REVIEW | The Legend of Legendary Heroes

Hey guy! Sloaner here with a quick little review of one of my first animes: The Legend of Legendary Heroes (TLLH for now). Enjoy! 

*graded out of 10*

All parts will be graded and then added up to make up a final score out of ten. I will grade out of sound, animation, story, characters, and personal enjoyment. I’m sorry if all this seems vague, but I have not watched this anime for about two years.


op tllh.gif

I’ll start with sound. I am a fan of both of the openings, although I think the second one is my favorite of the two. Both endings are also very elegant and calming, and the first is my favorite. The sound track is more or less typical of kingdom animes such as these, but at the same time that is not a bad thing. The various, sometimes very gory sound affects are just okay, not amazing. The voice acting is good. I think I watched the series in dub, and the voices fit well. I watched some clips of the sub and that also seems to be well done.

 Opening 1Opening 2Ending 1Ending 2.

Score: 1.5


alpha stigma

Next up is the animation. When considering how to grade this, you have to take into account both the art style and the age of the anime. Since TLLH is an older anime and was made in a era of transition (between digital background/effects and draw), the background is pretty bad most of the time. I’m not going to say it is better than it is… The art style is pretty typical, but fits the content and style of the anime quite well. The effects for Ryner’s special ability do not disappoint.

tllh alpha stigma

The depiction of death is dealt will in a way that is pretty brutal, but certainly not as brutal as it could be. I find it to be somewhat artistic, although some may consider it a form of censorship. The normal fight scenes are decent. I like how a lot of it is drawn (including horses might I add!) The animation overall doesn’t take away from the anime, but actually makes the anime better. Despite it’s age, the animation is solid. 

Score: 1.5


ryner and ferris.gif

The storyline of TLLH is not the most clear, but still magnates to keep it together. The premise itself is not very unique, but the progression throughout the series is what helps to differentiate the anime from others. Also the synopsis given on MAL gives the series absolutely no justice. Despite this, the story itself is well developed, especially by the characters. The paths that the main characters follow make sense, and the flashbacks flow smoothly with the main story line. On the other hand, some of the side characters seem to be poorly worked into the anime (they would seemingly appear out of no where).  Overall, the story is not very memorable (obviously), but the series makes up this in other areas. 

Score: 1.2


I think the characters are easily the strongest part of the anime. The main characters are incredibly well developed through a combination of flashbacks and influential events. First I will talk about Ryner, the holder of a legendary power called the Alpha Stigma.


Ryner is a somewhat  atypical main protagonist. He is seemingly unmotivated, yet possesses a great deal of skill for the magical arts. Ryner is unique because he fears his power more than any other character in the series. I think Ryner is one of the stronger leads in anime, as he carries the series very nicely and maintains his unique character. Ryner’s past with Sion and journey with Ferris are the main focus of the anime.


Sion is a (more or less) childhood friend of Ryner’s. The two of them make a pack, agreeing that Ryner would do all that he can to help Sion take the thrown and dominate the country. Sion is a very calm and collected character. He is also very loyal to Ryner’s, and saves his life on a number of occasions. Sion also helps bring Ryner and Ferris together. Ferris is somewhat blunt, but also pretty sweet deep down. Ferris is a sword wielding badass with a passion for dango and a unique past.


The low-key romance between Ryner and Ferris helps TLLH to have light and humorous moments amongst the action and death filled moments.The side characters are also pretty enjoyable, and don’t steal the show by any means. I like the red haired right hand man to Sion, Claugh. I also like the pink haired guy with the big sword, Riphal. Raven (Miran) is also a very interesting character, as he is caught in between his loyalty to Sion and Ryner. The antagonists of the series are forgettable, but serve their role just fine overall. 

Score: 1.7


tllh gif characters

My personal enjoyment of the series is one that is greatly influenced by nostalgia, as TLLH was one of the first anime I have ever watched. I really liked the contrast between the military, magic, and adventure sides of the anime. I only wished that the ending was finished off a bit better.

Score:   1.7


Overall, I would recommend the series to fan of action, supernatural, fantasy, and military.

I would consider this a must-watch for fans of Kingdom animes. Another great Kingdom anime is Arslan Senki. 

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