SUMMER 2015 | Update

Hey Guys! Sloaner here today with a countdown to my favorite anime of the season (thus far). I hope you will see how the current rank varies from My Firs Impressions. Even though there are still many many weeks left before the season’s end, my opinions of the series have mostly settled into their ranks. I have also added in the animes that are continuing from the Spring Season. This is the last blog I will be making for a month (I’m going to be out of reception area for a while) so please do enjoy!  Also Please acknowledge this is all my opinion.

22 | Baby Steps 2nd Season

NO. I can’t believe I haven’t dropped this one already. I’m not a huge fan of the MC or the supporting cast. The opening makes my ears bleed a little bit. The animation is fine; it’s not amazing or anything. The plot feels very dull most of the time. I always hate when the next episode pops, but I watch it anyway and end up enjoying it a little. Despite how much I dislike Baby Steps, I don’t think that it’s actually that bad of an anime. Even so, I’ve put it at my last choice.

21 | Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

Blah. I had really high hopes for this one based on my first impression of the protagonists, but I feel like the anime had kinda hit lard or something. The only characters who I really like are prince Zen and Ryu (the little herbalist boy), everyone else, including Shirayuki, is either annoying or unimportant. I thought Shirayuki was going to be a bit different; she claims she can do stuff on her own and then she completely relies on Zen to come and save her if anything happens. I really hope she gets some development so the anime can recover a little. I thought Yona from Yona of the Dawn (who is the same character type) was done in a far better way. Unlike Shirayuki, Yona acknowledged she was weak, and while she was weak, Yona supplied the anime with comedic relief. In comparison, Shirayuki falls short. That being said, the animation is good and the music is not very memorable.

20 | God Eater

My first impression of this anime was really blah but it has since then improved by the week. God Eater aired later in the season so I have less to work with. The art and animation is really unique and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. The music is probably one of my favorites of the season; the opening especially is just like the stuff I used to listen to on a daily basic, except it’s Japanese. The characters and the story are growing on me, particularly Lenka and the Captain. Overall I’m looking forward to how this one progresses.

19 | Joukamachi no Dandelion

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like this anime quite a bit. It’s just that it is by no means amazing. So far little character development has happened for the (for the most part) very enjoyable cast. The art and sound isn’t memorable or bad. For the most part this is just a cute, lighthearted anime. Honestly almost everyone would like this one (I still like it even though it’s not super hight up on my list).

18 | Prison School

“why is this so low?!” Well because this anime is seriously ridiculous. What the hell is going on?! The art style is weird and I can’t tell if I actually like it or not. The opening is actually one of my favorite parts of the anime; it’s super catchy. The characters are really weird and kinda extremely misogynistic. I only like Kyoshi because he is a little bit redeemable. The plot is absurd and I’m not sure where it’s going. Despite really disliking some parts of this anime, it is one of the funniest of the season. The humor here is awesome and I’m lmao pretty much every couple of minutes of every episode.

17 | Kyoukai no Rinne (TV)

What a mess this show is. Still, I find the near disastrous story line to be quite enjoyable. Rinne and Mamiya Sakura are still untraditional, unique protagonists and I still love watching them together. The plot is still all over the place; the episodes are meant to be episodic. The opening took a nosedive to some terrible song that makes my ears want to bleed. The art has retained its very simplistic style. Overall Rinne is entertaining and has a decent OTP, yet it lacks a real plot.

16 | Junjou Romantica 3

Yes hello I am a Yaoi fan. I’ll start by saying I never had a huge connection to Junjou Romantica in the first place. Misaki was always a little too annoying for me and the supporting relationships got scraps of screen time. I prefer Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or Love Stage to this. Regardless, Junjou is a just fine anime. The characters are developing almost forcefully because they already developed in the first and second seasons a bunch. I guess he only option that’s left is to add more conflict (aka more relatives of Usagi-san). The opening is very blah, but still better than las season. The art and animation style seems to have changed; the characters no longer have the signature look (via author’s art). Overall I’m just dying for yaoi so I’ll watch this.

15 | Charlotte

I know, I KNOW. Most everyone loves this anime so far. Honestly, I think it’s a pretty good anime. It is certainly well made in terms of art and sound (although I don’t find the either to be very memorable). I still have a little issue with the main characters. I like the new Yusarin girl and the glasses guy is still pretty great. The main girl (whose name escapes me at the moment) has some ever changing personality disorder or something, but she supplies the humor that the show needs. I still have a few issues with the MC Yu, but he is gradually growing on me as his character develops. For some reason I feel like this anime is going to have some sort of tragic end or something terrible is going to happen (maybe yo Yu’s little sister or the main girl). Either way I am happy to follow this anime as it continues to get better.

