Character Analysis | Chris Yu Takigawa 

Hey guys! Today I have a character analysis for you! The character I choose to do is one of my favorites, Chris from Ace of the Diamond. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on Chris (the real bae btw) 🙂

Basic Info

Male | 17 | Catcher | Manager 

Bats Right | Throws Right 

Height and Weight Unknown 


Wavy Brown Hair | Brown Eyes

Eyebrow Game Strong 

First Seen in Episode 7


Chris is very soft-spoken and he rarely raises his voice. At the beginning of the series Chis had a very gloomy aura and many people disliked him because of his lack of enthusiasm. Many pitchers have also had trouble understanding what Chris wanted, and they gave up on pitching. Chris can be very stubborn, especially when it comes to keeping his body healthy. His stubbornness is also seen when he has to deal with rowdy pitchers like Sawamura. At his core, Chris is very caring and he wants his team to be successful. He also greatly values the opinions of those around him.


Chris’ love for Baseball is born from his father, a professional Baseball player, nicknamed Animal. In middle school, Chris was well known for being the best pitcher of his age in the league. He was regarded as a protege and had a lot of pressure put on him to preform. Miyuki has an incredible amount of respect for Chris  because Chris was the only catcher he couldn’t beat in middle school. When Chris entered high school he immediately was put on the first string. Unfortunately, the constant playing put too much pressure on Chris’ body. Chris broke his shoulder and was bummed down to the second string while he desperately tried to recover.  In Chris’ final match of his high school career, he re-injures his shoulder.


When Sawamura first finds out that Chris is going to be the catcher who trains him, he throws a fit and asks Miyuki to catch for him instead of Chris. Chris responds in a strict and angry manner, as he forces Sawamura to shake his hand and accept the partnership. Chris is introduced as someone who is very unlikable, especially to the viewer. Chris’ gloominess makes Sawamura think that Chris doesn’t want to be on the team. Sawamura becomes very condescending towards Chris because of this. Sawamura is further angered at Chris because he leaves early every day. 

What Sawamura doesn’t know is that Chris goes to physical therapy in the afternoon. Chris’ physical therapy is conducted by his father, who still wishes that Chris become a professional baseball player.  Sawamura is unaware of Chris’ circumstances and eventually snaps at Chris, telling him “I never want to be like you.” Chris’ reaction, in which he is not defensive and actually agrees with Sawamura, confuses both the viewers and Sawamura. 

Here, Chris’ takes a hit, as everything he has been working for has been attacked and called useless.  Sawamura does not know what to think of Chris’ reaction and continues to complain about how Chris leaves practice early. At this stage, their partnership is hanging on by the seams, as they both seem very fed up with each other. Both lack a basic amount of respect for each other.

Revelation comes to Sawamura when he says Chris should quit the team in front of Miyuki. Miyuki, who is usually devious and lacks empathy for others, defends Chris. Miyuki’s actions reflect the deep amount of respect that he has for Chris, especially as a catcher and member of the team. Sawamura learns from the scout lady about Chris’ injury, but still doesn’t fully understand why Chris tries so hard.

The scout lady drives Sawamura to where Chris is doing his intense physical therapy. Sawamura obtains an immediate respect for Chris after seeing him work hard. After a short confrontation, in which Sawamura apologizes for the stupid things he says, the two relight their partnership in a positive light. All of the sudden, the viewer is able to understand Chris and gain a respect for his character.

Sawamura is inspired by Chris, and takes the advice and training instructions given to him seriously. Sawamura goes out of his way to try and earn Chris’ respect for him, going so far as to follow Chris around at school. In these scenes, Chris is shown giving advice to Sawamura and the rest of he team. His actions are a testament to his dedication for the team. 

A bit later in the series there is a practice game against another team. The head coach asks Sawamura to pitch for the first three innings. The game is incredibly important, as it decides who will get to join the first string for the upcoming tournament. It is Sawamura’s last chance to get on the first string and have more games to play. Despite this, Sawamura starts off having a bad game, the the catcher is unable to keep up with his new pitching form.

Even though his shoulder is not perfectly healed yet, Chris accepts a request from the coach to join the game. In this moment, Chris’ eyes come back to life. Chris’ spirit is reawakened when he is given a chance to play the game he loves with the team he loves just one last time. Chris immediately gets Sawamura back on track and mentors him from behind home plate. The game shifts toward Seido’s favor right away. 

There is just one thing left on Chris’ mind: “I wish my father would have come to see my final game of my high school career.” Despite Animal’s anger towards Chris being on the school team in the first place, he comes to see Chris play. At first Animal is angry when he sees Chris playing on the field and almost shouts at Chris to get off of it. However, Animal remembers Chris’ and his own love for baseball, and he decides to cheer Chris on, despite his reservations.

Chris is even further inspired by his father’s appearance, and he gives a shout out to the team. In the moment, Chris betrays his quiet and collected character out of pure excitement and joy. The team responds to Chris’ cheer and increase their own energy. This shows how much the team respects Chris as a player. 

Just when things are going swimmingly, Zaizen, a player who used to be friends with Chris, tells his team how to bring him down. The players on the other team start coming after Chris by making him throw many a time. All the throwing inflicts a large amount of pain on Chris’ shoulder, and his show of skills soon become very unsteady. Despite the incredible pain he is going through, Chris continues to play, even though too much throwing could mean Chris would have to quit baseball forever. 

In the end Sawamura is able to get the winning strikeout from Zaizen. The result of their successful partnership comes from the great skill Chris possess, as well as the complete trust that Sawamura has in Chris. Chris was able to draw out Sawamura’s potential. In turn, Chris’ love of baseball and his determination to recover from his injury was reawakened. 

Afterwords, the two players selected to move to the first string are announced: Sawamura and his friend Kominato are moved up. Many people on the first string, especially Sawamura and Miyuki are crushed to find that Chris lost his chance to playon the team he loves in his final year. The head coach, out of respect for Chris, asks him specifically to be the manager of the team. The respect that both the coaches and other players have for Chris, as well as Chris’ dedication and determination, earned his a spot on the first string. Even though he would not get a chance to play in nationals, Chris would still be able to come and watch it up close and personal. 

Why I Love Chris 

For those who don’t know, Chris is one of my favorite supporting characters. His determination is an inspiration to me, and really any player or person who has had to work around an injury or difficult. I can relate to Chris’ character because I have also had many issues with my shoulder/elbow in softball. Chris is (most likely) the character that I respect the most out of all anime characters. Not to mention, Chris’ sense of humor (which I didn’t really mention in here) is perfect. My favorite Chris moment was when he cheered from home plate to the team after hearing his father cheer for him and his voice cracked, resulting in the cutest thing: Chris blushing (I included a gif muaha)

To be pushed down after being the best. To spend hours trying to get a chance to return. To get a chance, only to use that chance to lift others up. To then have to watch what you lifted fly why you are chained to the ground.

This is why Chris Yu Takigawa is one of my favorite characters.

Well I hope you enjoyed my blog! (however ranting and long it was)

(little extra bit :3)

chris blush

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