FALL 2015 | Update

Hey guys! Today I have a little something to commemorate the halfway point of the fall 2015 season! I am have prepared for you my updated impressions of all the animes I am watching this season (most on episode 5 or 6). I’ll leave my rank and updated score below!

I have (not dropped, but instead) put Utawarerumono The False Faces on hold in order to watch the first season before I take this one one. 

21 | Ame-iro Cocoa: Rainy Color e Youkoso! | Episode 6

Sorry if there are some fans out there for this series, but it is just really bad. Honestly, with the length of the episodes, it is incredibly difficult to create a series with good development, but not impossible. I think that if the show had another minute or two per episode it could be vastly improved. Granted, the characters are nothing special, the animation is poor, and the story is decent.

20 | Dance with Devils | Episode 6

Now, I have nothing against reverse harems, but this anime is somewhat of a disaster. The characters are extremely typical and, with exception to maybe Rem, have not shown any character development. The story is somewhat interesting, but it gets lost in the confusion of action and romance that she show proposes. I think this anime could be better if it focused on the plot a bit more (because the characters are kind of hopeless) and tried to commit to a style.

19 | Comet Lucifer | Episode 6

For the crazy amount of hype this anime built up, it has been one of the greatest disappointments. For starters, there has been close to no development of the protagonists, and very little character development of the antagonist. Personally, I think the antagonists are the only interesting characters in the show. The protagonists, like Moura, Felia, and Sogo are just plain annoying and bland. The only good part of this show is the animation, other than that, I can’t speak very highly of Comet Lucifer. 

18 | Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan | Episode 6

It’s a short and these tend to be in a league of their own in terms of quality. Although Hakone-chan is not innovative or inspiring, it is quite humorous and I enjoy watching it. The anime is actually getting some development and I like how the characters interact, however subtle or unimportant seeming the development may be. I like this anime for entertainment value, and because it is not trying to be super amazing. 

17 | Testament of Sister New Devil Burst | Episode 5

Now I will say this: I am not a fan of ecchi in the slightest, however, Testament of Sister New Devil has demonstrated many times how it is indeed more than just ecchi crap. I really like the further development on Basara so far, and the other side characters are also moving in the right direction. In particular, I like how Maria and the teacher are developing their own influence in the story. I think this is a pretty exciting anime, and it would be even better is the random ecchi scenes were kept to a minimum. I look for ward to the final outcome!

16 | The Perfect Insider | Episode 5

As interesting as some of the stories may be, this anime lacks an exciting feel to it. Some animes, like Space Brothers, are able to keep the viewers interested and engaged, despite having very few enthralling happen. The Perfect Insider has interesting events that happen, but they never seem to get very exciting. Despite this, I do enjoy watching the complex story unfold. I would like to see even more interactions between Saikawa and Moe, also I want to see the little sister more in action. The flashbacks with the man and Magata (?) are interesting and I want more. 

15 | Attack on Titan Junior High | Episode 6

There isn’t too much real substance to judge this anime on, but I can say for sure that it is one of the more entertaining ones of the season. I really enjoy how close the parody is sticking to the original content. Sometimes there are flicks of the original series (not a liner timeline on this kind of thing), but otherwise there are just a ton of jokes that the fandom has fostered. I really like AoTJH for it’s entertainment value. In other words, the anime is fulfilling its only real goal: to be humorous and entertaining. 

14 | Gakusen Toshi Asterisk | Episode 6

Considering how typical this show it, it is doing a very good job of keeping me entertained. I like Ayato and Claudia, but the other characters aren’t all that interesting. I think the anime could go down a very complex path, but if it tries to be too complex there is a high chance that the show will drown. There characters are actually developing quite a bit. The mysteries are still incredibly obscure, and if the show is going to succeed, there need to be a bit of lead up clues to the reveal. Overall, this show is pretty good at being entertaining, if noting else.

13 | Beautiful Bones | Episode 6

I actually don’t have to much good things to say about this anime, other than it is very entertaining. The main girl has an interesting personality, but she is one of the only interesting characters in the show (I also like the police officer). The events in the show are okay, but it is still not as exciting as it could be. I liked the cursed man arch, and I hope the villain introduced will pop up again later, or play an influential role. Right now, the pacing seems to be a bit uneven or in a transition zone. 

12 | Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen | Episode 5

This series has gotten an enormous amount of hype, and I will grant it a portion of my total hype. I still have faith that this season will turn out all right. Shinoa is becoming more of a typical dki-doki love interest, which I don’t like. On the other hand, the agony of Mika is very interesting and probes me to watch this series to the end. Yuu is in a neutral state for me, and I want him to do do or find something hat will make him develop. I am looking forward to all the new people (from the other group),and I am excited to see their development in the upcoming battle. 

11 | Starmyu | Episode 6

Don’t get me wrong. I know this is not some super innovative and awe inspiring anime, but it is mighty entertaining. I like pretty much every character, with exception to the ever so useless Hoshitani, and this they actually have received a fair amount of development. I enjoy Starmyu for it’s entertainment value, and light atmosphere. I think the show is what it is, and it is pulling off what it is aiming to do quite well. Since there is a lot of singing in this anime, I will say that the musical aspects are pretty good. I want Hoshitani to be a better protagonist, but oh well.

