SPRING 2015 | Season Review

Hey guys! I’m here today with a quick review of every anime I watched this season. I watched at least some of 22 animes this season!

I am going to count down to my favorite anime of the season in each category. The categories are: short animes that ended this season, animes that started and ended in the spring season, animes that started last season (or earlier) but ended in the spring season, and finally, animes that started in the spring season and are continuing to the next season (if not farther).  Please acknowledge these are just based on my opinion 🙂


Amerio Cocoa

This is one anime this season that I could have gone without. The only reason I didn’t drop it is because the episodes were only two minutes long. Sometimes I would just watch and think how ridiculous this anime is because the introduction took up almost half of the video every time. There was really nothing interesting about this anime at all except for maybe two somewhat insightful moments.

My Rate: 3/10

Comical Psychosomatic Medicine

Never have I ever watched a plotless anime and enjoyed it this much. The art is fine by any and all means. The characters are hilarious and it is extremely entertaining to watch them mess around with each other. I love this anime because it is both hilarious but al so extremely educational. I find it quite fun to learn about all the various psychological disorders.

My Rate: 7/10

I Cant Understand What my Husband is Saying 2

I never gave a lot of thought to shorts before this one. The art is unique and very cute and colorful. The characters are super cute and their personalities are very likable. The story is very good, which is unexpected of a short anime. This anime is also very sweet and heartfelt. There really isn’t much to say other than if you have the time, watch it.

My Rate: 7.5/10



I had much higher hopes for this anime but what I got was certainly not what I expected. The story consisted of various episodes, in which the main character Amami talks to ghosts. This anime was pretty boring a lot of the time but every now and again there were these super sweet and heartwarming moments. I actually really liked all the characters despite their lack of development. The art was very simple as was the animation. The ghosts didn’t appear in the anime for a while which seemed a little bit lazy to me.

My Rate: 6/10


I will come right and say that I am not a very big fan of harem animes. The art is pretty good. There isn’t really that much intense stuff to animate, but the animation in place is well done. The story is not really present through most of the series/it is unclear what the story is. The characters (some of them anyway) are my favorite part of this anime. Tsugumi and Haru are badass but Chitoge and Kosaki are okay too. Honestly everyone else was either annoying or irrelevant. The reason I rated it so low is simply because I didn’t really care about it.

My Rate: 7.5/10


Originally I was the most excited for this one to air. The beginning was a little slow and quite confusing, but somewhere later in the series it completely turned around. Punchline is an incredibly unique and complex story. At first I thought it was going to be fan service ridden with a unnoticeable plot. The story is actually more of a ghost + apocalyptic + superpower girls and ai love it (even though it was a little confusing). The only thing that got me was the ending because it was kinda sad. The characters are pretty cool and they each get a little development. I think if the characters got more development this anime could have gone to a much darker place. The art that originally attracted me was colorful and well done. The animation, especially towards the end, was great.

My Rate: 7.5/10

Danmachi / Is It wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?

I understand why people really liked this anime. I also understand why people really like Sword Art Online. I really liked the premise of this anime and the excecution from the art to the story to the characters was actually quite good. There were only a few downsides that I could find. One being the immense clichés that are riddled throughout. There was also a (to me anyway) blinding similarly to SAO in the several ways. These made the anime feel very unoriginal. Despite that, I feel like this is still a pretty good anime, especially for beginners to watching anime.

My Rate: 7.5/10

Mikagura School Suite

This anime ended up really surprising me, especially because I had diverted most of my anticipation towards other animes in the popular scope.  The animation (especially in the last episode) was great although the background art wasn’t amazing. The story was not very unique but very well executed. The characters are unique and fun, most of the time that is.  Although they seem very goofy on the outside, each have something that they are insecure of. The characters really make the anime.

My Rate: 8/10

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

I actually wasn’t going to watch this one at first- just based on the cover art that is. After I read the synopsis I decided to check it out and I’m glad I did. This anime is pretty funny as far as animes go. The characters are nicely done and most characters get sufficient development (not outstanding though). The art and animation is well done but not amazing. The story is a little bit all over the place but it comes together decently in the end. The romance in this anime is actually pretty cute and I throughly enjoyed all the kissing and body switching.