14 | Overlord

Hey Madhouse, I’m waiting for this to become amazing. As of now, I feel like Overlord is just “good”. The premise is there and the MC is very likable. I’m just waiting for it to heat up a bit because as of now Overlord has been a bit anticlimactic. The opening and the rest of the soundtrack is solid, and I actually quite like it. The animation (all hail madhouse) is pretty freaking rad and with exception to the occasional CG things, it’s perfect. I’m ranking Overlord this high mostly because I am still riding the madhouse hype and what I have seen so far is a god base for an excellent anime. I hope my wishes are delivered upon!

13 | Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

I was actually not going to watch this one originally but I’m glad I did. The start to this anime (first 2 episodes) was really good, but it has since then been lacking the bit of suspense that the first episode had. Not to say that you shouldn’t watch this anime, but I has slowed down since the beginning. The animation is unique, not in the style per say, but in the way it displays the events of the story- I quite like it. The plot seems to consist of groups of one or two episodes that depict a crime under investigation. The music is fine honestly, there isn’t much I have to say about it except that it is remixed mystery music.

12 | Shimoneta to Iu Gainen go Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Oh my god what have I gotten myself into?! Shimoneta is hilarious for starters. I never thought an anime about “dirty terrorism” could be so funny. The best part is that the humor is not like “oh I accidentally touched her boob” *audience laugh*, it’s much better than that. The characters, especially Kajo are awesome and watching the characters interact is amazing. The ending is my one of my favorite songs of the season- it is so unbelievably catchy. The animation so far has also been solid. The plot is a bit of a mess but the humor makes up for it.

11 | Rokka no Yuusha

Holy crap why is this so high up? When I think about it Rokka should be a little bit lower on the totem pole. The only reason it isn’t is probably because I’m still riding the hype train. I’ll start with saying that Rokka no Yuusha has great art and animation, with exception to some scenes with CGI creatures. The sound is also pretty good. The characters are a hit r miss. Where I’m leaving off, they have all just met each other and realized that there is an extra person in the group. Even though we have just met the crazy looking guy that resembles a wolf, I think he will be one of my favorites. Adlet is a fine character, I don’t find him to be all that great. The princess and Goldov are fine too; Goldov is super cute and I want to see more of him. My favorite has to be Flamie because she is hella badass. None of the characters have had an amazing amount of development, but I’m looking forward to it!

10 | Gakkou Gurashi!

I really want either a 5 year old or an elderly person to explain this anime to me because that would probably be hilarious. Cute Girls + Zombies = Whoa. I’ll admit, the first episode freaked the hell out of me. Since then the series has taken time to develop some of the characters (for the viewers anyway) and I live where this is going. The characters are pretty cute and I like them a fair amount. The development is shocking and i’m dying for more. The art is fine; most of the animation is very (well done might I add) cutesy and I’m not a huge fan of it. The sound is good and the opening is solid but not incredibly memorable. The reason it is not ranked higher is because the action scenes dip and rise at an incredible contrast. This pattern is getting somewhat old as every episode follows the same pattern. Other than that I’m just terrible at handling horror and suspense (gore is fine though lol). Overall I quite enjoy this anime.

9 | Arslan Senki

Oh yeah Kingdoms hell yeah! Arslan Senki is an pure kingdom anime- little to no magic and fairies bullshit. I love how political and tactical the anime can be, while also having some comedic relief at key points. For those who don’t know, this is also the mangaka of Fullmetal Alchemist. Arslan Senki has a very similar vibe to FMAB/FMA, which is really quite enjoyable. I just read the first volume of the manga and was quite impressed at how 1- well the anime matches the manga and 2- how genius the dialogue in this series is. The openings and endings have been great from the beginning of the series so no complaints there. The only blah thing about the otherwise amazing art is the cut-cost CGI.