10 | Tantei Team  | Episode 6

Honestly, I can’t name too many people who are watching this. Despite only being 10mins long, Tantei team captures significantly better character development then times like Comet Lucifer and Dance with Devils. The cute animation is fine and the story is also fine, but the characters make this anime really enjoyable for me. The characters are all likable in their own way and their development is very nice and subtle. Although it isn’t very flashy, this anime is kind of special in sweet way. 

9 | Heavy Object | Episode 6

The incredibly low rating on MAL makes me sad. I really like the show and I think it has a good balance between action, comedy, and development. Personally, I find Quenther to be one of the better protagonists new this season. I like the princess as well, and Havia’s character need just a little more development to be one of the better characters this season. The animation is pretty good and I like the meter elements of the show. My only major criticism is that the formula (call to action, climax, resolution) is very repetitive. The first arch seems to be almost identical to the second arch. I think if the show tried to mix it up a bit, the series would be much stronger, and the series will suffer is changes aren’t made. 

8 | Osomatsu-san | Episode 6

I have seen so many people complaining about this series since the second episode. The public seems to have been fooled by the extravagant fist episode. For purposes of explaining the anime I will exclude the first episode from this update. The series itself is something somewhat special, as it simply hilarious, while also tying in sweet and touching moments without the tender bits feeling superficial. I really enjoy this anime because it is quite unique in this way, and I can appreciate the art style. The art style simply fits the style of the anime. Also, I think Choromatsu (straight man) is my favorite Matsu 🙂

7 | One Punch Man | Episode 6

This anime has been hyped since around the time that the summer season started airing. Although the show had a bit of a slow start, it has greatly picked up since. The characters are fantastic, as they are both interesting, and their stories are told in unconventional ways. I really like where the characters are going, and the storyline is evolving as well. I wish that the producers would expand the first season to 24 episodes, as this would allow for more events to happen. Something about this anime reminds me of Gintama, and I am always smiling while watching. Not to mention, the animation is also jaw-dropping!

6 | Young Black Jack | Episode 6

Now I have expressed before that I have no past experience with the Black Jack Series. I honestly don’t think that the viewer need any knowledge of the series to enjoy this one. I like all the characters and the story is very engaging, not to mention the great animation. The (main) characters get some good development and the side characters also get a little development, but not as much. The story is very interesting and easy to follow. I think Young Black Jack is quite good and I will probably watch the original series after this. 

5 | Ushio and Tora | Episode 19

I am a huge fan of old style anime. so far, Ushio and Tora has worked out to be one of the more enjoyable animus this season. I really like the development of Ushio, and Tora is one os my favorite characters of the season. I think the side characters, specifically Nagare Akiba, are making the show much stronger. The story line is where this anime excels, despite being an old story, it still feels very current. The show leaves me excited every week for the next episode. I don’t really know how to improve the show, as it is solid in every area. If I had to pick, I think the characters could have more casual interactions. 

4 | K: Return of Kings | Episode 6

I only actually watch the first season of this when I realized that a second season was being made, and that the series was on netflix. I have never been more impressed with an animation style. It looks like a crazy action film with varying camera angles and action shots. I also love the characters, as they are unique, interesting, and well developed throughout the series. The story is also awesome here. Although there are still some holes, I love how complex and intertwining the story is. I love K Project and I hope it continues at full speed ahead!

3 | Haikyuu!! Second Season | Episode 6

There have not been any terribly important matches yet in the season, but things have certainly happened. First I will say the animation is still amazing the the story chugs on with the introduction of new characters. Haikyuu started back up right where the last season left off, and the trauma from the end of last season is still very present in the show. I love the new issues that Hinata is facing about his growing greed, and the new characters introduced are both lovable and unique. I can’t wait to see more of the new characters! I think this is one of the best animes of the season.

2 | Noragami Aragoto | Episode 6

I am a fan of the Noragami series and have a couple of manga volumes, however, the anime has passed the point where I left off in the book. I am throughly pleased. Noragami is really coming together as a fluid and well connected series. The character development is excellent so far and I am deeply enjoying the plot twists and filling in some of the plot holes that season one left us will. Noragami is fantastic at the moment and I have nothing bad to add here, except a little bit of wonder surrounding Kuga. I think Noragami is just getting better and better with each passing week.

1 | Ace of the Diamond Second Season | Episode 32

The real question is who didn’t see this coming from me? Ace of the Diamond is one of my favorite series off all time, and for good reason! It is exciting, action filled, and incredibly funny. I could say a lot about Ace of the Diamond, but that isn’t the point of this blog. I really like the current arch, and the storylines that are being introduced, intertwined, and developed are pretty fantastic at the moment. I love how Eijun is getting a chance to shine, and watching Miyuki grow into the role of captain makes me so happy and excited.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed it!

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