My Rate: 8/10

Plastic Memories

I did not know what to expect coming into the sci-fi romance genre but this anime is fantastic. There are some pacing problems but they are easily dismissed. The characters are cute and very enjoyable. Their development is pretty good, especially Isla’s. The romance between Isla and Tsukasa is super cute and they are really adorable. The story is very good and the sadness approaching adds angst to the whole feel. I was really sad when this ended; I’ll admit I did shed a tear (although nowhere near to as many for anohana or angel beats). The art is very colorful and nicely done. For the very short scenes where the animation is somewhat intense, the motions are fluid and I have no complaints here.

My Rate: 8.5/10

Seraph of the End

This is one that many people were talking about and hyping just after the first episode aired. I’ll admit, he first episode was amazing and the quick pace was very nice.  However, the anime quickly slowed down (really up until Yu and Mika rejoined). Despite the tiny pace issue, I really enjoyed this anime. The characters are very well done in most all respects and the background art is very beautiful.  The animation is also respectable. I originally thought that this anime was going to be a lot like Attack on Titan but Seraph ended up diverging from their similarities.

My Rate: 8.5/10

Kekkai Sensen

I’m sure this one is a surprise! For some reason I fell totally in love with Kekkia Sensen. The creator of Trigun (one of my favorite classics) also made this one. It carried the same old style humor and apocalyptic feel.  There are so many things that I like about this anime, especially the characters. Zapp, Leo, and Klaus are covered quite well in the both the anime and the manga. The manga has more on Chain and Gilbert, while the anime has more on William and Mary. Many people dislike the anime because it can be confusing as to what is going on (the manga makes what is happening much clearer). The story of the anime is pretty well done in terms of build up and leaving hints throughout the anime. The art is pretty good and the animation, especially during battle scenes is awesome. I have to mention that the ending is awesome and catching; it is my favorite of the season (I catch myself humming it all the time).

My Rate: 9/10

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Zoku. 

I watched the first season of this anime maybe a two weeks and it became an instant favorite for me. The second season continued the story right where it left off.  Even though it was made by another studio, the story stayed intact in all its glory. The characters were also the same which was a great relief. The characters, especially Hachiman, make this anime really good. Their relationships are complex and they find ways to make each other shine. I love how Hachiman, Yui, and Yukinon struggle to understand each other. The only thing that got me was the decrease in animation quality. Sometimes the motions were a little awkward and the character designs were less to my liking than the ones klast season.

My Rate: 9/10


Kuroko’s Basketball 3

Many people consider this to be the best sports anime. It is no doubt the most popular of the sports animes. The character designs of the generation of miracles are my favorite; the color coding gives each a unique look. The character development for all of them, as well that of as supporting characters, is well don’t through and through. The art is pretty basic most of the time. The animation has greatly improved since the beginning of the series to the point of being jaw dropping. The story is very straight forward (one goal, one way to get there). My only real critic of the series is that the constant topping of special abilities gets really old. The show also has very overly dramatic moments that feel like they never end.

My Rate: 8.5/10

Assassination Classroom

When I first started watching this anime I had no idea what to make of it.  The premise is incredibly unique and story went along very nicely. The characters were one of the pieces that I really enjoyed. The character designs are more unique for main characters and less so for  characters who are in the background more. Many of the characters get a portion of the anime to have a spotlight in which Koro-Sensei teaches them a lesson. I would never have thought that an anime about trying to assassinate your supernatural octopus teacher could be so heartwarming. Not to mention, the animation and backgrounds do not disappoint. I liked Assassination Classroom so much that I wanted to get more material. I have all of the book volumes released so far and I can’t wait to watch the second season in 2016.

My Rate: 10/10


Denpa Kyoushi

I realized about four episodes in that watching these episodes was painful for me. Hence, this is the only anime I dropped this season. So many people hyped this anime so hard and I was actually quite interested in it. The story felt very average, like I had seen it a few times before. The characters were alright, there was not very much to them as it seemed (with exception to the main). The places where this anime fell flat were the art and sound. The background art was not notable or interesting by any means. The animation was incredibly lazy; there was little shading and motions where limited. It seemed to my like the voice actors were very uninvested in the anime and the animation did not match up with the voices very well.