8 | Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri

*Nods* I don’t know I just really dig where this anime is going. I was very impressed at the first episode, which was a really great start to an interesting premise. After episode one, Gate really slowed down, which pissed me off a bit. Now the episodes are speeding up a bit and there is character development emerging. The characters are fairly interesting but not yet developed very much, but what I have seen is very pleasing. The art and sound are both well done, but not jaw dropping. The reason I rated this show so high is because I love the political side that is now emerging. It contrasts the fairy magic world very nicely; The contrast is quite refreshing to me.

7 | Aoharu X Kikanjuu

If you watch the show for any reason, watch it for Yukimura. He is the cutest anime character I’ve seen in a long time and I can’t help but love him. The other characters are pretty good too, but Yukimura is just that much more awesome. I really enjoyed seeing Tachibana’s bloodlust last week (lol). The plot here is fine; it’s not anything we haven’t seen before (I want to be the best with my friends!). The anime overall actually has somewhat of an Ouran HS Hos Club vibe (one of my favorites), with exception to the main character (Haruhi is better). The opening is good but honestly a little unimpressive. The art and animation is actually great and it’s really adds to the anime. I’m always up for a trap anime like this!

6 | Ore Monogatari!

You may be thinking based on my Spring Review: “why has Ore Monogatari moved down?!” The only response I have to offer: “It’s getting a bit annoying” Honestly this has nothing to do with the quality of the anime, it’s all about he frilly-ness of Shoujo that gets to be a little too much. The characters are still likable and the story is still enjoyable. The whole lovey dovey shyness thing pisses me off about shoujos. All that aside, I really still like this anime and I love watching it (most of the time). Also I have to add that Suna is one of my lead bæs of the season.

5 | Shokugeki no Souma

Food porn: yes. Enjoyable: YES. Foodgasm warning! I am still greatly enjoying this weird as hell anime. I’ve never watched a food anime before this, but now I think I might hunt down some good ones. Shokugeki no Soma is excellent as far as characters go and I love how they always get (even if it’s just a little) development. In my opinion, the new opening is better and I can’t wait to meet the silver haired, dark skinned guy (Zapp Renfro?!?!). The animation has remained excellent throughout the series. I would recommend this anime to so many people.

4 | Durarara!!x2 Ten

This series is one of my favorites of all time. Durarara is complex and unique as ever. The characters are winding in and out or each other’s worlds and the plot is branching, just like the previous shows. I can’t wait to see it all converge at the end, as it always does. Durarara always starts slow and works it way up to being amazing (hence why I have to rate it down here). The animation and art is the same as the Shou cour- it’s pretty dang good. The new opening is pretty rad if you ask me, it’s now my fav but I still like it.

3 | Ushio to Tora (TV)

I spotted this one months before it aired and added it to my list. Ushio to Tora received very little hype and I was surprised when I watched the first episode and was psyched because of its awesomeness. I looked it up and found that it was actually based off of a really old manga. The anime contains the rich humor of the early 90s (no jokes of poor humor).  The characters- Ushio and Tora are both pretty likable, although I think Tora is the real MVP here. The story is episodic for the most part- The characters have developed quite a bit in a short amount of time across the episodes, but the episodes are essentially contain stories that are unrelated to each other. The opening and art are both worthwhile; I actually like the opening more than most this season.

2 | Diamond no Ace: Second Season

If you haven’t already heard, I love (most) sports animes with a burning passion, especially Ace of the Diamond. The characters are awesome and I love how this show doesn’t try to force the upperclassmen who have graduated back into the spotlight (no more last chances!). This allows more characters to develop, just like the upperclassmen did. The story is still going strong and the goal to win now has a stronger purpose (someone save the coach’s job!). The sound is great (especially voice acting) as always, and the new opening is decent. As expected from madhouse, the animation is freaking amazing and it’s a joy to watch. I’m always at the ready to click on the next episode here!

1 | Gangsta.

I’m just going to come out and say it: Gangsta is living up to the high expectations I have set for it. I love how close they are staying to the manga. The producers are also incorporating the flashbacks into the story of the anime very nicely. The characters are awesome and we get more on them (and more of them) every week. The animation is pretty good, not flabbergasting but it sticks to the art style, which is admirable. The music is one of my favorite aspects of the anime. The opening and the ending are awesome and the rest of the soundtrack is super unique and enjoyable. I’m always looking forward to the weekly episode!

I’ll also mention that I am still waiting for the final episode of Kekkai Sensen has yet to air, but I have excluded it for this list.   Thank you for reading and I hoe you enjoyed my blog! I’ll be hiking in the High Sierras for the next moth so enjoy!

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