SUMMER 2015 | Favorite Characters

Hey guys! since I kinda already did two reviews for this season this time around me I’m going to list off my favorite characters! Since there are so many characters I’m just going to list my top ten of each gender 🙂

I hope you enjoy my blog and please remember this is all my opinion!


10- Sakura Mamiya | Kyoukai no Rinne

Sakura is actually one of the funnier characters I’ve experienced in my anime career. Her own unresponsiveness holds the show to a fantastically ridiculous standard. I also really like her relationship to Rinne and Jumonji. I am actually pretty excited for season two next spring/summer.

9- Rory Mercury | Gate

Rory is crazy overpowered and I love it. I think the concept of Rory as a character is fantastic. I think her wisdom and wills, as well as her personality, match her age spot on. I feel like she is going to have a really important role in the second part of the show in the winter season.

8- Nao Tomori | Charlotte

This girl is pretty cool if I do say so myself. The tragic backstory with her brother was truly touching. I also love her flexible and complex personality, as it adds a lot of variety to the show. Sometimes I didn’t like how her character would make a 180 between scenes but whatever.

7- Meiko Shiraki | Prison School

AKA Vice President- and guess what- she is literally one of the most hilarious characters this season, and not because her boobs are ridiculous. She actually pushes the show so far and you would never even suspect it because she acts somewhat oblivious.

6- Tachibana Hotoru | Aoharu X Kikanjuu

From one of my least favorite characters of the season, to one of my favorites of the season. I disliked her at first because of her crazy obsession with justice, but once she went crazy yandere at the gunshop, she became like 1000 times cooler. I actually really liked her and I died when she didn’t come out to Yuki and Matsuoka.

5- Alex Benedetto | Gangsta.

Alex is simply amazing. If you read the manga, you know she has ties to literally everyone and her story is intriguing. I love her relationship with both Nick and Worick. I really wanted to see more of Alex throughout the series. I hope that Gangsta will continue as a series because I want MORE!

4- Celty Sturluston | Durarara!!x2Ten

Ultimate bæ is back! Celty is awesome no matter what angle you see her from, and she has been one of my favorite characters ever since I watched her in the original Durarara. The only reason she isn’t way higher on my list is because we didn’t see enough of her this season! (we need more cute scenes with her and Shinra!)

3- Ikumi Mito | Shokugeki no Soma

Erina has nothing on Nikumi (Mito’s nickname given by Soma)!  Mito is literally like the only tsundere that I truly enjoy watching. Her tsundere becomes comedy gold when paralleled with Takumi’s tsundere. Either way, I find her to be kind of badass and I really like how she developed.

2- Ayume Kaijou | Shimoneta

This girl makes the world go round, and let’s face it- she is the entire show. Shimoneta was on of my favorites this season, simply because it was hilarious, and we have Kaijou-senpai to thank for it. Also never forget the soft moment she had with Tanukichi on the balloon thing, which I find fantastic on both of their parts.

Honorable Mentions

Megumi Todokuro | Shokugeki no Soma

Varona | Durarara!!x2Ten

Misa Kurobane | Charlotte

Rinko Yamato | Ore Monogatari!!

Kurumi Ebisuzawa | Gakkou Gurashi!!

1- Fremy Speeddraw | Rokka no Yuusha

What a badass. Like Fremy is 1000 times cooler than every other girl in both the series and the season. Her tragic backstory was actually interesting and it literally crushed me. Not to mention her super blush when Adlet confessed to her, which was one of my favorite parts of the anime.


10- Youji Itami | Gate

This guy is probably like the nice guy of the season (other than Suna of course). I find it fantastic how he was promoted and I just really like the premise of his character. My only dislike is how he is part of some odd harem type thing, but it’s subtle so I don’t mind.

9- Kiyoshi Fujino | Prison School

Ahh Kiyoshi… Ah how he actually grew on me. I have to say that he is a total perv but he holds the show to a hilarious level that I can’t help but appreciate. It’s also nice to see how he has only one target, Chiyo (as far as I have read/watched). I also want to appreciate Gakuto here because he is fantastic too.

8- Yuu Otosaka | Charlotte

Okay so I hated him at first but after some development he grew on my by leaps and bounds. I am still unsure how to feel about the end of the series, but I give it to him for completing the job. His sister complex is actually kinda cute (the is a compliment because he and ayumi are 1 of 2 close relationships I really approve of).

7- Gieve | Arslan Senki

Cunning Bastard, but I suppose that is what makes him one of my favorites!  I love how originally he came with Arslan because he wanted Farangis, but stayed because Arslan is a cool dude. I also love how original his character design is (he wins the character design award this season). I can’t wait to see more of him in season two!

6- Tora/Nagatobimaru | Ushio to Tora

Tora is one of my favorite demons, if I had to choose. Tora is adorable and I think he is the main tsundere of the show (lol bye Asako). But seriously Tora is actually very caring and I love watching him and Ushio have fun on their adventures together. Who knew a demon could be so adorable!

5- Makoto Sunakawa | Ore Monogatari!!

The number one bro of the season! (sorry kumagami) He is cute and his unenthusiastic, yet his ultra caring personality is so important to both the series and anime in general. Suna is going down in history as the greatest bro in anime history, and I really want to see so much more of him!

4- Yukimura Tooru | Aoharu x Kikanjuu

The cutest darling snipper ever. Yuki is so lovable and docile, but when someone pisses him off Yandere mode switches on and he gets so hardcore. He is seriously adorable and I love how he becomes friends with Tachibana.

3- Izaya Orihara | Durarara!!x2Ten

The evil one has returned! Izaya essentially controls most every moving part in the Durarara world. He is one of the most influential antagonists in all of anime and has earned the his spot as one of my favorite characters of all time. It is so much fun to watch him and Durarara would not be nearly as good without him.

2- Nicholas Brown | Gangsta.

Ayeee Nico is the most badass guy of the season. I love how Nicholas relates to people. It is so fun to watch him, especially with Alex, Nina, and Worick. I think he is one of the kinder characters in all of anime, as he protects only what he feels the need to, and will do anything to protect it.

Honorable Mentions

Rinne Rokudou | Kyoukai no Rinne

Kumagami | Charlotte

Adlet Meyer | Rokka no Yuusha

Worick Arcangelo | Gangsta.

Doug | Gangsta.

1- Hans Humpty | Rokka no Yuusha

Whalla! I loved Hans all the way through the somewhat disastrous course that Rokka no Yuusha went through. Hans is incredibly cunning and quick to speak his mind. He never fails to see through the bull that other characters out i=him up to, he instead seeks information in his own way, which is my favorite part about him.

Well I hoped you enjoyed my list! I still have yet to finish a couple of titles this season but maybe I will add a little list once I do actually get around to completing everything.

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