My Rate: 4/10

Baby Steps 2

Most all sports animes I have watched, I enjoyed. Something about Baby Steps is very unfulfilling for me. Regardless, the animation and art is solid; it’s not very epic like some other sports animes but that is meant to make this anime more realistic. The story is pretty good as the main character has to put in a lit of hard work to succeed at tennis. The characters are also pretty good, although there isn’t a personality that I have not seen before. The main downfall of this anime is that it just isn’t that gripping. I easily get bored, most due to the long inter dialogs (like death note except he is trying to figure out how to approach tennis).

My Rate: 6.5/10

Kyoukai no Rinne

My first thought when looking it up before it aired was that it looked exactly like Fruits Basket.  Honestly this anime met my expectations. The animation is good and the backgrounds are solid; both are fairly basic. The story consists of various episodes in which Rinne goes and saves spirits. The story is a bit all over the place but it does fit together in a wider sense. The characters here are awesome, especially the Rinne, Rokumon, and Sakura crew.  Together they are super funny and I love their friendship/relationship. This is a pretty fun anime and it doesn’t take itself vey seriously, which is kinda nice.

My Rate: 8/10

Arslan Senki

If you haven’t figured it out, I am a big fan of kingdom animes (there are some coming out next season :3). Arslan Senki is a fabulous anime. The story is great; it is somewhat complex as it follows multiple groups as they try to take control of the kingdom. The characters, especially those in Arslan’s group (Gieve is my fav). The background art is pretty beautiful at points. Sometimes the animation has the soldiers as CGI and it just looks so stupid, which adds a bit of humor. Other than the awkward CGI the animation is actually quite good. The reason why I don’t like this anime more is because the pacing is a bit uneven at points and sometimes characters die without very much development.

My Rate: 8/10

Shokugeki no Soma

Who would ever think a cooking anime could be this good? I actually wasn’t going to watch this one at first, but after all the hype all over the internet I decided to check it out. It is easy to see I was very pleasantly surprised. The art is amazing here.  All the CGI food that is made looks SO good. On top of that, the animation is really intense, making the battles feel like real shounen  battles. The characters are truly delightful and the main characters have gotten some development (although I wish there was a bit more to this). The story is very straightforward as Soma just wants to be the best in the world. I am quite excited to see where this one goes.

My Rate: 9/10

Ore Monogatari!!

After episode three this anime became an instant favorite for me. Finally a romance anime about the actual relationship and not the awkward “no really we aren’t actually together.” The art is beautiful (thank you madhouse) and even the bizarre action scenes are really well done. The characters are all different and likable, plus they all get a dang good level of character development throughout. The story is also amazing as it is super cute to see their relationship progress. From the cover art you would have never guessed that this anime is a home run. The only downside that I feel from this anime is that sometimes it is super frustrating how Takeo is hella dense and how the sparkles go on forever.

My Rate: 9.5/10

Ace of the Diamond Second Season

Take a moment to clear out your surprise face! Ace of the Diamond is one of my favorite series of all time. I was so excited when I found out that it would start back up in the spring season. This anime has character development at its finest. It always feels so great watching a character you like get back up from falling down, regardless if they are successful right away or not.  I love how everyone in this show, especially Mei, Miyuki, and Sawamura have developed through the story. On top of that, the animation has consistently been great from the beginning to today (exactly what to expect when madhouse is involved!). It would make me so happy if someone picked up this series because they saw my raunt 😉

My Rate: 9.5/10

Overall my compiled rates turn out this lovely list:

  1. Assassination Classroom
  2. Ace of the Diamond Second Season
  3. Ore Monogatari!!
  4. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Zoku.
  5. Kekkai Sensen
  6. Shokugeki no Soma
  7. Seraph of the End
  8. Kuroko’s Basketball
  9. Plastic Memories
  10. Arslan Senki
  11. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
  12. Kyoukai no Rinne
  13. Mikagura School Suite
  14. Danmachi / Is It wrong to Try and Pick up Girls in a Dungeon?
  15. I Cant Understand What my Husband is Saying 2
  16. Punchline
  17. Nisekoi 2
  18. Comical Psychosomatic Medicine
  19. Baby Steps 2
  20. Re-Kan!
  21. Denpa Kyoushi
  22. Amerio Cocoa

Thank you for reading my thoughts and I hope you enjoyed my little review 🙂

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