Quick Thoughts | A Silent Voice

Okay- So I have been reading A silent voice for  while now and I am pleasantly surprised with what I am getting out of this series. I have a few ideas I would like to share about the series, enjoy!


First of all, this premise is awesome.


A Silent Voice features a deaf girl (Shouko Nishimiya) who is bullied by a boy (Shouya Ishida) who has trouble keeping friendships. The story follows them years after their initial time together.  I haven’t seen anything like this like ever. I love how real the series is. There is no sugarcoating issues or dodging heavy topics. The series just goes for it! 


Second, I love these characters. im-deafShouya is extremely depressed and is overcome with guilt for bullying Shouko. Shouko has feelings for Shouya, but doesn’t have the courage to confront him. Shouko is an interesting and genuinely sweet character. I find her struggles to be relatable, despite being so different from my own. Shouya is also fantastic. He is the perfect contrast for Shouko. I think they are a fantastic couple and I can’t wait to read more and more of the series.


Third, the interesting and unpredictable storyline.


I love how the story takes turns and twists that I simply have trouble predicting. Even though it often feels like nothing that crazy happens, the series still pulls you into the story and characters. I have to thank the boldness of the protagonists for this. I constantly crave this anime for its subtle, yet exciting value. 


Forth, the sweetness.koe-no-katachi-hand

I think it is hard to find an anime as genuinely sweet as this one. When I read, I can’t help but feel myself smile inside when I come upon scenes like the one above. I think A Silent Voice is a very special series because it fills you with warmth, despite some dark content. It is fantastic how dark moments still retain a heartfelt value.

Say, I have been expressing my praise here but I have just one problem with the series: where is the anime?

silent voice anime?.png

According to an article I read on MAL, There is currently an animated movie currently in the planning stages for the series. the studio is confirmed to be Kyoto Animation.  I can’t wait until it is finally released! Until then we can just twiddle our thumbs and hope for the best!


Author: delaneysloane

My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts | A Silent Voice”

  1. Have you read the whole manga? I agree that it starts out very strongly, though it devolves into a cliche compilation later on with meaningless drama. I’m also sad to say that there is negligible romantic development.


      1. I read the whole thing over a couple of days on CrunchyRoll Manga, and once it ended it was furious! My next review may or may not be about it.


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