SUMMER 2015 | First Impressions

Total premieres watched: 15

Hey guys! Since I got to watch the first episode of the summer season today, I am going to start my first impressions blog. I will be updating this regularly as I watch more and more premiers. Overall, I think this is going to be a pretty good season.


God Eater

[Action, Supernatural, Military, Game]

After all the premiers I watched, I honestly thought I didn’t have it in me to add another to the list. God Eater is a based off a game. Like many animes of this sort, the plot and characters tend to be not as strong. God Eater has decent characters (omg zapp 2.0) and a straightforward plot (mc wants to kill the supernatural creatures that he hates). The art and animation is unique and I actually find it quite enjoyable. Overall, I think it is a fine pick, but I would not recommend it to many people.


Prison School

[Seinen, Comedy, Ecchi]

Okay this one is weird. From the somewhat “off” animation to the oddball group of main guys, this anime is by all means unconventional. The characters are hit or miss to me; I like the main guy, coughing guy, the secretary girl, and the student council president. I don’t really care that much for the rest of the cast. Either way, they are pretty hilarious and all in all I throughly enjoyed the humor this anime had to offer. I think I will end up enjoying this anime, at least for the humor, if not for when the plot goes farther.

Gakkou Gurashi!

[Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Slice of life]

Awee how cute– oh wait no this is messed up. Don’t be deceived by the super moe art and characters. I started watching the premiere without having looked at the hash tags and was shocked by the last couple of minutes. As it would turn out, the four main girls (all of which are likable), are the only survivors of what seems to be a zombie apocalypse. The main girl Yuki seems to be delusional or schizophrenic and she believes her daily life is just continuing as it did before. This opens the anime’s doors to all kinds of dark themes. The art switches from being very colorful and happy to having a very zombie apocalyptic color theme. Overall. I found this anime surprisingly and I’m looking forward to see where it goes.



[Action, Supernatural, Game]

I’m not going to lie- I am so confused about where this anime is going to go. Other than that little confusion this anime looks awesome. Madhouse has some of the best art and animation (as demonstrated). The premise resembles SAO and Log Horizon, in other words it is not original but promising nonetheless. The characters look awesome in this series. The skull guy Momonga is adorable and I want to see his human form x84637292. Albedo and the other NPCs are also awesome and I can’t wait to see more of them. Overall I am expecting Madhouse to deliver something pretty good.


Joukamachi no Dandelion

[Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural]

Is it just me or is this anime kinda awesome? The animation and art is pretty much average. The story is decent and very clear. Where this anime will shine is in the characters. I love all of the family members so far and I can’t wait to get more on them. My favorites are the oldest brother and the main girl so far. Overall I don’t think this anime will be amazing, but it will certainly be entertaining and fun to watch.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime

[Romance, Drama, Action]

Yes kingdom and romance I love it. My first thought was “Yona of the Dawn” but I think I like Yona a bit better. Shirayuki and Zen, the main characters, are awesome and I love where their relationship is going. I especially love Zen because he is just a cool dude. The art and animation is also pretty nice. Although I’m not quite sure where the story is going from here on out, the Snow White premise was very nice. Overall I am looking forward to it.


Rokka no Yuusha

[Action, Supernatural, Adventure]

This one was hyped so hard and it delivered pretty well. The story is interesting and it has a very “Kingdom” vibe to it. The art is good and the animation is kinda awesome. The characters so far are kinda badass. Adlet is a cool dude and I want to see more on him. The princess is also awesome and her personality is quite enjoyable. The character designs of the other people in the Rokka group look awesome as well and I can’t wait to meet them. Overall, I’m pretty excited.


[Comedy, Ecchi]

What a pleasant surprise! I expected this anime to be pure fan service but it actually looks kinda promising. The characters are interesting and they are very entertaining to watch. I especially like the main female lead- she is awesome. The premise is kinda ridiculous but I think it adds to the fun of the anime. The story will probably be average at best but that isn’t really the point of the anime. The animation and art is solid and doesn’t detract nor add to the anime. Overall I think I will enjoy this anime for it’s entertaining qualities.


[Comedy, School Life, Supernatural]

After everyone hyped this so much… It was honestly a letdown for me. The art and animation is well done. The premise  is decent and I think it will progress is a fine way. The thing I really didn’t like about this one were the characters. The main male lead is just a total drag and I hate him so much already. The main girl is fine but her personality keeps changing to me- I don’t know why. The only character that I really like is the glasses guy. I am going to give this anime a chance because I think it has some promise, but It was a definitely a letdown.

Durarara!! x2 Ten

[Supernatural, Action]

Back and as awesome as ever! Given that even event in the Durarara series has a ton of buildup and foreshadowing, I am super excited to see the rest of this. This episode features Izaya in the hospital, as the big bang at the end of Shou was him getting stabbed by a mystery man. I’m super excited to see more of the characters (the best part of the anime) and how they will intertwine this time around. The art and animation is the same as even and the new opening is fine. Overall I am pumped for Durarara!

Ushio to Tora

[Action, Supernatural, Comedy]

This was actually quite excellent. I love when old mangas get an anime because the humor and story are always on point. The premise of the anime is interesting and the start the story got in the first episode set the stage for the rest of the series. The art and animation were pretty good. The main characters Ushio and Tora are neither typical nor super unique. I actually really like them as a dynamic duo. I think this series will be really fun and I look forward to watching it.


Aoharu X Kikanjuu

[Comedy, Action]

Ah sit this one is going to be good I can already tell. The beginning reminds me a bit of Ouran but the main girl is not as chill. The two guys we got to see seem pretty interesting, and the sweater guy is adorable. The art and animation was fabulous and the character designs are well done. The story took a pretty cool turn at the end there. Although the episode felt a little bit rushed, I have a lot of promise for this one.


[Military, Action, Supernatural, Adventure]

Dang I love the premise here. A world suddenly opened? That was a wicked start to an anime that is probably going to be pretty good. The art and animation was quite solid. The character introduced was pretty cool but not very unique as far as I saw. The other characters in the series look pretty good but I couldn’t really pick up a personality from what I saw. Overall the episode felt a little bit rushed but I think it’s a pretty good start.


Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

[Mystery, Horror]

I actually wasn’t going to watch this one at first, simply because I can’t handle horror. However, I enjoy the premier of this anime. The characters, especially the detective, are interesting and the premise is solid. The art is kinda gloomy and dark, as would be expected of a horror/mystery anime. Overall I liked this one and I think I’m going to stick with it.


[Seinen, Action]

Holy hell this is everything I was expecting it to be and more. The characters look great animated and the action I saw was OP and I am excited to see more. The pacing was great throughout the episode. The music was the most pleasant surprise for me- it reminds me a lot of Samurai Champloo. Gangsta was the anime I hyped the most this season and I have a feeling that it is going to get even better.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and I will have more on the season later.

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My name is Delaney and I am a student blogger from from Santa Clara University in California.

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